Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 8 - Sibling love

Jonathan was in the Safe Zone and was cleared to go home as soon as he woke up from much needed rest. There was still no word on Iris . When Jonathan finally came around , the first word that came out of his dry mouth was unexpected, although Maria didn't think it was... She knew all along .

"Iris ... Got to save Iris from Martin."

Maria thanked God that her brother has made it through and the minuet his eyes flew open and he saw his sister ,everything that had happened the night before came back to him.

"Need I remind you big brother , you are married to Sasha and Iris is with Bryce ."

Maria spoke to him calmly and stroked his hand .

" How are you feeling"

"Better now that you are home ."

He mastered the strength he had given the medication he was given that made him all heavy headed and drowsy, he gave his sister a hug.

"Oh my word thank God you are here. I missed you so much."

When he broke the embrace and rested his head back on the pillow and looked at his sisters eyes he saw something , that told him his sister was worried about something.

Maria was busy holding on and letting go of her her left pinky with her right hand. She winced at Jonathan

"You should rest Jonnie. I don't want you damaging that voice of yours that all the girls love"

"Oh Iris once said that; my voice was as soothing as a cup of chamomile tea and; she pointed out a habit that you do,which I only knew of since we were kids and that's clasping your left pinky with your hand when you are keeping something important from someone."

Jonathan then gave her the tell me what I need to know look .

" Anyone ever tell you that you look high and yes , you are on to something ."
She answered him calmly, took a deep breath and closed her eyes and started talking;

"My sister in law , your wife who you married even though I was against it, cause I've always known you had deep feelings for Iris ... Is in a comma she had a head trauma and the next 48 hours will determine whether she makes it or not."

She bit her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes in hopes that tears would not start pouring out.

"Iris ... Iris is " After a dismal attempt of trying to hold her tears she burst out crying inconsolable, in turn making Jonathan unsettled"

"Maria what's going on with Iris "

Jonathan also started to cry .

" Please don't tell me that she is gone I will never be able to forgive myself..."
Maria cleared her face and dried her eyes."That's just it Jon"

"No she can't be! No way. Luke! Luke!"

Luke was on his way to his room when he heard him shout he rushed to Jonathans' room. He was his best friend since pre school and knew his friend all too well.

"Jonathan calm down " he had walked in to Maria looking all sorts of sad and Jonathans' eyes red , he knew what he wanted to know ,hell what everyone wanted to know. Was Iris alive or not ?... Caleb looked at Jonathan and Maria . He first gave Maria a hug , a kiss on the forehead and a glass of water . Once he had done that he looked at his friend took a deep breath and spoke.

" Jonathan Iris was shot . We tried all we could ..." Jonathan was getting annoyed and he gave Luke a dagger look . Luke knew the look all to well .

" Luke you are my best mate tell me, I can handle it"

"Iris is in ICU with an exit wound that could have killed her ,we did all we could as I said the rest is up to her she needs to fight and knowing how stubborn she is ... I pray she will pull through?

"My wife?" He said coldly

"She will come out of the comma too ,I'm positive of that . The reason we put her in that state was to help the swelling on her brain go down . She is a lucky woman to have a guy like you."

Maria interjected;

"I doubt she is lucky . Jon you've always loved one woman and it comes as no surprise whose name he called out when he woke up."

" Where is Bryce ?" Jonathan asked.

"He is in the psych ward he will come out soon just give him time to simmer down."
" Can I see Iris ?" Maria asked looking antsy.

"Follow me " Caleb took her hand and led her to the ward. When she saw Iris she couldn't believe her eyes she was all pale and lifeless. She wanted her so badly to open her eyes. She sat by the seat on her bedside and held her hand. Her hand was cold and she was hooked on multiple machines that only doctors could understand.

Maria sang to her a song they both loved as friends in through,high school and colleges didn't know what to say so she sang.

"All this feels strange and untrue, and I won't waste a minuet with out you. My bones ache and my skin feels cold and I'm getting tired and so old. The anger swells in my guts and I won't feel the repercussions. I want so much to for you to open your eyes , cause I need you too look into mine.Tell me that you'll open your eyes."

Iris squeezed her hand and opened her eyes. Just as she curved her lips into a smile and was about to say Maria , the machines started making loud sounds as soon as the staff heard the machines go ballistic and a different doctor was called in with a code red alert . Caleb had pulled Maria away from Iris as she watched them try to revive her. She was taken out of the room and found herself sobbing on Calebs shoulder ...

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