Not In Control

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Chapter 40 Lap Dance

Hanging out with Jessica is great! She’s the friend I never had; I can do everything with her. Cry, laugh, talk for hours, dance, make jokes we share the same sense of humour. I love that we have our own issues but we don’t let it define us.

“So, you are meeting Kate tonight?” Jessica asks me.

“Yeah, I’m picking her up at her dance studio and will crash at her place tonight.” We are at Burger Kings because she had a half day of work and I don’t have any classes to attend. But mostly because we have an enormous craving for junk food. We both love long chicken and twister fries. I should start working out again before I turn fat, I quit hockey when Kate and I got in a fight. I didn’t want to be there anymore. And hockey wasn’t really my thing. There weren’t any girls on the team that were my cup of tea so that made my decision easier. Maybe I should try martial arts?

“Great, how are things going with you two?”

“Fine, I think. Kate is lovely and loves to have sex...a lot! But I’m lacking a more emotional bond, that I had with Jay. They are both so different. Jay could never take his hands of me don’t get me wrong but Kate just pushes thing further and further. Not that I’m complaining” I giggle thinking about the last time we had sex.

“Hmmm, so you know her physical more than emotional?” Jessica sums up for me.

“Yeah, strange but true. Sure, I know Kate we have been friends for a long time. But we didn’t speak to each other for two and a half years. She’s still the same Kate but in a different way.” I tell Jessica and realizing it myself while explaining it.

“How about you? How’s your love life?” I ask Jessica.

“Well, I’m happy and single and like to be for a while. I don’t need a man to complete me. I just want to be me for now” she tells me. Jessica just got out of a four-year relationship. He was the principal at the school she worked, that made thinks awkward and exciting at the same time. Her colleagues thought that she only received favours because she was dating him. Not for her hard work and additional training she took, so she decided to transfer to a different school. That’s why I met her in the train. She teaches at a primary school in Rotterdam now. They broke up because he was cheating on her with another teacher.

“Good for you” I tell her with a big smile on my face.

We finish our food and hop on the train together. Jessica lives in The Hague in an old apartment. But it is her’s and she loves that she has her own place. I think I would love the have a place of my own as well. A place where I can just be and not wait for my parents to ask something or tell me something I’m not doing right. Maybe it’s there controlling issues I’m bothered with and constantly checking up on us. Where are you? Who’s is with you? How late will you be home? Why aren’t you home yet? And don’t get me started how they feel of me sleeping at Kate’s. They prefer if I don’t. But Kate can sleep at my place. Everyone is the devil outside except family. Let alone if they knew that Kate was my girlfriend. I think all hell would break loose.

“Why don’t you and Kate come for dinner at my place? Jessica asks me. “I like to meet her!”

“Okay, let me discuss this with Kate and get back to you!” I respond with a smile on my face. Feels good to acknowledge my relationship with someone in my life. Everyone in Kate’s life knows that I’m her girlfriend but that’s not so easy for me. My parents wouldn’t approve and I hope that this will not affect our relationship. I hate that we have to keep this a secret, it’s not the way I would like to be in a relationship. I’m glad though that she doesn’t push me.

“See you soon” Jessica tells me while giving me three kisses on my cheek. I smile and Jessica leaves the train. Kate asked me to pick her up from the studio where she dances. It’s next to Leiden Central Station. I get out of the train and walk towards it. It’s crowded at the station and I love to just walk with my iPod on.

The song Goodies - Ciara playing making me walk on to beat towards my destination:

You may look at me and think that I’m just a young girl
But I’m not just a young girl.
Baby this is what I’m lookin’ for. I want a
Sexy, independent, I ain’t wit so you already know
I’m not being too dramatic that’s the way I gotta have it.

I bet you want the goodies.
Bet you thought about it.
Got you all hot and bothered.
Mayb’ ’cause I talk about it.
Looking for the goodies


When I arrive at the studio, I open the door but there’s no one there. I look around and I say “Hello, someone here?”

Suddenly a girl I don’t know walks over to me. “Hey are you Tara?” she asks me. “Huh, yeah I am” I tell her confused why does she knows me name? “Kate told me to bring you to her” she tells me. “Okay” strange but I just decide to follow her.

She walks into an empty dance studio, there’s a chair placed in the middle of it.

“You can sit down over here” she tells me. “You can put your bag and jacket in the corner” she orders me while pointing at the coat rack in the corner. I nod and put my things away.

“Kate will be here with you shortly” she tells me.

I sit down and look around. There are mirrors everywhere except for the back wall. I just sit there starring at myself. Suddenly I hear a song playing on the speakers of the room. I look around but there’s no one here. It’s Beyonce with Naughty Girl.

I love to love you baby
I love to love you baby

I’m feelin’ sexy
I wanna hear you say my name
If you can reach me
You can feel my burning flame

I just bob my head to the beat and see Kate coming in. She is wearing a sexy outfit with heels underneath and dances to the music while coming in. She moves her hips seductively to the beat and I admire every move she’s making.

She may definitely be my naughty girl!

She dips low and stands back up making me feel all kind of things. Damn, I know that Kate could move but she’s dancing like she hasn’t had sex in years. She walks around the chair I’m sitting in and starts to sit on my lap. Her bottom grinding against me, she turns around her face facing mine. Her arms around me holding the top of the chair. She presses her breast against mine and moves to the beat.


My arms slide behind her grabbing her bottom but she stops me. She shakes her head letting me know that I can’t touch her. Great this is straight up torture. She has this naughty smile on her face when she continues dancing and grinding on me. Her skin shimmered with perspiration while her body moves to the beat.

She puts her legs on my shoulders and her hands on the floor while she pops her body up and down. Her labia in my face and I can’t help but to enjoy the view. My whole body is hot and bothered by watching her move and grind against me. I don’t think I can hold back my hands any longer. Kate comes back up, she sitting in my lap now and she still grinds against me to the music. She grabs my head and pushes it against her breast letting me inhale her flower and sweat scent. She stands up making me miss her touch. She makes a few killers moves and comes back and kisses me when the music fades. I smile in our kiss and grab her ass squeezing it and pressing her harder against me.

Her cheeks are red and her body is a little sweaty. Our kisses taste salty and I can’t help but to feel more aroused by it.

“Did you like it?” she asks me with a voice that’s a little out of breath.

“Like it? I fucking loved it” I tell her while stopping our kiss.

“Good, because I’m was kind of nervous and have been practicing for two weeks” she tells me while her cheeks flush even more and her eyes shine bright.

“Babe, you were amazing” I tell her again looking directly in her eyes.

“Good, I need to shower, join me?” she asks me while her eyes look me up and down.

“Here?” I ask.

“There’s no one here, Lisa locked the door after leaving it’s just you and me” she tells me knowing I’m a prude.

I grab her hand and follow her to the showers. She strips off her clothes fast and gets in the shower before me. The showers are public and Kate puts on 3 showers next to each other. Steam entering the dressing room and fogging up the mirrors. I undress myself and enter the showers. Kate is putting some shower gel on, her hands sliding up and down her body. I can’t help but admire the way she showers like she’s giving me a show once more. Her beautiful curves, her beautiful breasts, her long legs and her perfect collarbone accentuate her slim shoulders. I can’t get enough of this view. She turns around and I walk towards her and kiss her with passion. Her soft lips caress mine and I melt under her touch. The way she kisses me I know she is longing for more and she needs to find her high soon. I kiss down her neck down to her collarbone making my way to her perfect breasts. My hand caressing one while licking the other. Her nipples harden under my touch. Kate pushes my head more against her breasts and moans in my ear. I bite down a little and Kate’s backs arches instantly.

Fuck that’s sexy

I kiss my way down to her belly licking and kissing every inch of her beautiful body. She makes a frustrated sound, but I like to torment her. I find my way to her hymen, my fingers stroke her, sending her into shivers of ecstasy. I look in her eyes and she beg for more.

“Please Tara”

I can’t deny her begging anymore and start kissing her thighs making my way to her hymen. My tongue opening up her labia finding my way to her jewel. She tastes sweet and salty at the same time. I flick my tongue and her entire body vibrates in response. I flick harder and she pushes my head harder in between her legs.

“Don’t stop” she screams at me. I feel her whole body shivering and shaking making it hard for me to keep my tongue there where she wants me. I grab her ass to hold her still. She screams out loud in pleasure giving in to the sensation of her orgasm.

I keep licking her prolonging her orgasm but after a while she backs away.

“Sorry babe, to sensitive” she tells me hoarse.

I stand up and kiss her on her mouth giving her a taste of her sweet labia. She kisses me back and suddenly we hear someone walking in the corridor.

“I thought you said nobody was here?” I ask her.

“Yeah, for an hour we need to change fast the next dance group is dancing in thirty minutes.” she tells me naughty.

I don’t know what it is with Kate and excitement but this girl likes to live on the edge! We shower fast and go home; one thing is for sure this was a lap dance I will remember the rest of my life.

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