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Chapter 21- Then and now

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5 years ago.

Iris was chilling in her room going through her notes doing research for an article she had to write. First of all she felt out of her depth ;the topic she was given was interesting it was sports . She usually covered the arts and events . She needed a bit of a challenge so she came to study sports communication, which meant that she would be out of her comfort zone, away from family, and friends. Except she was staying with Maria at her family guest house.
She hadn't gone out for three days straight.

Javier had called her ten times when he got a break from training, but she let it go to voice mail just like all her calls. When he finally called Maria and got through; he asked where Iris was . She told him; Iris was sick and needed a break from everything . He asked her for the house address and she gave it to him . Within fifteen minuets Javier walked in the house and straight up to Iris's room. He knocked on the door ...

"Iris ... Babe honey"

"Go away... I don't want to talk to you. "

Iris sounded very nasal and was almost done with her articles when Javier came through. She did a quick edit and hit send , closing her note book she heard her phone vibrate on the night stand without a second thought she picked it up and answered.

" This is Baker ?"

She still sounded all sorts of unwell and sick. Javier didn't believe Maria first but now he did and he was starting to worry.

"Let me in and let me explain. "

Iris curled up on the sofa in fetal position with phone in hand .

"Okay fine explain to me why your childhood sweetheart has it in for me ... We've been going out for a year and she's on a serious campaign to break us up.
She kissed you after the game last week well the last three games that you had ,in front of me and everyone. "

"Iris I can't talk to you from outside , please let me in so we can talk properly. Its been the longest three days of my life . Don't let Gina get in the way of what we have, she screwed up any chance we had when she disrespected my mother. The kisses meant nothing. I didn't kiss her back... "

"I know ;but you know how she operates she inflicts fear in you and gets her message across by making you afraid ."

Javier hung up and continued to knock.

"Iris come on you are acting weird, you never fear anything , you take every challenge that comes your way . You're a free spirit one of the many reasons I love you. Either you come out or I'm coming in , I will break this door if I have to. "

Iris stood up from the couch and unlocked the door only to be met by an embrace from Javier.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know how to do it"

"I'm not mad hun . Do what ? "

Javier walked in closed the door and tried to let her go gently but she wouldn't let go she held on to him.

"I can't. "

Javier caught a glimpse of Iris's face on the mirror and took her arms from the back of his neck gently , but she looked away.

" Would you look at me? Please. "

Iris slowly lifted her head. She had a black eye and a blood stain on the side of her lip that seemed to be healing .

"You have a crazy ex... Not just crazy she's obsessed. "

" You are too kind Iris.That's why she's constantly targeting you "

"Hey. Whose side are you on?"

Iris got off Javier and Sat back on the bed she was wearing grey sweats with a white top and she was walking around in socks it was a tad bit cold outside.

Javier was in shock and livid at the same time.He snuggled up against Iris. Iris responded by granting his request for him to hold her by letting him hold her and comfort her by massaging her back with her head on his pectoral again. .
Javier kissed the top of her head .

" Your side .I'm sorry angel."

"Forgiven babe"

"See too nice , why don't you ever give me a hard time ?"

" Its not in me to do that...Grill you for being there for me and being honest. I'm sorry for the radio silence and not being home for the past four days. How was training?"

"It was okay. I missed you most of the time. I know what happened to you . It doesn't take much I always hear your heart. Gina will not be a problem I should have set boundaries like you said and I will ,I promise."

"You always wear your heart on your sleeve. You always get me in more ways than one."

Javier laughed .

"That's because you make it easy for me to love you."
Iris lifted her head to kiss Javier and he kissed her back .She looked into his eyes and spoke from the heart

" Javier Te amo con todo mi corazón. Yo bendigo y aprecio el día que te conocí y le doy gracias a Dios por ustedes."

"Me siento de la misma forma en que mi ángel .My corazón late a un ritmo diferente cuando estoy contigo "

Iris untangled herself from Javier and scratched around her bag for a wallet photo found it and crawled back into bed and resumed her previous position looking at Javier sitting crossed legged opposite her. She gave Javier the photo and smiled .

" I know your birthday is coming up soon but I wanted to give you a pre -Birthday present"

Javier looked at the photo and smiled affectionately at Iris . He took out his wallet and put the photo in the photo compartment and put it back in his duffle bag.

" You're the best girl in the entire world and I see why my mother loves you. I'm going to frame it . That was the day my heart fell for you"

" Yeah and that's when I decided I will stop running and it stops with you... Does that make sense.?"
Javier opened the comforter to invite her back in to the bed .

" Makes perfect sense to me . Come back inside I'm getting cold; I also have reason to believe we have some serious catching up to do."

Iris slid inside and turned to face Javier.

"Yeah I kinda like have a blue eye and a cut lip which is like sort of healing."

"I love your blue eye . It will fade and even if it looks like a facial tattoo. You still look hot ."
Iris threw her head back and laughed

"Sweet talker..."
"Wait until I get you in a docile state ,then we will see who the sweet talker is ...
Present day...
The ride to the hospital was the longest Javier had to make. He had passed a dodgy club to get there quicker , but he was held up in a roadblock.

To pass time he switched on the music player on his car , he had forgotten that he'd. Let Iris program some of her favorite artists in . When he pressed play Adele's - All I ask came on . As the song came on he started having flashbacks of what happened five years ago when Iris gave him the photo he still kept in his wallet and box of stuff at home. Iris had the photo laminated and for some sort of odd reason he laughed to himself .
He was snapped back to reality when they searched his car then let him go. He made it to the Hospital and the E.R waiting room, only to be met by Max his team mate who had scratches and bruises and Alfredo the family driver who also had bruises. What he didn't expect. Though was to see Gina in handcuffs been led out the hospital.

He ignored the situation his only focus was on Iris and the past two days. Besides been riddled with feelings of remorse and guilt ,he wanted to look into Iris's chocolate browns and just feel at home again.
When Javier walked in;Santiago came out in scrubs looking all sorts of uncomfortable and grim.

"Santi where is she?"
Santiago sat Javier down and explain what had happened and that they would need to get a blood transfusion for Iris ,or she wouldn't make it. They were busy testing to see what blood type she was.

"Javi when Max and Al were brought in they were treated for scratches and bruises as you can see. Iris took a bullet for someone the only two people that know are those two over there and the gun was traced back to Gina. I have to go ."
As Santiago was turning around to leave Javier called out to him.

" Santi I know what blood type she is. I will deal with Max and Al later . I can save her ."
Max snapped his head back.

" Javier how the hell do you know ?"
Javier looked angry and powerless at the same time. He closed his eyes and when he opened them tears started streaming out.

"Alfred will fill you in . Al call Maria and my mother . Santiago take to the room where you donate blood . I will explain everything there. "

As he turned and walked with Santiago; Alfred started talking.

Santiago looked at him and gave him a hankie

"Dry your eyes , she's a fighter . She will make it . As for Gina she's gone too far. She shot Iris with intent to kill..."

"What no na ah . The hell is wrong with that woman ?"

"There is something you need to know too ... Iris almost died on the table tonight... She came back by some sort of miracle and what ever it was ... I'm thankful"

Javier wasted no time in getting ready to donate blood ....


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