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Chapter 24 - Found in you


Iris was fully awake and alert and she didn't feel tired ,before Javier and her couldn't continue their conversation,the doctor told Javier and the other guy to wait outside. Javier spotted the leather jacket and slid it off the chair with one hand , and said nothing to Iris.

As broken as he looked before the doctor came , he walked out looking peeved. He was thankful that Iris was awake but he was hurting and he needed answers. He wasn't leaving until he got them .
How could Gina lie ?, why did she lie? , why didn't he believe Iris? If he had set proper boundaries would he be happier ? . Most of all how could he stand next to the truth and not see it.

Iris knew the look Javi gave the doctor.
On rare occasions when Iris and him fought he would not lose his cool.
His jaw would set and his eyes would burn with fury. He however had self control and knew how to keep his temper in check. He walked out and snapped at the first person he saw.

"What are you doing here ? "

"I came to see Iris . Javier. "

"I know that but didn't I make it clear to you that she is mine and not yours. You messed up. You had your chance with her."

"You more than messed up Javier, and the sad part about this whole fiasco is that an innocent life was involved . You knew what Gina was capable of and yet you didn't set proper boundaries. "

"Well you're a fine one to talk since you slept with her. My now ex... "

"Well Javier I guess we have two women in common don't we now ."
Javier took the leather jacket and gave it to Bryce and he took it.

" Right and Jonathan's wedding was just you making your mark. Telling me to stay away and keeping Iris away from me. I wanted to make things right.We left a lot of things unsaid "

"You had already broken up with Iris. She was a mess. I couldn't let her break down all over again. I kept her away from you for a good reason. I set proper boundaries. Which is what you should have done. "

"You don't know what you are talking about."

" Fine. Ask Iris . Ask her how she managed to get over losing your child and you at the same time. Ask how long it took her. Ask her if she was able to sleep at all . We were genuinely happy. She was able to remedy the pain I was in and bring me back from the brink of being destructive. I did the same for her. "

" Please leave . "

"I will ... But you should know that Gina is pregnant... She doesn't know if the child is yours or mine and I just bailed her out of jail . Stay away from her. I mean it."

" Well speaking of boundaries Bryce; stay away from Iris . I will ask her when her next appointment is. Iris is mine not yours. For all I care you can marry Gina we've been divorced for six months now . "

" You should know that Iris loves you . She chose you over me ... Break her heart and I will end your career. "

"Are you done ?"

" Not really ... Cause it pains me to see Iris like she is right now. She is hurting, Gina told me what happened in the tree house ... The shooting was an accident. "

" She came on to me . "

" I know . Her way of saying goodbye ... To you for good. Go make things right with Iris . I love her enough to let her go cause she loves you; I care enough for her not to let her get hurt by you again. I mean it."

As soon as Bryce left; the doctor came and told Javier Iris was okay . She just needed to be kept over night and he can go home. Javier said no and went back in the room to find Iris on her phone texting. He took the phone gently away from Iris set it aside and looked at her. Only this time he had a remorseful look .

" Elosiento "
Iris pulled the covers over her arms cause she was starting to get cold.

"You walked out angry just now. I should be the one who is livid ."

" I almost lost you... You know how scared I was that I might have lost you?"

" Your actions tell me a different story. I should have told you yes; but I felt that it was better to just let it go and leave without telling you. "

" Iris no intiendo por que. I should have known. When did you decide what's good for me and not? "
Iris rolled her eyes and shook her head.
" When you slept with the woman who caused the tragedy that broke us.

May be I was too nice ,may be my reasoning behind me not telling you was the fact that your career might have changed...wait I take that back . It wouldn't have changed cause we lost our child . The woman you decided to marry the woman who caused the accident. "

Javier sat down and looked at Iris with blood shot eyes .Tears started to spring from his eyes.

" I'm sorry okay. I am wiser than the stupid fool I was before. Our child is gone ... And the hardest part about that fateful day is not being there when you went through hell.
I made it worse by breaking your heart and running away with Gina.I don't know how to feel cause I wasn't there... But Tiago was. He tried to tell me but I was so consumed with rage that I acted on impulse. I acted out of character."

Iris looked like she was in agony and pain at the same time .

"I was on my way to you, when I was accidentally pushed . Someone set off the fire alarm.
Iris wiped her tears with her hand the one that didn't have the plaster of paris on. It broke Javier's heart to see her cry. He wanted to make things right , see her smile again, and hear her laugh ... Even if it was just a giggle or chuckle.

"Weren't you in the medical room ?"
Iris closed her eyes re- living the day
"I was . One of the guys left the room untidy so I had to pack again and label the stuff. When I heard the alarm go off I thought nothing of it , cause it was test day. Some students will do anything in order not to write. When I went to my office I was still calm. I saw the flowers you sent and I was about to read the note attached to the card ;when one of the guys from coaching came in and told me it wasn't false. I ran out forgetting the card you left . I realized when I got upstairs . I accidently bumped into Gina and I said sorry but she went all agro and pushed me down the stairs . "
Javier leaned over to kiss her forehead , wiped her tears and held her hand looking into her eyes.

"I had told her that I'm going to make you a permanent part of my life she didn't take it well. When I heard about your fall I was worried and she claimed you were cheating on me with Tiago."
Iris took a deep breath and shook her head.

"Na ah. I wasn't . "

"I know now."

"What does it matter you believed her."

Iris turned her head away and Javier turned it back to him with his index finger. Iris closed her eyes in hopes that Javier wouldn't see the pain she was in .

"Iris open your eyes . Please?. Look at me ."
Iris opened her eyed and looked at Javier.

"Why are you here?"
"To make things right with you and get you back. Also cause I love you. "

"I don't want to talk about Gina. What I do want to talk about is us ... "

Iris smiled and stroked Javier's Arm gently.
.Javier smiled and breathed a sigh of relief and smiled .

"I want that too. I want to leave the past in the past; but something went unsaid... I feel that its really important."

"Then tell me then so we can start again."

"Remember I asked you to read the note."

"I never got around to that."

"I know . The picture you gave me 5 years ago"

"The one Santiago took of us at the beach house in Bilbao?"

"He didn't only take the picture of us kissing while the sun was setting. Knowing him I knew he took a couple more."

Iris gave Javier a curious look and her eyes darted from left to right searching Javier's eyes for an immediate answer.

" A couple more?"

"I missed how your eyes did that thing you just did when you look surprised or very, very curious. Ha ha ha"

"Hey... "

Iris pinches Javier's bicep and laughs

" Ooh Miss Baker .I didn't know you like to play it rough. If I knew then what I know now ... Imagine the fun we could have had.."

" Well if I knew then what was on the note ,imagine the life we could have had. "
Javier held Iris's hand and kissed it

"Which we can still have... The picture Tiago took that I found was a picture of us sleeping"

"Of you sleeping on my chest and me in lala land looking peaceful. I had it blown up for our bedroom art into A3 .It was going to complement the decor."

"Oh wow... If this football thing doesn't go as planned. You will make a great interior decorator."

" The football thing is working well so far"

"I know look how far you've come. Even when you weren't at your best ,you fought back even harder."

" Yes and I'm thankful for you being there during the hard times."

"The note."

"Control freak."

"Only with you Javier."

Javier looked into Iris's eyes and was now calmer than before and spoke...

"For all the times I've searched and found nothing; but in you always knew I had something invaluable that could not compare to,treasure.

Of all the masks I've put on ;pretending to be something I'm not ,and all the lies I've told to other people and myself... It was always in you that I found my truth.

For all the times I've come up short,felt lost or out of my depth... With you I was never at a disadvantage. Of all the mistakes I've made ... You are by far the best.

Of all the beats and music I've heard;your heartbeat has always been, and forever will be my favorite sound that coincides with my heart beat.

Always know this...
The walls I put around my heart will only fall down for you.
Know that every time I close my eyes ; I will know ,that my sun rises, and sets with you.
When I'm with you I am home. I will always be reflected in you and you reflected in me.
I will always and forever be found in you."

Iris hugged Javier and kissed him.

" Nothing has changed . I still love you. "

"You know what I'm asking, What I have been asking since we flew up here. "

Iris locked eyes with Javier.

"If you're asking what you're asking ... Then yes you have me."

Javier saw a hint of doubt in Iris's eyes

"What's wrong ?"
Iris let go and laid her head back on her pillows .

"What aren't you telling me my babe ?"

" There is Something you need to know and I hope it won't change how you feel..."

© #KCMmuoe

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