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Chapter 18 - Delerium Understood

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Morning started break and the sun was slowly starting to shine through the curtains. Iris had her head on Javier's left pectoral and her arm across his torso. She had fallen asleep to the sound of Javier's heart beat and soothing voice. It had been a while since she had slept properly and peacefully . She was usually up before the sun came up either cycling , swimming ,or running to keep her mind off the edge and brink of falling into the vicious cycle of self pity or PTS.

Javier too was knocked out cold. Following the week he had in training and his aching muscles. He hadn't realized how much he missed Iris until last night... She had told him why she cut all contact and forgot about him. She explained what Gina threatened to do. He apologized for everything. He also explained to Iris that Gina and him had ended things six months ago but didn't get into details .

Iris and Javier both met in class and they both hit it off . He was always there to help her if she got lost,... She got lost quiet a lot... When she was also feeling homesick he would try cheer her up. He really liked her; so much so that after 3 months of walking in circles he finally asked her out.Iris focused her business studies while Javier did his sports , but even though they were both busy they still found time for each other . When the unthinkable happened, she called it quits and swore she would never forgive Javier for doing what he did. She had somehow psychologically blocked the day she and Javier called it quits, that's why she didn't recognize him until they talked .

Irish's phone vibrated she slowly lifted her head up and untangled herself from Javier's body. She was getting really good at telling how someone was knocked out cold by the way they breathed. She rolled over to see who was calling and texted back without answering the phone.Her phone had the option when she called to either answer,reject or text. She switched it off and tiptoed to her bag and dropped it in. She stole Javier's shirt, walked out the main bedroom, and went to the guest room. She had put her luggage in the other room to avoid "clutter" and get familiar with her surroundings. She got cleaned up dressed up and went out without a sound.

Both rooms were sound proof and the only way someone could hear you was if you banged the door knocked or rang the bell.

Javier was woken up by his phone ringing his ring tone was Calvin Harris's How deep is your love.
He was hugging a pillow when he answered the phone feeling a bit bereft and confused. First of all there was no sign of iris and secondly who would be calling him so early.

"Mendez ?"
"Nando it's Maria. I need you to do me a favor. My maid of honor is at the same hotel you are in and she needs to get her dress fitted and you need to get your suit cause your brother decided to forget about you."

"So what do you need me to do.?"

"I organized a table for you two for breakfast. From there you need to both go to the boutique and show her around. I will see the both of you at dinner ."

"How will I know ?"

"She has her hair up in a pony tail , black jeans , blue V neck shirt and white sneakers. She isn't what you would usually go for so...?"

Javier rolled his eyes and got out of bed to go to the terrace.

"Meaning ?"

" Well you go for chicks who live in their own world. She's normal . Curvy too and fit. What is it that your mother always says ... She's got child baring hips, that's it yes... "

" Ha ha okay I will try my best to spot her . What's her name? "

"Kiara... Remember the reason I had to stay in South Africa a bit longer than expected?"

" Your best friend getting shot by your brother in law.That is a messed up story. "

Javier walked back in and went to the other room.

"Kiara was the one who got shot. "

" Oh my word that's hectic... Okay tell you what I will bring Kiara to dinner and drive her back... Wow poor thing "

" Thank you and with Martin also coming through to dinner; I just hope Kiara can manage. She will she has to."

"Well my friend just walked out on me. It's been five years since she left and I've fallen for her again. I will bring her too ."

"That's cool. Your mother told me the story what that's hectic too.You don't sound okay ; you sound worried. "

" I will be fine okay. What time should I meet Kiara at the breakfast bar."

"If you say so. 10 am and I hope you find her ."

"I pray so too . Bye Maria keep calm."

"Bye Nando. Keep sane"
Kiara was sitting down enjoying her cup of chai tea . The text she got told her where to go and wait . Javier asked the waitress about Kiera and she took him to the table. She was in her own world until the waitress alerted her that she had company and walked away.

" No way."

Kiara turned to look at him. She shook her head in denial.

"Are you kidding me ...?"

"Na ah. You ... No way "

"I don't know what to say."

"You could tell me what the hell happened for starters or why didn't you tell me it was you? "

" We slept together . I can't exactly say; hey I'm the girl in the story you told me about...

I don't know what to say... That oh hey its been long . I acted out of character and impulsively... Or better yet let's forget about us totally. Gina succeeded in breaking us up .I was willing to stay build a life together with you. You threw it all away.! I remember everything! "
She covered her mouth to stifle a scream.

"I don't regret us being together. What I do regret is hurting you the way I did. You didn't deserve that. Hell my mother still reminds me of what I had and lost . She told me you stayed in contact with her and not me. Why?"

" Can you blame me Javi. You obliterated my heart and you did it in spectacular fashion. Then the fame and money happened . You forgot what was important. We all knew you were talented and loaded. It didn't phase me then ,it still doesn't now. I loved you for who you were. Not your stance . Gina somehow convinced you otherwise. She lied. "

Javier stood up and took a step towards Iris and went on his knees . She froze when he touched her shoulders and looked in her eyes .

"Iris Kiara Baker... I am going to give Maria a piece of my mind for her to set us up by using our middle names.

I screwed up yes ,I was a fool to ever let you go. That was five years ago ."
Javier started getting all emotional and his eyes were turning suspicious red. Iris looked into his eyes and saw agony.

" Javi don't ,not now not like this. Not after what happened last night. Part of me wants to forget everything and try again ;but I can't cause I promised myself that I was done with you. "

Iris's eyes was starting to well up which intern started to make Javier worry and feel angst.

She turned her face and stood up and walked towards out door. Javier wiped a tear that had escaped from his eye and walked after Iris. He followed her out to the lobby to into the elevator

"What's that supposed to mean.? All I'm asking for is a chance. A chance to make things right again. I'm asking for your forgiveness for the pain I caused "

Iris unlocked the door and walked in with Javier .By the time Iris turned around Javier had a face full of tears and so did she.

"Javier I had already forgiven you by the time I left to go back home . "

"Then why does it feel like you're about to run. Are you leaving me again. "

"I am not ... Your ex tried to kill me not once but three times. What is it with you and crazy women."

" I'm with one right now who I am still nuts about ,cause I'm a nut case myself.

"I want to stop running."
Javier leaned down to wipe Iris's tears and gave her a hug and a kiss.

"Then let me help. Help me understand your reaction. I am so confused and I know you too well to be confused. What is it Iris ."

Iris got off Javier and looked at him. She saw how confused he was.

" When I left Madrid ,I promised myself never to come back again."

"Besides our break up what made you decide that."

Iris sat next to Javier.

"Gina poisoned me.. Remember when I said I wasn't feeling well the day we went to the seaside restaurant. ?"

" Yeah . You ended up in hospital."
"Gina had put something in my water bottle.
We did drama together and she was talking about you non stop. When she found out we were an item she set me up with Tiago and made sure you saw us together."

Javier started remembering the day. The same day he broke up with her in hospital when she needed him the most.

" I thought you were seeing Tiago while you were seeing me cause he was due to inherit his fathers' estate. Gina told me you used me to get to him. "

" I didn't .You believed everything she told you "

" When I told everyone on my team that I was going to ask you to marry me. They were all happy . I was going to do it in front of everyone "

"You asked Gina instead and you know what you did ;you broke my heart. Tiago helped me when you were away. Gina started with my water, then food and a staged accident on stage with the lights falling. She was obsessed has been since High-school. I didn't know until I left "

Javier hugged Iris and held her tightly.

"I am so sorry. Honey bee if I knew then what I know now... I could have lost you. I want us back together to the way we were "

"I was so afraid to tell you and when I got the courage to tell you. You wouldn't look at me. Let alone breathe the same air. "

"I treated you like dirt cause I was blinded by love. I believe you .I do and I want you back"

"Maria is going to kill us..."

"She won't she knows what she did , we can stay indoors besides I have to fix us. I will do whatever it takes for you to trust me again "

Javier faced Iris again and kissed her.

" I missed you Fernando Javier Mendez "

"Not as much as I missed you Iris Kiara Baker. For what its worth I'm happy you remembered."


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