They're Trouble

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COMPLETED Elly isn't shy. She is smart, troublesome and loud, but a good way. She's basically a tomboy, loves playing sport and also a street fighter. She just moved to Colorado from Kansas with her mom after the death of her father, deciding to finish high school there. Meet Mike, he's what you call a bad boy, he is quiet most times because he likes observing. He is the captain of the football team and he likes being in control. He and his group of friends love causing trouble. They have nothing in common apart from the fact that they both like trouble and that was enough to bring them together.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Waking up Monday morning with the sun in my face wasn't the best way to start the day. Today, I start high school. I was not really looking forward to it. I hate being the new girl at school, it was always weird.

I heard a knock on my door, knowing it was my mum, I told her to come in. She peeped her head in through the door smiling at me, I smiled back.

"Morning" she greeted. "Hurry, get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. You don't want to be late on your first day".

"Okay mum, I'll be down soon", and with that, I got up and head for the shower.

I'm dressed in a white t-shirt, black ripped jeans, a black leather jacket and black boots. As you must have guessed, I love black. I let my hair fall on my shoulders. I cut my hair last year after my dad's death .

I looked at myself in the mirror, I had cuts on my hands and face because I fought underground yesterday. After dressing, I went downstairs to see mum sitting by the counter in the kitchen, she was dressed in a pant suit, she's starting her first day of work today. She asked for a transfer from her firm in Kansas to one of their branches here in Colorado.

After eating breakfast which was pancakes and syrup with Nutella which is one of my favorite things in the world, I kissed mum goodbye on the cheeks and went out, not forgetting to take my own keys in case I come back before her which is unlikely. Getting on my motorcycle, I rode to school.

I parked beside other vehicles and went into the school. I located the office quite easily, I entered to collect my schedule and know my locker. In the office by the desk was a pretty lady probably in her early 20s. I coughed lightly to get her attention and she looked at me with a bright smile.

"I'm new" I said and she smiled.

"I know" she replied. After waiting for a few minutes, she printed my schedule and handed it over.

"Will you be able to find your way on your own?" she asked sincerely.

"Yes" I answered and smiled.

Walking into the hallway, all eyes were on me being the new girl. I was used to people staring so it was no big deal. After a few minutes, I found my locker, threw my books inside and shut the door loudly.

I walked into the class, it took me a few minutes before I got to the class because I had to go round and round, looking into every class until I found my English class. I strolled in looking bored with my bag hanging on one of my arm and was about to make my way to a seat at the back when the teacher called me.

"Hello" she said smiling.

"Hey" I replied not really interested.

"Tell us a little about yourself " she said.

"Do I have to?" I asked


"Okay then" I replied rolling my eyes a little.

Looking at the class, I felt all eyes on me but one eyes was burning into me the most and I looked into the eyes, they were so blue and beautiful. The owner of those eyes is one of the cutest guys I have met, correction, 'handsomest' if that's even a word.

I looked at him and smirked and he smirked back. Remembering the teacher's questions, I answered without taking my eyes off the cute boy.

"Name's Elly Knight, 17" breaking eye contact, I turned to the teacher and asked if that was enough introduction. She nodded and told me to seat anywhere I liked.

Looking back into those blue eyes, I walked up to the guy, smiled and sat beside him. He smiled back.

I knew that was gonna be the beginning of a friendship, I wasn't gonna tell him that though.

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