Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Tobias Vogel, third child, the quiet one. He's perfectly content to be single, unlike his brothers who are excited at the prospect of finding a beloved. However, that all changes when late one night he watches a hunter stake a vampire. He worries she might stake him next, but to his surprise, she doesn't. Instead, she has the audacity to kiss him. So, life as Tobias knew it completely changed that night, all because he was kissed by a hunter!

Romance / Fantasy
Presley's Angel
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Chapter 1

Tobias Vogel stood up from his desk and stretched before going to look out his window at the fading sunlight. He was tired, not physically because as a vampire he didn’t feel physical tiredness, this was emotional tiredness.

His Bruder Falco had found his Geliebte, beloved a few months ago which had sparked a hope in everyone but him it seemed. Solitude was his thing because he had decided a long time ago that it was the best thing for him. So, he was used to it, and, for the most part, he had no problem with it. If at some point the solitude became too much, he would seek out the attention of a vampire lady, which wasn’t often, and that had always worked for him.

Since Falco had found, and married, his Geliebte though, solitude was a thing of the past. Suddenly, Mutter was finding women on the street corners and dragging her sons off to meet them. Well, not literally off the street, but close to it.

He wasn’t against having a woman, or marriage, and he liked Falco’s wife, Kimberly. He wouldn’t mind having the happiness she and his Bruder shared, but he didn’t want women forced on him either. He felt that when fate found the woman for him would meet.

He thought back to months ago when Falco and Kimberly were to be married and gave a sigh. They had gotten married in a small private ceremony with just family. Well, her father had come but not her Mutter. It seemed that her Mutter’s family is full of hunters, and she would prefer Falco to be a pile of dust rather than be her son-in-law.

So, they had erased her memories of Falco. When Kimberly called to tell her about her marriage, she didn’t know she had missed the ceremony. She also didn’t know her husband had gone to it. The sad thing was Tobias had missed it too. It wasn’t on purpose; it had just been one of those things.

He remembered how excited Kimberly was because her sister Kendra was going to be there. She had been wanting Tobias to meet Kendra. She seemed to think they would get on well because they were both quiet type people. Admittedly, he was curious about her sister, especially since she is a hunter, but he had yet to meet her.

Four days before the wedding, he had gone on a buying trip. They ended up having a freak snowstorm where he was and all flights to return home were canceled. This had caused Tobias to be two days too late for the wedding. Because of it, Kimberly wouldn’t speak to him for a whole week.

Shaking his head and giving a sigh, he turned away from the window when his cell phone rang. Picking it up off the desk he answered, “Tobias Vogel.”

“Tobias, Sohn, son, where are you?” Mutter asked from the other end of the line. “Are you at work still? I thought you were coming to dinner and invited a sweet girl I mentioned to you. I thought you would enjoy meeting her.”

Tobias gave another long sigh. He had forgotten, though it might have been slightly on purpose. His Mutter had gone to a new hair salon last week and met this nice lady who had a daughter...blah, blah, blah…! Same story, different girl. He would swear she went to all the different salons just to meet potential women for her sons.


“Sorry, Mutter,” he said after clearing his throat. “No, I didn’t forget, I just don’t feel well and….”

“Tobias Vogel, don’t you give me that!” Mutter uttered sharply in German. “You are a vampire and we don’t get sick. It’s fine though, I’ll call her and tell her you weren’t feeling well. She at least won’t see it for the lie it is.”

Then she hung up on him, leaving him staring down at his phone. The fact that she’d hung up on him showed just how upset his Mutter was with him. He knew he would be having to grovel the next time he saw her, make her happy with him once more.

Leaving his office then, after locking the door, he slowly walked through the car dealership showroom, filled with the best they had to offer. Breathing deeply, he took in the new car smell and floor wax, letting it relax him.

He loved the car business, well some of it anyway because a salesman he was not. He preferred to be in the background since he was the quietest of the five Bruders. Most days he stayed in the service department working on cars. By doing that, he could be as uncommunicative as he wanted and not be scolded for it by his Bruders, or his Mutter for that matter.

He really was a quiet man who preferred to listen while others talked. Sometimes his younger Bruders came to him and told him all their problem. They usually came to him because all he did was listen, leaving them to talk to their heart’s content.

Leo, as the oldest, tended to try and tell them what they should do.

Bruno, the second oldest, tended to try and make everything a joke.

Tobias, as the third born, just listened, and never repeated what he’d been told.

Today, however, he’d come to work dressed in slacks and a button-up white dress shirt, with a tie, so he could work in his office. He’d managed to lose the tie early in the day though and had rolled up his sleeves not long after.

As he walked out the back door, he paused in the shadows to let his eyes adjust to the change in lighting. As he stood there, not moving, he heard sounds coming from the left side of the building which caused his brow to wrinkle up in confusion. It sounded almost like fighting and grunts of pain.

Why would someone come to a car lot to fight? Isn’t that what alleyways are for?

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