Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 13 - Real Talk

"I thought I made it clear to the both of you that I don't want you coming without informing me."

"Well when you switch off your phone including the house phone ,its pretty hard to communicate anything to you"

"Oh I didn't switch my house phone off .Its always on what are you talking about . I might have changed it yes, but have you ever heard of asking."

Bryce's face registered anger and frustration. First of all he was angry that Maria and Caleb showed up unannounced and his frustration was triggered by not knowing where Iris was.The only feeling he could understand was fear of the unknown.

"Bryce do not take that kind of tone with Maria.
You don't want me on your case again. We never liked the fact that you were with her. None of us did part of me is glad that your engagement is on the rocks. Its only a matter of time before she walks out on you for good this time . "
Caleb gave bryce a smutty look. Which set Bryce off in a bad way. Being calmer and alert and just out of bed he managed to control his reaction and took a deep breath. He sat down on the Kitchen stool and took a sip of his coffee.

"Caleb it was an error of judgment and I acted out of character. It took almost losing the woman I love to realize that, and don't look at me like that Caleb . I know the both of you didn't like the fact that I was with Iris. "
Maria cleaned up the mess and for the first time in a long time actually felt sorry for Bryce.

" She almost died cause your best friend."
"Who happens to be Maria's brother in law. Caleb where are you going with this?"

"You and your lies of omission caused the accident . If you had let Iris know about Martin . None of this wouldn't have happened."
Maria followed the blood trail without Bryce and Caleb noticing .

"I couldn't goodness for crying out loud. Now that I know what I do know I don't want to lose Iris."
Bryce sat down on the kitchen bench and put his coffee on the table and Caleb saw him looking all sorts of remorseful .

"Bryce you might be all that rich and famous... But your past is your past and trying to run from what happened isn't going to make things any better . Did you tell Iris what really happened that night of the accident ... When your father died, or anything about your true identity that you are the son of ..."

" Get out Caleb, get out of my house.Iris knows everything ."
Bryce was starting to fume up and he knew that Caleb was pushing all the wrong buttons
"Yeah she sure does now sleeping with Jerry then Gina... Dude you have a knack for screwing up people and ruining all your good relationships. I won't let you do to Iris what you did to Katherine. That girl adored you even Martin gave her up so you could have her."

"Iris doesn't know about her ,and you utter a word about her I will never forgive you. You can't help who you fall for, Maria is getting married and I can see it in your eyes its eating you up.How long can you put it off for"

Caleb scratched the back of his head and took a seat opposite Bryce whose eyes were red and clouded with tears .
"Taylor I am so sorry. "

"Its okay Caleb. I couldn't bring myself to tell Iris ,why Martin went crazy on her or why she was subjected to so much hate from him.Truth is I love her so much with all of my heart and I can't bare the thought of losing her. Iris and I were not an item when Kate decided to take her own life. It was first my father and then my girlfriend followed."

Bryce wiped the tears from his face , he was too distracted to notice Iris and Maria in the room.

"I will not tell Iris."

"You do get that she has been the first girl that had made me believe that life isn't all that bad . That I can live again and love again.I was a broken man she accepted me for me and she didn't know I was a rich boy who had everything. I'm a better man since I've loved her. You do know I was too broken to fix before her."

"Yeah you were a walking time bomb. "

" All I'm saying is give me time to tell her about Katherine . "

Maria and Iris had been standing at the door. Watching their argument and exchange of words. There was a moment of silence before Iris spoke. Her wrist was bandaged and she couldn't
believe her ears. She gave Maria a hug

" Maria thank you we will talk later. Caleb please leave ."

Her nonchalant look and tone gave away her feeling of betrayal.

Without protest Caleb left with Maria and by the time the door closed Iris had occupied the seat that Caleb formally sat in and looked at a man with a face full of tears."

"Iris ...don't just don't look at me like that"

"You and your lies of omission ..."

The look in her eyes said it all...

"I wanted to tell you... "

"I covered that story . I just couldn't understand why and then and then all of this happens ... The doping and the shooting ..."

Bryce tried to touch her hand but she moved it away.

" I wanted to tell you . She was pregnant with our child . I didn't know . I had just lost my father and I was in a bad space. The night we met at that Sports party . I just wanted to forget about my triple tragedy . My own mother didn't know ..."

"What were you afraid of ... Caleb knew! ... Wait so did Jerry. Were we ever real or was I just someone you used to get over stuff. "

"No ,no and no okay. I love you with all of my heart"

Iris moved from the bench and made her way to the stair case . Bryce started having flash backs of the night she left...

Iris turned on her heel and shot Bryce a look of betrayal and he instantly felt a jab of disappointment.

"I want to so hold you right now and be here for you and tell you everything will be okay . That I am so sorry you lost so much in a short space of time and I wasn't there to make the pain go away. Instead you found solace in the arms of Jerry and Gina instead of calling me . I would have dropped what I was doing to come running to you . That should explain my coldness towards you right now. The fact that you denied me the chance to be ."
Iris turned around and wiped a tear from her eye.
She was about to and make her way upstairs when Bryce Caught her by her ankle and pulled her down causing her to sit and face him.

" You are not running away this time ..."

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