Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 3- Truth

"I was attacked on my way to work. I was stabbed someone

wanted to send me a message and ,I got it loud and clear."

She took a deep

breath although it hurt to breathe she knew how to handle the pain.

" I was afraid! I

didn't want to put you through a lot. Jonathan was there for me, he helped me

cover everything up only because I asked him to I take full responsibility, I

didn't mean to hurt anyone least of all you okay."

"You're lying! I

don't believe you Iris, is that's your, story? "

Beyond disbelief he gave Iris a look that she

hadn't seen in a while; she had seen it when they were dating back then and

that was when he was in a dispute on the pitch when he played full back for the

university rugby team. He managed to land himself a suspension but it was overturned.

If he could only overturn the mess he was in he'd be a pro at overturning bad

into good...

"you honestly think I

can believe you after what you and your

so called best friend did ... he was there

for you and I was denied the chance to, yes I would have dropped everything

hell if I did that, I wouldn't have warmed up to Gina ,we wouldn't be in this

situation at all "

Iris walked to the

stair case even more hurt and angry and upset at Bryce's reaction to her, it

felt like he just committed relationship suicide.

'yeah I thought it

was best you did what you loved and it

was a terrible accident in case you were

wondering and I didn't want to get you back here for something that wasn't that

serious. Since you don't want to believe me fine, you just pulled the last

straw and oh gee guess what its short... you know I let this slide once but I am

fed up with you and your bull I'm not

doing this again."

'I don't trust you at

the moment and what if you staged this whole attack thing just to spend timea

with Jonathan, cause it clearly seems like we are all in a three way

relationship, he is married to Sasha his wife ,yet he is constantly at you beck

and call how selfish, no wonder she left town for a while thank goodness she is

coming back this week, and maybe just

maybe set proper boundaries between you and Jon will be set."

" you are a fine one

to talk after what you just did with Gina she is engaged she has a fiancé probably

pregnant with their child but you don't care don't you , have you any Idea how

much damage you have caused ,besides ripping my heart into shreds ."

Iris bit her bottom

lip to hold back a curse she felt like slapping Bryce across the face, but all

she could do was lift her hands up in the air in surrender ,only this time

Bryce had no control over her .

"oh go to hell"


retaliated trying not to touch her; he hated not being in control .

At that point Bryce

had felt a surge of heat moving through his body causing his blood to boil, he

was usually a man who loved to be in

control , a man who had self

control at some point and a man who was

loyal and faithful. He only messed up that one time and promised himself

that wouldn't slip up but yet again it seemed like history

was repeating itself ,and once again he

couldn't deal.

Iris got more hurt and

upset she decided that she, had enough of the relationship and Bryce. When Bryce

told her to go to hell she fought back in her defense.

"oh I've been there

for the past two months and you know what the devil sends his regards".

Tears started

streaming down Iris's face she looked so hurt. 'I can't believe you just said

that, I cannot believe this is happening."

Bryce felt so bad for

what he just said he couldn't imagine doing to anyone what he just did."Iris I

did not mean that, I really didn't ".

Bryce cursed himself

for what he had just said he had hoped Iris would get that he didn't mean it

but she didn't ...

"oh just like you

never meant to sleep with Gina and my boss and then tell me that I lied about

going through a stabbing incident that nearly cost me my life"

As hurt as she was she had racked up the

courage to do what she never thought she would do. It was to convince the man

she loved with her whole heart that she

wasn't fibbing. She lifted her shirt up and Bryce saw the scars. what he saw

broke him it reduced him to tears how

could he not believe the woman he has loved so deeply for so long was he just looking for an excuse to blame

her for his indiscretions .

"Believe me now hah?

Who are you because the man I'm looking at now is a total stranger "

Bryce sat down on the

chair for him it had felt like he had just twisted the knife he stabbed Iris

with in the heart and killed their relationship even worse their engagement.

"oh my goodness" at that moment Bryce ran out of breath and

wished he could turn back the clock and take back what he had said and done .

"Iris please don't go

stay, we can work this out I know we can get through this okay; I just irrupted

blew a fuse but I love you"

Bryce tried to walk

to Iris and hold her; but she was too quick for him.

© #KCMmuoe

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