Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 7 - The end where I begin


five minutes the paramedics and cops walked through the door, the police

station and hospital were just ten minutes away so it didn't take that long for

them to reply. Bryce was kneeling beside Iris trying to get her to wake up but

she wasn't moving, the paramedics took her away and he followed them to the

hospital .The person who had attacked

Iris was cuffed and thrown into jail .

Bryce had made it to the hospital and was sent to the waiting room , he had

found a chair at the corner of the room that had a window overlooking a garden,

he then sat down and took stock of what

he had just seen;how afraid ,alone, and worried he was feeling .

Bryce seldom cried;

the last time he cried was when he lost his father in an accident he blamed

himself for, and to this day still felt guilty. The accident happened two days

before his eighteenth birthday; there was an important rugby match that was

coming up at school that week all the talent scouts where going to be present

and they were picking players to sign into their teams. It turned out that on

the same day Bryce had a casting to go to and when his father found out all

hell broke loose. The Rugby guaranteed him a bursary but the casting didn't.

He kept telling himself if he didn't walk out, how different things would have been;

his father would have been alive ... he didn't mean to drive so fast. The police

classified the accident as a "freak boat crash" he made it but his father didn't; all he could remember was being submerged in water and being trapped unable to breath, and from that day on he never sailed ,or swam or went near a pool or ocean. The whole incident and what had just happened played in his head.

It was a nightmare.

He was shaking,

sobbing and praying when he heard a familiar voice.

"Bryce what the hell

is going on? I go away to another country and come back with good news and I come back home to this " She looked at Bryce disappointingly which made him

feel worse , his hazel green eyes were all red and his face stung .

"Maria I'm so glad to see you. Thank God you're here."

He gave her a hug and she hugged him back she couldn't get why

she was called to get to the hospital when her flight landed from Spain. What

was so serious who was hurt...?

Luke walked in with

his scrubs looking grim

"Bryce, Maria? I have

news about your loved ones "

His face registered

shock making Bryce and Maria anxious...

"Maria welcome home I am so sorry to burden you with heavy news .Your brother sustained minor

injuries, he had a slight concussion, and he is resting right now and will make a full recovery as for Sasha she is in a coma."

Maria looked relieved but scared cause she knew that Luke liked to deliver the good news first and

the bad news last. Bryce couldn't bring himself to look at Luke.

"How is Iris, what don't you want to tell me?" Bryce asked in a husky voice at that point he was inconsolable he was on the verge of losing it ...he grabbed Luke by his scrubs and shook him, he wanted to

know how Iris was doing and the only person

with the answers wasn't giving him any.

"Bryce stop your hurting him, he did nothing to you"

A couple of people in the waiting room saw what

was happening and ran to Luke's rescue;

"No I want to know how Iris is, I have to know!"

He raised his hand and curled it into a fist when

he felt a prick on his neck and was knocked out cold.

© #KCMmuoe

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