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Not all girls get to stay if their parents have to move it was a hard decision for them to make but she was best settled there where she was neither did Elise want to move. She could never leave not this time...

Romance / Adventure
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The Ending and Beginning

"Now I really do hope you are aware that when we leave we wont be back for a long time" her mother told her feeling guilty and on a verge of tears. "I am not moving not this time I'm almost 18 I need to finish this school." Elise said with firm tone. She moved 5 times since she was 7 years old and she couldn't do the "Hi I' m Elise" all over again. The only friend she had was Jayce who lived in the house oposite of her he was 1 year older but they were really good friends. "I am really sorry baby you know our work is hard we never ment to..." Elise cut her off "It's ok mum you have to go you know we will see each other I will visit you, you can come here for christmas and all the other holidays." They both start crying then they hug but that hug doesn't last for long because her mum and dad have to go the taxi came.

As her mother and father run to the taxi because it's raining outside Elise gives a sad goodbye wave and a sad smile. Her heart broken but she knew she had to do this. Closing the door she sits on the couch and looks around. She will be moving soon too into her friends house her mother insisted on her not staying alone. "BOO!!" Elise screams and jumps up with a pen in her hand her heart panting. "What in the hell are you doing." Sett, Jayce's brother laughs hard. "Good thing I got here you would have left with your back door unlocked."
"Don't scare me like that and where's Jayce."
"Working, so I shall guide you to my house." Elise laughs but composes her self quickly. "Ok then" She grabs her bags and he grabs the boxes. They walk out of the house Elise takeint a glans back one last time before she goes she will see her house but she wont be living there anymore and she will miss it big time.
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