Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 12- storm

It was a stormy Saturday morning. The rain was pouring down in buckets; accompanied by the occasional rumbling sound of thunder.

Iris was sound asleep in Bryces' arms. It had been the longest two weeks for both of them. Iris didn't return home to her pent house. She went back to the main house, for fear of suffering post dramatic stress or reliving the night she got shot. Bryce being the guy he was wouldn't let Iris stay alone or leave her alone . He wasn't one to hover , but he had come close to losing the woman he loved ;and knowing what he knew now he wasn't going to let her go even if it meant taking a break from his somewhat busy life to be there for Iris ...

Iris lifted her head off Bryce's chest , he had hit lights out hard. Iris could tell by his heavy deep breathing that he was rem state of sleep, even being tempted to wave her hands in front of his face was useless. She looked at the time and it was 8:30am . It was still dark and grey outside with bolts of light flickering through the sky and reflecting on the kitchen window . When she walked downstairs she could see the pool and droplets of rain falling on the water . She put the coffee machine on , on the first cup she programed espresso for Bryce and a moccah for herself on the second cup. She was busy looking for something healthy to munch on in the pantry, when the lights started flickering . She thought nothing of it and found what she was looking for ... The carrot and pecan nut muffins flavored with a bit of cinnamon she put them in the oven just to warm them up... She was still looking outside the window when she spotted two passing shadows pass by.

She took a deep breath ; but that didn't stop the panic that came over her , she reached for a glass in the cabinet to get some water to at least calm down ,catch her breath , or reason but due to sweaty palms the glass slipped from her hands and crashed on the laminate wood flooring . At the sound of the glass crashing, accompanied roaring with thunder and banging on the door ... Iris went into immediate shell shock ... Normally she was fearless, curious and attacked a problem head on ,but in recent days she was a walking grenade . Bryce had been the guy Iris fell for; he was extra sensitive , protective ,caring and more loving towards Iris.

When Iris started to relive the night she got shot , she dropped to the floor in fetal position an screamed her lungs out .She accidentally hurt herself in the process and started running toward the study

Bryce got up and ran downstairs in a panicked state of mind ,he got downstairs to the kitchen and didn't find Iris , he then saw blood on the floor; and immediately felt scared that something must have happened to Iris while he was sleeping. The door bell rang and before he could go running out in his flannel pj pants and white T-shirt after Iris he opened the door and was met by two of the people he least expected ...

Bryce what's going on we heard Iris scream and glass breaking ... Are you okay? Where is Iris
Bryce looked all sorts of confused and worried at the same time not forgetting scared ... All three then heard the screeching sound of wheels down the road, it was too wet and dangerous to be driving too fast in this kind of weather , and Bryce was in no mood to play F1 or Nas car but in this case he had no choice...


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