Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 10

Kendra whimpered again as nausea hit her. So, she began to quickly crawl toward the bathroom. Once there, she dry-heaved until her ribs felt like they were breaking. Finally, it was over, and she pulled herself up, brushed her teeth, and staggered for the door.

“See Leo, she’s up and walking around. She’s perfectly fine, so I can leave,” Tobias hissed as he began to rise from the desk chair, he now sat in.

Leo hissed and Tobias quickly sat back down

Leo then turned to Kendra. His eyes were now grayish looking, but his face was back to normal. He sighed and straightened from where he had been propped against the wall to move closer to her. Softly, he said, “I want to try touching you again Kendra. Just to see if it will hurt, alright?”

She gave him a nod okay.

He reached out and lay a finger on the back of her wrist.

Kendra barely held back a scream as pain moved through her hand. While everything else seemed to have mellowed, the touching thing seemed even worse than before.

When he removed his finger, she saw she now had a red mark where his finger had laid. It looked just like a burn. Leo frowned down at the mark on her skin.

“Okay, that means nobody can touch you until…” Leo glanced over at Tobias.

Kendra followed his gaze.

Tobias sat facing the wall, a mutinous look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

Kendra would have laughed at how childish he looked if she hadn’t feared him being even angrier with her.

Leo cleared his throat, drawing her attention back to him, as he once more looked at Kendra. “I want you to try touching grumpy over there now. Let’s just see how that goes, okay?”

“Do I have to?” She whispered as she looked down. “He’s really mad at me right now.”

“I don’t think it’s you he’s mad at,” Leo reassured her. “I think it’s himself he’s mad at, but Ja, you do.”

So, with a sigh, she very carefully made her way across the room on shaking legs to where Tobias sat looking at the wall. When she reached over and touched his hand he jerked, like she had been the one to burn him.

He then turned his head to look at her, his eyes red.

“Did it hurt Kendra?” Leo asked.

Kendra shook her head. In fact, the closer she got to Tobias the less sick she felt.

“Good,” Leo said as he smiled. “Now, Tobias be a good boy and let her sit on your lap. I’ll go find her something to eat and drink.”

Tobias turned his head to frown at his brother.

“Why do I need to sit on his lap? Why can’t I just get into bed?” Kendra asked.

She knew she was whining like a child, but she felt childish right now. It was true that I would love to sit on Tobias’s lap. Maybe even snuggle and kiss too, but he had to want those things too.

“Because the closer you are to him, the better you will begin to feel,” Leo explained. “Now sit!”

Kendra quickly sat, staring at Leo as she did. She didn’t need two vampire males mad at her.

Leo left.

Kendra heaved a relieved sigh before glancing out from under her lashes at Tobias. Shocked at how much better she felt, she swallowed and bravely whispered, “How did you do that?”

“Do what?” He asked, still not looking at her.

“Make all the pain leave?

Tobias turned his head so fast it was a wonder he didn’t give himself whiplash, and asked, “What did you say?”

“I said the pain is gone, all of it. The headache, the body aches, the pain in my eyes, even my nausea. How did you do it?”

He groaned as he wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair.

Kendra stiffened, wondering what was going on. Not that she was complaining, she loved the feel of him wrapped around her.

“It’s true, it’s all true. I didn’t want to believe it since you’re a hunter and because you’re human but it’s true,” he said as he groaned again. Breathing deeply with his nose still buried in her hair, he murmured, “You smell so good!”

She couldn’t help it, she giggled as she told him, “Well, so do you.”

He raised his head. “What do I smell like? Leo said that you told him and Falco that they smell like peppermint.”

“They do, and so do you, faintly. Mostly though, you smell like cinnamon, my most favorite thing in the world. Well, that and banana pudding.”

“Banana pudding?”

She giggled again. “Yeah, one of my most favorite things, not that you smell like banana pudding.” Then she sighed, gazing into his eyes as she asked, “So, are you not mad at me anymore?”

Nein, I’m not mad,” he replied. “I was being stupid I suppose by trying to ignore what was right in front of me. I mean, I should have accepted the fact that you didn’t smell like a hunter to me. That should have been my first clue. Instead, I was being stupid and scared.”

“Ah… angel, it’s okay to be scared. I was scared too because I was having all these weird feelings I had never had before, and it was for a vampire. Someone I have been taught to hate all my life. Yet I couldn’t find it in me to feel anything but…” she stopped and felt a heat fill her face.

The motel room door opened.

Never had she been so glad to see someone as she was to see Leo right then.

“So, have we kissed and made up yet?” Leo asked.

Tobias ignored him.

Leo looked at her and laughed as he laid his offerings on the table. “Well, something obviously happened since Kendra is all red-faced. Anyway, it’s too early for anything much to be open. So, I bought you some water and snacks at the convenience store on the corner.”

Kendra grabbed the water first. She chugged it, before picking up a pack of donuts and opening them. “Thank you, Leo. How come you’re here though? I mean, I called Tobias…?”

“He called me,” Leo answered. “He said there was something wrong with you. Then he said I should go check on you because for some reason you must not want your sister to know.”

“Oh, yeah. Well…I didn’t want to worry her if it was just the flu, and I truly thought that was all it was,” she told Leo. “Then yesterday, I became sicker and sicker and when Jarod touched my arms it burned. That’s when I began to think maybe it wasn’t flu after all. I called Tobias because I thought maybe I did need a doctor. I didn’t want to worry Kimmy until I knew if there was something to worry about. I know it was a stupid reason, but there it is all the same.”

“So, why Tobias then,” Leo asked. “Since you seemed to think he was mad at you?”

Kendra sighed and took another drink of water. “I just, I have this weird feeling when he’s around. This need to be closer, to…” she stopped, feeling another blush heat her cheeks. She then whispered, “Anyway, for some reason I just felt the need to have him with me I suppose.”

Leo didn’t say anything for a moment, then mentioned, “I think the two of you have a lot to talk about, so I’ll go now. Tobias, figure this out and then call Mutter, she has another girl for you to meet tonight.”

“What about her girl for you to meet?” Tobias asked.

Leo hissed, a heavy frown on his face. “Oh, I met her last night. Such a lovely girl, who never knows when to stop giggling.”

Kendra looked back and forth between the two of them. Feeling jealous, she fixed her gaze on Tobias as she asked, “What girl?”

Tobias answered, “Since Falco found wedded bliss, Mutter wants us all happily married and giving her grandbabies. So, she’s practically kidnapping women off the streets to meet the four of us who aren’t taken.”

Kendra’s brain never had time to engage before her mouth opened. “Well, she can stop looking for you a woman, angel. You are mine and I don’t share!”

When she realized what she’d said she covered her mouth with her hand.

Tobias stared at her wide-eyed.

“Have fun you two,” Leo said with a laugh. Then he quickly made his way out the door.

“Yes, I am yours, Kendra,” Tobias agreed. “Leo is right, we need to talk.”

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