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Chapter 22- Truth

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By the time Iris was put in recovery ; Maria and Isabella were caught up in the same road block , which meant that they would get to the hospital two hours later than expected.
Alfred and Max were booked in for over night observation. So Javier was left alone in the waiting room. All he could think about was , what happened yesterday and the last time he was happy with Iris before he did what he did with Gina in the tree house.

Santiago spotted Javier who looked worried and tired ; the good news wad that Iris had made it through the morning but it would take a bit of time for her to come around but she was safe.

However Santiago was keeping something from Javier.
The reason behind their bad blood for the past couple of years had been started by something that was misunderstood; it involved Gina, Iris and a lie Gina told to keep Javier.

Javier looked up when he saw Santiago and knew something was up ; he could tell by the way he was looking at him.

"Tiago what's going on?"
Santiago sat next to him.

"Javi there is something you need to know... I've kept this from you long enough but it's time you knew the reason I was with Iris the day you broke up with her... When she was supposed to meet you at the tree house."

Javier raked his hair back and tied it up he was mess cause he hadn't slept but when he usually did that with his hair he was preparing for something that could sway him either way.
The same kind of move he repeats before every game; he ties his hair up in a man bun cause he has important ant business to attend to, but right now he knew Tiago was about to come clean about something he didn't know...

"What the day she was coming to tell me some "news " but never showed up , instead I found her in your arms crying on your shoulder and you kissing her tears away ,telling her all will be well... I forgave you for that day."

"Yeah I know but you didn't want to talk to me. Iris had gone through a terrible au deal , the only way to get to you was through your mother but you were stubborn ."

" I remember she got injured on her knee and she wouldn't tell me how it happened."

"Gina. She pushed her down the stairs , I had just heard about my uncle and had no one to talk to. When I went in search for her cause she was the only one who got me and had been a great friend , the both of you actually ... That's when I saw the attack and brought her in. You had gone home earlier and were ignoring my calls."

"Yes I had gone home earlier after practice,to get thee tree house cottage ready and decorated."
Javier smiled remembering the day .Santiago massaged his shoulder which was what he usually did to comfort someone who was regretful or sad .

" You have got to be the craziest dude ever cause Ricardo's tree house was a proper man cave . Your tree house however was like your own apartment. It might as well be another house on the property. Gina's father was the dean she was untouchable we all knew that. Given the situation with you and your step father... "

"You know how Ricardo senior and I were. We never got a long. He wasn't my father but my mom kept me grounded. Friend ... Tiago stop beating around the bush. What is it that I need to know."

"Iris had news of her own on that day .I had spent time with her in class so I would notice if she wasn't well or a bit offish. Remember the month when you were playing in the tournament?"

"Yes the month I was on the road and on the phone with Iris almost everyday cause she was sick."

"Then before the home match she feinted and you were worried?"

"Yes I was. For someone who is as energetic as Iris is and active. I was surprised when she was feeling fatigued .
We had been going out for a year and a half and I wanted to ask her to marry me cause she was it for me."

" I knew that ..."
Santiago's eyes started welling up, which in turn made Javier wonder what he knew. He had never seen him like this all scared.

"Santiago why did Iris leave six years ago. She's not one to just throw in the towel. "

Javier had a panicked look about him that set off bad vibes in Santiago

"Iris was ... Iris was ."

"Say it . She was cheating on me with you . What , what was it tell me now."

"She was ..."
Santiago went quiet, he didn't notice that Isabella and Maria walked when he was telling Javier the truth.
Maria was in shock and Isabella had to tell his son the truth she also had waited so long .

Javier's head turned at the sound of his mothers gentle voice , the look of grief , remorse and agony on her face said it all. The last time he saw the same look was when his step father;Ricardo's father had died , and when he asked her about his real father.

" Mama what's is it ? "
His eyes shot back and forth to Santiago and his mother. His mother took a deep breath and said what she needed to say.

" You know I never liked Gina but I loved Iris like my own child . She turned you back into the boy I raised and regardless of how badly you performed or how well you played she still supported you. Which is less than I can say for that troubled girl Gina."

Isabella and Maria sat down across Javier and Santiago . She took Javier's hand and said what he had to know.

"Son Iris was pregnant with your child when she was hurt by Gina . She didn't sleep with Tiago. She left cause she couldn't face the pain and well you loving Gina."

Javier took his hand back stood up and ran towards the door .

"I don't believe you ! Any of you."

Maria stopped him

" Javier its the truth. She lost the baby after the fall she wasn't the same when she left "

As shocked as Javier was he felt like going to see Iris but he still thought she was in theater.

"I want to see Iris now Tiago! . Get her out now. Mom I am so sorry for all the pain I've caused what I'm feeling right now is my punishment for being such a fool , then I deserve to feel this way. "

Javier started wiping his tears with his palms.
Isabella looked at him with a face full of tears .

" Son no angel you don't . "
Santiago stood up and walked to Javier.

"I will take you to Iris.".
As soon as Javier walked in he went to Iris's bedside sat down held her hand kissed it . She had a breathing mask on her face so he couldn't see her . For the first time in a long time he took out his rosary and started praying for everything. He prayed for forgiveness and redemption ... But most of all he prayed for Iris to wake up . He needed her to wake up...
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