Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 4- The Break-up

Iris ran upstairs and

started packing her overnight bag, while all this was happening Bryce was

banging on the main bedroom door that she had locked. When he had finally

managed to pry the door open without breaking it down, he went in thinking he'll find Iris sitting on the bed crying but she wasn't there, he then headed straight for the bathroom he still couldn't find her. Then it dawned on him that she must be in the closet. Bryce tried to open the doors but they were

locked too.

"Iris please open

these doors "He said so in a stern voice for a man of his stature he sure knew

how to get his point across. Without trying too much, Iris heard his vibrato

voice vibrate through the closet doors and it stopped her in her tracks.

"I have nothing to say to you. I really have

every right to end our engagement" She had already packed her bag and she was headed

to the bathroom for her essentials, but not before she ran straight out of the

closet into Bryce's chest and somewhat secure arms.

Bryce cradled her

head with his hand and held her close with the other one, he said nothing; all

Iris could hear were sniffles she dropped the blue and white striped duffle bag

on the floor and hugged Bryce back.

"I am so sorry "

His voice had gone

all raspy when he held her then he realized that something didn't feel right,

he was holding the same woman but she was skinnier. When or how it happened was

the next thought that crossed his mind. Bryce sat Iris down and held her close just

to calm her down, he was an expert at getting Iris to see things differently or

calming her down when she was about to go over the edge he knew how to touch

her which made it harder for her to fight.

"Oh my word; you have

lost so much weight, honey what really happened on the night of the attack?" He

looked in her dark brown eyes and saw anger, fear and hurt.

When Bryce had

loosened his grip and her arms slid of his back she headed for the bathroom in

panic mode and started packing.

"I can't do this... it

was a hit Sasha put on me I ignored her, I ended up with stab wounds, Jonathan

probably figured

out what she did so he came to my rescue and well he stayed with me

through it all, I know I should have told you what was going on . I didn't want

to. It seemed like the best decision given the situation"

Bryce hit back with a

clever remark.

"You do sports not

investigative journalism, Sasha's brother is a sportsman that's the only person

I know.... "

Iris stood at the

door of the bathroom with her vanity case in hand.

"Well genius; what is

the one thing sportsmen fear besides losing and not performing at an optimal


Bryce sat on the edge

California king size bed." Being charged with unruly behavior?" He shrugged his

shoulders up and down.

"No the one thing

that can cause the downfall of an epic sports career" she walked to her bag and

put the case beside it only to lock eyes with Bryce.

"I could have lost

you and all because you were trying to tell the world, the truth about Mark

Smith, he did it at school but I couldn't have predicted he and Sasha would try

and shut you up. I've known but he was my friend and I was sworn to secrecy"

At that point Iris

sounded nasal and bit angry at Bryce he could hear it in her voice.

"You knew and you

didn't tell me. He was your friend, hell he was everyone's friend, Sasha knew somehow ,I found out when

I went to give Jonathan his coffee beans and I saw blood ..." she held her

mouth to cover a scream

"never mind what I saw all I remember from

that night when I got attacked was a blade stuck on the side of my chest ,I had

a couple of bruises on my arm and someone knocked me out cold, not before I saw

Jonathan running my way . You knew all along"

Bryce walked to her

..."show me your scars "

"Besides the one that

you inflicted on me which is invisible at the moment? Or do you need validation

for what I just told you since; you're having trouble believing me or anything

I say" Bryce walked towards her direction and stood behind her.

"Iris I want to see

what they did?" he said softly

Iris reluctantly

lifted up her pony tail revealing a white bandage.

" I have shown you too much"

When she turned

around they were facing each other again only this time there was no tension.

She stood on her toes in her black knee high boots and gave Bryce a kiss

goodbye; she was wearing blue skinny jeans, a blue and white stripped long sleeved thermal top paired up with a

black leather jacket and a navy blue chunky scarf. She twisted off her

engagement ring and put it into Bryce's palm and pushed back his fingers.

" I have to go Logan "she

picked up her vanity case and swung her duffle bag on her shoulder.

"Don't do this not

now not when we have so much to say to each other "Bryce said with a worried

tone and a face that was full of tears that almost tore Iris apart.

"Bye Logan, I will come get the rest of my

stuff later. Oh and the sooner you can accept that your buddy Martin is guilty ,maybe just maybe we can find a way to fix this mess. I cannot believe you kept

such a secret away from me besides Gina... I am afraid I don't know the man I'm looking at. "

She walked out the

door and ran downstairs out to her car in the drive way. She opened the boot

threw her bags in, closed the boot, went inside the car and put the key inside

the ignition and sat back looking at the

house she once called a home .She took a

deep breath started the car and drove away crying . The last time Bryce had

cheated on her she had mastered the art of both crying and driving at the same

time this time however was different in so many ways. The last time Bryce did

what he did, he begged her to take her back, he proved to her that he was a

changed man and he even went as far as getting professional help; which is hard

for a man like him because he always loved control, and could sort most things

out himself. None of what he did before to prove his loyalty could ever make

Iris take him back this time.

© #KCMmuoe

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