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Chapter 15 - Let's be friends again

The hardest part of letting go ;is accepting that the decision you made was right, and although you don't know how you're going to continue ... You just have to take the leap of faith and hit the ground running.

When Iris packed her bags for the second time ... She promised herself that this would be the last time and it was a promise she intended on keeping.
Before she was out of the house she had called home for the past 5 years,the complex , and done with Bryce. She had to deal with a half broken man and calling in Caleb for back up.

Bryce pleaded with her to think things through, but she didn't want to hear any of it. The truth was Bryce had omitted the truth from her not once but twice.
When Iris got home to her loft she stood by the kitchen counter, drinking a glass of Moet ,and looked at her somewhat unchanged space. Everything was the same. Her coffee table, books, couch and shutters were the same the only thing that had changed was her carpet. She sat down took a deep breath and closed her eyes . All she could see was a ghost picture of what had happened a month ago , how angry she was at Bryce , how scared she felt and the only person she could think of was Jonathan even though Bryce got to her first the night she was shot.
She was snapped out of her melancholic memory by the sound of her phone ringing she had forgotten that she changed her ring tone to Calvin Harris ft Haim -pray to God .

"Iris speaking... Hello "

" I'm going to need to pray to God after doing what I am about to do."

There was a long pause on the other line .
"Iris , I know you are home , I come baring gifts. I had a dream last night . I was running..."

"Running away from or to?"

"Running to you , as fast as I could to your door.I knocked and you opened the door; before you could say anything, I kissed you.I kissed you and you kissed me back.It felt as if my heart was going to burst from all the pent up feelings of love I have for you ."

Iris walked to her door and swung it open locked eyes with Jonathan,hung up, and put her phone in her pocket.

"Then you woke up and realized it was only just a dream."

Jonathan had a black and gold box and coffee beans.

" And if you believe in dreams ,they have a tendency to come true you know?."

Iris gestured to Jonathan to come in . It was as if he knew where she kept everything . Iris had an organized cabinet similar to the one he had. By some sort of coincidence. They were a couple before she met Bryce. She sat across him silent.Watching him occupy her kitchen and work it like his known it for years

" Iris say something cause you are silent. Or should I start since I called this meeting."

"By all means the floor is yours." He opened the box , he smiled , and flashed his pearly whites at Iris.

"Who are you and what have you done with Iris.You would jump at the opportunity to speak your mind first and challenge what's being put before you."

"I would .Thing is that I have gotten tired of trying to justify anything lately . So my nonchalance is warranted . What's in the box anyway?"

He moved so that he was sitting on the stool next to her. He he gave her another glass of wine and made himself some coffee.

"You're favorite and before you say anything; I made sure they made them just the way you love them , with chocolate filling inside ."

"Wow I'm surprised you even remembered. Okay what's what?" She took another long sip and dug in the cupcake. Jonathan had bought 6 he always did that, buying more than he should or giving more than he should.

"I'm ending things with Sasha and I was hoping to begin again with you. I don't care how this not being friends and only professional buddies happened . I want you back. "

"Wait ... Did it take almost losing Sasha to make you realize this , I'm confused? Or did it take you three years before you decided not to lie to yourself anymore."

" You want to know why I decided to keep my distance for the past three years ,besides the wedding you didn't want to attend but attended anyway cause your now ex was invited."

Iris put her glass down and walked to the lounge area that had a gorgeous view of the sunset and sat on the carpet .Jonathan followed and sat next to her with her glass of wine and the cupcakes..
She turned around and leaned against the edge of the couch and faced Jonathan the raise of the sun was shining through the window ,spreading some much needed warmth since she neglected to switch on the air conditioner.

"I tried to tell you about your wife.She was playing dirty. Nothing happened and then you decided to to pull the plug on us and well our friendship. Like; Jono why ? I get that you were angry but did you have to hurt me like that?"

"I believe you Iris ,I do okay and I know you and that dude did nothing. Sasha was so adamant that you were being unfaithful and barely a month after I ended things you ran away or better yet fell in love with the rugby captain. There were times when I wanted to just pick up the phone and call you and tell you I didn't mean all those nasty things I said. I left messages but you didn't get back to me when I did."

" Na ah I did . I got all of your texts and calls. When I tried to reach you Sasha answered . She made it clear to me that you had moved on and so should I. "

" She told me you said; you never want to speak or see me again. She made sure she was there pretending to be my friend. Then to add insult to injury she broke the news th00at you and Bryce made the front page for the couple to watch out for. Then I saw you at the station. Even after three years of not been able to talk properly with you and getting to see you almost everyday ; reminded me how much I pretended it didn't bother me; but everything came back to me. "

"Yes and still your wife continued to attack me.The stabbing , Martin shooting me ... I don't want to deal with her crazy methods of trying to keep you and "
Jonathan leaned over to kiss Iris before she could say anything. He kissed hard and when he went easy... She kissed him back with as much hunger and intensity.
Iris got off Jonathan and had guilt written all over her face.
She knew deep down she was hiding how she truly felt... She felt all giddy like she was falling in love for the first time. The kiss reminded her of the first time her and Jonathan had their first date. He had taken her to a spot by the lake underneath an oak tree and had made a pick nick basket and had found out from Maria that she loved chocolate ganache cupcakes with extra chocolate filling. Both lost track of time talking and Jonathan took her home. Since it was late and his house was nearer she spent the night and Maria loved it when she was around.

" Dreams do come true afterall.Can we put that behind us. I want us to be friends again"

"We can't ... Friends don't kiss friends that way"

"Iris does that mean what I think it means"

"Yes but you are married and I'm not about that life. I know Sasha too, she will resort to dangerous things.I know crazy; but she is crazy with padded walls . "

"She won't hurt you. Friends just friends until I can figure something out . I can't lose you again."

Jonathan gave Iris a hug and she hugged him back.

"Friends ."

" I told myself as soon as I could hold you again I won't let go."
He hugged her tighter.

"We said friends; not friends with benefits... Can't breathe"

Jonathan let go and looked at Iris .

"So. Peace offering accepted ?"

"Yes coffee beans and chocolate ganache cupcakes do qualify.Besides three years is very long time so I rate it should be a weekly thing"
Iris laughed and Jonathan beamed.

"I really missed you... I rate for old times sake we should do a Movie? "

"In my house?"

"Ha ha yes. In your house. Tell you "
What you can pick ."

Iris reached out her hand and Jonathan held it.

"This way cupcake ..."

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