Loving Iris - By KCMmuoe

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Chapter 9 - psycho not psycho

When Bryce came around... He was confused Confused that he was seeing florescent lights , confused that he was in a bed with socks on but it wasn't his bed . He got up looked for his boots. Laced up his boots and put on his jacket and walked out his room ,down the hall to the lift and took the elevator down to where he was last. The waiting room .

Maria and Luke were waiting for any news on Iris . Maria must have passed out on Luke's shoulder . Bryce must have not been so quiet cause as soon as he stepped into the room her eyes flew open . She gently lifted her head off Luke's shoulder . Luke was out cold from working a double ,if not third shift. She took the hospital blanket and covered Luke up . She proceeded to walk to the other end of the waiting room as calm as ever and talked to Bryce .

"Taylor I heard what happened between you and Iris . How could you? How could you mess up the one good thing you have. Are you that stupid "

"Maria your a fine one to talk . Your engaged to Ricardo . I know it was all over the News when I was in Spain and your snuggling with Luke .Your fast becoming a heart breaker. Need I remind you, you are marrying into one of the wealthiest families in spain"

"Point taken .Need I remind you the woman you cheated on Iris with... Is married to my brother in law to be so whose the heart breaker now hah... I still have to tell everyone . So not a word to anyone."

" How's Iris doing ? I don't want to lose it hey. I'm from psycho land ."

Maria put both her palms on her face and wiped away her tears. She looked Bryce dead in the eye and told him the truth.
" Iris was hooked on all sorts machines when I got to the ward. She was breathing through some mask that covered up half her face buy not eyes . I sang a Snow Patrol song to her . She cracked a smile ,her eyes lit up, and she ... Well the ... She ... "

Maria hugged herself sat down on the and tears started to stream down her face ,she started to sob uncontrollably . Bryce started crying too.
Dr Leo came rushing in . As soon as he saw Maria and Bryce he went directly to them , missing Luke sleeping soundly .Bryce wiped his tears with the back of his palm and looked up.

"How is she ? Please tell me she is okay . I want to see her."

Maria had gone silent. Dr Leo told Bryce what he needed to know .
" Bryce ... I believe these belong to you" He handed him a sealed clear plastic bag which had the engagement ring, locket and a rosary...
"Why are you giving me these ?" He asked looking all sorts of shocked and confused

"Bryce . Iris is quite the fighter, an accident of this nature could have killed her. The shooter wanted to kill her but its safe to say... He failed dismally."

" Can I see her ?"

"Fourth door. On your left. " Bryce ran to the room and he was met by a guy in a hospital gown kissing Iris on the forehead ,telling her that he loves her and he always loved her. He couldn't believe his eyes. After all he had been through watching Iris almost die in front of him . He had never. felt so powerless ...
To compose himself , Bryce took a deep breath quietly stood by the door and listened to what this man was telling his better half. His property . The woman he loved with every fiber of his being. He clenched his fists and remembered to keep his temper in check. He came so close to hurting Caleb the night Iris was shot and had lost control the other night Iris walked, he just stood there in freeze mode feeling numb,how could he have been such a fool to do what he did . How could he lose self control when he was a man of calm ,reason and cool.He was captain of his rugby team in university after all and how he and Iris met was nothing short of a miracle

"Iris I've always loved you,even though I married Sasha .my heart has always belonged to you. I guess it was out of anger and a moment of impulsiveness that; I wanted you to hurt as much as I did when you decided Bryce was your man, instead of me. I would have dropped everything if you had apologized, but then again you always hid how you felt and you did it so well. Remember ... Remember that day you told me about Bryce. How much you loved him and how he just gets you, and how you feel safe and protected when your are with him... How he compliments you and how he would make a great father when you get married? I kind of wished you said that to me. "

Jonathan kissed her hand and cried a little.

"Then again you cannot be mine. I married the chick who hated you. For that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what Sasha did and what Martin did too. I need you to pull through . Not only for your family,but for Bryce too he loves you. He screwed up yes but he was a broken man when he came to my house."

Bryce had seen and heard enough he was close to tears . Iris had never told him what Jonathan had just said to her and what he just heard, he had been so busy with his career and Iris had been the most supportive and understanding girlfriend . Besides being independent in many ways ,she allowed him to lead and he had done a great job until he messed up.

"Jonathan ... " Jonathan had looked up saw Bryce, who had a face full of tears, he then wiped his tears with the back of his hand, Jonathan moved away from Iris letting go of her hand .

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