Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 11-We are not over

"The accident you lost your father to? What you told me was that you had a heated argument with your father a scuffle broke out he lost control of the boat and you hit the rocks. "
" Yes ;I promised myself never to go anywhere no water after it happened and not touch alcohol... You helped me get over my fear of water and helped me realize that to feel doesn't mean your weak ."

" Oh my word ... The scar just above your shoulder blade wasn't caused by a paint ball shooting accident was it ? "
"No ... I was drunk the night my father came to my boat I had been drinking for an hour or so . I was kind of rebellious ,I knew I wasn't supposed to have alcohol and parties on the boat but I did. The boat was some kind of escape from feeling any feeling except for being numb. "

"Bryce what happened the night of the boat accident. "

" My father tried to stop me from throwing myself overboard and hurting myself, when he lost control of the steering and we crashed into rocks. The only thing I remember was being under water and in pain and then darkness.

I woke up in hospital three days after everything happened."

Bryce got all emotional again,his voice went all raspy. Iris remembers writing an article about the accident .
"Bryce I know you seldom talk about your family ... I know your a Taylor ,I just didn't know your the Taylor. Slate and Nate are your brothers... Oh my word .No No it can't be "

"Yes..." Iris realized the reason behind Martin wanting her head dead or alive.
"When Martin told me to hang up the phone the night I got shot... He told me I didn't deserve you and that I'm better off dead. He said he was happy you cheated on me not once but twice. I told him I didn't know you were the Bryce Ben Taylor, I just simply fell in love with you... The accident was all over the news ... I was the last person to interview your father as a rookie journo. I went into sports after the story. Truth be told I was an investigative junior journo until I did a story on your fathers death when I had just interviewed him a couple of hours before... Bryce I saw the report... Martin didn't like me ,I didn't know why someone's best friend could dislike me so much with a passion... The night he shot me with intent to kill and the stuff he was saying made everything clear...

"You were the last person to interview my father about his last book?" His face registered shock and betrayal. He didn't know how to feel... "Iris have you met anyone in my family ?
Iris closed and opened her eyes and blinked... She took a deep breath and exhaled.

" What does it matter? We aren't an item" she turned her head shed a tear.

"We are not over not by a long shot Iris ..."

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