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Chapter 20 - Powerless


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Javier was surprised ; he looked like someone had knocked the wind out of him . First of all Iris was angry at him and secondly he was upset that Iris had walked out on him twice. Which meant that she didn't fully trust him and he knew why she was running .

He walked to Iris who was still in her robe and put his hands on her shoulders and looked down at her; her eyes were full of fury and fear.

"Iris I need you to trust me again. Iris I need you to trust me, heaven knows I'm not worthy of anything right now... Your trust, your love, hell even you. Gina and I are over, that I can assure you she's in the past. I want you... If last night and this morning was anything to go by... I never want you to feel like you have no where to run or no one turn to. I want you to run to me, turn to me and let me love you again. I guess all I'm asking for is another chance. Will you ?"

" How . I have already forgiven you for what you did . Last night and well this morning was amazing . That's it ."

Iris scratched her brow, something she always did when she didn't want to disclose how she really felt .

"That's it; what's that supposed to mean ? Your are doing that thing with your brow Iris . Don't you dare hold back on me ."

Iris's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped.

" Stop pushing ."

"I'm not hell I haven't even started . I answer a call to tell Gina I can't talk to her and you walk out ."

Iris threw her hands in the air and rolled her eyes.

"Exactly that , we were in a middle of a conversation and you paused everything else to take a call from Gina .You know what that screams ? "

Iris walked into the vanity room.
Javier sat down on the chair and looked at the vanity room door.

"Manners I can't leave someone hanging."

Iris peaks her head out with an incredulous look.

" Are you serious , manners,manners . Wow Javier just wow ."

Iris retreated back and started un coiling her hair.

" Well what does that mean, or scream ?"

Iris continued with her hair .

"Oh well let me see. Iris last night was just physical it meant nothing... Oh and this morning too , it meant absolutely jack . I need you to know that I remember us , oh yes I do but right now Gina matters..."

Javier 's blood was starting to boil. He was getting frustrated cause part of what Iris was saying was true."

" Iris you know you're starting to antagonize me right .Please stop it. "

"I know I am but I'm not the same as I was and I'm not going to play second fiddle. You had the choice to let it just ring or hang up. You chose the latter "

Javier walked to the door to try cool off. He thought of just leaving but he couldn't.

"You were my first choice still are . What would it take for you to trust me."

"Less contact with your ex."

" No ."


"Its complicated."

"Un complicate it. What happened? You never give in to anyone's demands or threats. Will you tell me what's up? "

"I can't . "

Iris walked out the vanity room looking angry

"Get out !"

"Why ?"

" I opened up to you; and the second I alert you to a problem that you are part of,I get accused of holding back. I bared my mind, heart, and,my soul to you. Level with me. That's all I'm asking. You are not telling me what's going on. I'm not going to play guessing games with you."

" No puedo hablar contigo cuando estás así."

"Fine. Then try this on for size don't talk to me."

Javier swung the door open, and slammed it making Iris flinch.

Her phone went off when she saw the screen she picked up with no hesitation.

"Maria... hi ."

"Iris I'm sorry to drop this on you , but you are going to have to come through with Javier he will come by your room in fifteen minuets so be ready by then okay."

" Okay sure will be . See you in a bit. I have a bone to pick with you ; I know what you did."

"I know what I did see you soon bye bestie."

By the time Iris was done getting ready she still heard nothing from Javier, she went out to the terrace and looked out into the beautiful garden that had a pond reflecting the building.

Javier didn't take long to get ready he had his stuff moved to Iris's suite . It took him ten minuets to get cleaned up and five to dress up . He checked his phone and saw a message Maria sent him. He replied and agreed to do what she asked..he looked around for Iris and finally located her on the terrace.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Iris.

He fell in love all over again it felt as if there was a switch in his veins and couldn't bring himself to stop starring.

She was wearing a navy blue knee high long sleeve dress with long black boots a white leather jacket , her hair all curly and grey scarf looking lost in her thoughts. Javier's voice went all raspy with emotion when he tried to call her.

" Iris we should get going."

Iris said nothing. She darted a look of betrayal to Javier and followed his lead outside where he had parked his Jeep GC SUV. Javier was dressed in navy blue chinos, a white polo shirt, and a grey hoody paired up with white sneakers.

He had also tied his dark blond hair back rocking the man bun,which made his eyes pop with color and his face looked much more cleaner; he decided to also shave.
Javier looked dashing enough to make any girl swoon with minimal effort.

They both made it in time; although the drive from the city to the farm was the longest they both had . The music helped ease the tension but still Iris was as mad as hell at Javier . When they both arrived they were seated at the family table. Jonathan ,Sasha , Martin ,Bryce ,Maria, Ricardo and Javier's mother were at the same table .Iris was by "mistake" placed in between Bryce and Javier and to make things even more awkward Gina had also shown up. The night went smoothly and Iris had never been so quiet she would usually talk; however she said nothing to Bryce or Javier.

"So are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

Bryce whispered in her ear . Iris turned around to look at Bryce who had a concerned look on his face. The look she knew too well that he wasn't going to stop. Iris looked at him and replied calmly .

"Bryce its nothing . Even if there was something. You can't do a thing."

"I can try to get you back."

"I've long moved on and so should you."

Bryce looked into Iris's eyes to try gage what was up.

"Your eyes always betray you. Even though we have broken up ;your eyes are telling me you're in love but you are in agony. It doesn't have to be like that come back to me."

" I can't . Although you are spot on ."

Javier instinctively took Iris's hand and kissed it and intertwining it with his. Looking over he gave Bryce a warning look.

" Bryce is it ?"

Javier stretched our his free hand to shake his."

" Nando Javier Mendez. I'm a fan."

Bryce shook his hand. Javier slid his arm around Iris's waist and pulled her closer to him and whispered something in her ear.

"Glad to know. Bryce enjoy the night. "

Javier smiled lovingly at Iris and he kissed her .

" Bryce see you around. Excuse me I have somewhere to go."

Iris went to Isabella who knew and loved like her own sat next to her and they shared a warm embrace and talked for a bit. Iris understood Javier's evasiveness and Gina issue this morning. What Isabella told her made her almost cry . With one final embrace for the evening she went looking for Javier.

Iris took one of the golf carts parked outside the tree house. She ran upstairs angst to break the silent treatment and tell Javier she understood.

When Iris opened the door she couldn't believe her eyes....Her heart rate spiked up and her breath went shallow. Everything inside her told her to bolt run for the hills but she was in freeze mode ... When Javier's head shot up the look on his face was one of guilt and regret...

With all the courage Iris could master all she could say was;

"Really ... Wow. "

"Don't go I can explain."

Iris turned on her heal walked out and drove back as fast as she could to the main house to get a driver and just leave ...

Javier didn't say a word to anyone when he left. He just drove out and went looking for Iris. He didn't mean for Iris to see what she saw it was an error of judgment on his part and a stupid mistake.

He tried to call but all he got was voice mail, after 3 hours of searching he went back to the hotel suite in hopes that she would return there, but he ended up passed out on the couch all he could remember was the reason he broke up with Gina and how much he wanted Iris back.

He wanted to tell her everything let her in; but the chances of that happening seemed bleak...

At three am Javier's phone vibrated on the coffee table . He jerked up and answered it without looking at the screen.

"Iris ? Where are you?"

" Javier its Santiago speaking."

As sleepy as Javier was before he was fully awake and panicked."

"Tiago what's wrong is it my mother?"

" Na ah she's okay ..."

Javier had a sinister feeling that something must have happened to someone he knows. Santiago would have already told him the minuet he picked up what was going on . He was stalling after five seconds of silence he continued to probe.

"Tiago we've been friends since we were in diapers .what's going on?"

"Something happened to Iris. She was brought in with Max and one of the drivers ... It's serious ."

"What the hell was my teammate doing with my girlfriend ?"

"Just get here as soon as you can bud."

"I'm on my way."

Javier put on his hoodie and ran out...

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