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Chapter 16 - Begin again

When you let go of what doesn't serve you good; you come to the realization that there wasn't a lot to hold on to at the first place. To love is to let go to fear is to hold on .

8 weeks later ...
Iris and Jonathan didn't watch a movie that night he came over to her loft. Instead they spent all night talking and getting back to being friends.

Sasha had pleaded with Jonathan to stay and told him she was sorry . Jonathan being the guy he was took her back even forgiving her for almost killing Iris.

Everyone was en route to Madrid to the wedding everyone was on the same flight. Everyone except for Iris.
She decided to take a connecting flight from Billbao to Madrid.

Maria was getting married and had all the help she could get from both families.
What was missing or rather who was Iris . She wanted to "explore" Bilbao.
When Maria asked her why?
she simply just said; she loves the sea and the culture.

She had been there on new years day and bought property... She wanted to see the finished result. The unit was done everything was perfect.

She booked her plane seat in advance so she could have the window seat first class. She expected her trip to Madrid to go smoothly with no glitches or disturbances . She was listening to Lady Antebellum - Golden in fact the whole album...

She slid on the chair by the window seat and before she could put on her headphones there was a bit of noise in the plane ; there were ,oohs and aahs and oh my word sign my shirt ,oh can I get a hug and oh my friend is so gonna be jealous.
She rolled her eyes and slid back down on her seat and continued with he routine of making sure she buckled up and she was comfy. She was just waiting for the plane to lift off.
Goodbye -Town started blasting in her ear holes and she was starting to get into the rhythm of the song when someone nudged her shoulder and signaled to her to take her headphones off .

"Excuse me hi you're sitting in my seat."

Iris looked up and saw a pair of Oakley sunglasses . She realized what the fuss was about but it didn't phase her. He looked like a greek god. He had black shorts on , shaved legs , a cyan crew neck shirt and a pair of white superga sneakers. He was a sight for sore eyes no doubt.

" Excuse you ;I booked for this seat. Unless your name is Iberia and surname is airlines then by all means "
Iris pointed to the vacant seat next to her.

"Ha ha very funny. Can I have my seat now?"

She shook her head.

Javier threw his hands up in the air. The air hostess was making sure everyone was seated.

"Wow. Do you know how many girls would kill to be in the position you're in right now ?"

"The window seat... Amazing . How does it feel knowing you can't have everything you want"

"Do you know who I am ?"

"You should know who you are. Or better yet if you can't remember ;I know a very good doctor who can help you recover from your amnesia"

Javier couldn't help but laugh and point at her in an accusatory manner, give her an incredulous look and laugh.

"Ha ha very funny. I know who I am . Where are the hidden cameras . ?"

"Nowhere. I'm not moving. I have a ticket proving that I'm supposed to be seated where I am. Na ah you're not getting your way, not today."

Javier was completely thrown out of his depth; he was in a leadership position in his profession after all . He didn't expect a woman who was a novelty to him to fight him back.
For the fact that she wasn't what he would usually go for... He was beside himself and holding up the whole plane ;but none of the passengers didn't seem to mind they were enjoying the show.

" All I'm asking is that you give me that seat. Please. Don't make me beg."

He took off his glasses which was a first . He was notorious for never removing his sunglasses in public.

When Iris locked eyes with Javier. She was left breathless. He did have sun kissed skin, a gorgeous jaw line, not to mention his chiseled features but his puppy pale blue eyes and pout tugged at her heart strings.

Iris looked up at Javier again from where she was sitting and held her own.

"Oh my word... You really want the window seat. You poor thing . You know charm is deceptive ; so my answer still remains."

Javier finally sat down next to her turned to look at her raked his hand through his dark blond hair, looked up, and was met by a pair of Ray band sunglasses .

"I get that its useless to campaign for the seat but I have an insane fear for sitting on isle seats. Please."
Iris took a deep breath and took off her sunglasses . She then looked at Javier and again felt a jolt of lighting move through her body . She touched his Javier's jaw and he froze.

"Mr Blue eyes , I am so sorry about your insane fear of sitting by the isle seat . What ever happened must have scared you, and scarred you. Now I don't want to get kicked out the plane . Neither do you so please can you just sit down."

When Javier looked in her eyes his heart did an instant somersault he for the first time in a while felt all warm and tingly . Javier had seen security from the corner of his eye headed his direction . He had already caused trouble and was in trouble he just needed to get to the farm in one piece. With no hesitation ; he held Iris's hand, he sat down and to his surprise and hers kissed her and whispered in her ear.

"Whatever security asks you tell them you are my girlfriend."

With no protest Iris played along . She hadn't had this much fun in a long time. Talking back for the fun of it and not to mention being kissed by a total stranger . Which was weird and exciting in a fun way .
She was also in a foreign country. Away from everyone .

She looked up and saw two men in black . Airport security was alerted by someone and she put the two and two together.

"Officer hi"

"Ma'm are you okay or is this man harassing you?"

" Nope I'm okay thank you. "

"Mr Mendez anymore trouble and we will kick you off the plane."

"I'm with my girlfriend. She really knows how to bring me down to earth"

The officer looked at her pensively .
"Are you South African ?"

Iris squeezed Javier's hand and he squeezed her hand back

"Yes I am ."

Javier kissed Iris again and she kissed him back.
He looked at the officer and smiled. The officer turned on his heel"

"Safe trip to Madrid."

" Estamos en serio lo siento. "

The officer looked back and cracked a smile .

" You two love birds take care. "

Everyone was buckled up and ready to go . After take off. Javier broke the awkward silence.

" So I'm. Javier Mendez... I really like you..."

Iris let out a chuckle which made Javier smile

"I'm Iris... And when the plane lands. This thing you think we have ... Ends when we touch ground ."

" Wow . Usually girls throw themselves at me. There is something about you Iris."

Iris settled back on her seat and didn't respond to
Javier .

"Fine if you really don't want to say anything. I'm sorry for what I did and for the record you're ... You... I mean..."

"Javier please don't say anything . I'm still in shock . I don't have the energy to argue and tell you what I think. We are mid air . I might get the sudden urge to throw you out."

"Slap me if it'll make you feel better , I admit that I like you and want to be your tour guide. When the plane touches down I'm not letting you out of my sight "

"No. I'm just here for a wedding"

"My brother is getting married and I need a date . You are perfect."

"My best friend is getting married. I don't have a date."

"Guess that makes us two peas in a pod. I want to get to know you better."

Javier took her hand and kissed it. He didn't want to let her hand go.

"I wish I could say the same."

She took her hand back . She was feeling cold all of the sudden and instinctively hugged herself. She didn't see it but Javier was carrying a grey and white hoodie with some team emblem on it when he came in.


Iris turned around to face Javier she had un- clicked her seat belt

"Javier? "
She was still shivering

Before she could protest or do anything to counteract Javier he had but his hoodie over her shoulders

"It tends to get cold in the evenings but I'm used to the weather."

Iris slid her arms inside the sleeves

"Thank you."

" I will take it back when I find you and I will find you again and when I do my
Hoodie will be the perfect excuse to see you."

Iris looked in Javier's eyes

"In a perfect world I'd be head over heels already. I just can't remember where I know your eyes from ."

" I'm willing to try if you will. I haven't forgotten about our kiss last year . I remember you but you don't remember me . My now ex didn't know a thing. You had a LBD on with navy blue boots not heels and red chunky knit scarf."

"I don't remember what happened that night. All I remember is Gina and never mind. I can't do this not now "

She turned and looked outside the window. She remembered everything and the sent on Javier's sweater brought back new years eve

"Okay. I will respect that . I won't push. This conversation isn't over"

"I take back what I said."

She leaned over to hug him and he hugged her back

" Its okay Baker. Iris Baker. "

She leaned back to look at him.

"Javi ...?"

"You remember me ."

"I do ."

" For the record I never kiss women I don't know ."

"For the record I don't kiss sexy guys I don't know."

" Full of compliments now are we."

Iris looked a bit embarrassed

" Sorry. I've been through so much. "

Javier hugged her again.

"We have a lot to talk about Iris."

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