Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 2

Quickly, and without a sound, he made his way around to the corner of the building. Staying hidden in the shadows, not knowing who or how many it might be, he looked around the building corner.

He hissed internally at he saw there. It was a man and a woman, clearly in the middle of a fight and it was obvious to him that it was a fight to the death. It was also clear the woman was winning.

That’s when the wind changed directions and Tobias realized the man was a vampire. That meant the woman had to be…?

Her hand came up suddenly, a stake gripped firmly in it. A vampire hunter! Then, quick as a snake striking, she brought the stake straight down into the vampire’s heart, and the vampire was dust.

The woman turned on Tobias then taking a fighting stance. She still had her stake in one hand and a knife in the other.

“Hunter!” Tobias hissed angrily, as he fought the change that wanted to come over him where he still stood in the shadows. He could feel the rising of his beast within at the thought of a possible confrontation with a hunter.

The woman straightened with a smirk as she said, “Yes, I am.”

Tobias stood looking at her silently. She was lovely in the light of the car lot lights with her pale white skin and long red hair. She was tall for a woman, if she wasn’t six feet tall, she was close to it. Although, as his gaze moved downward, he saw she wore boots with heels that added to her height. She was also wearing a tight, black, tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans. Both clothing articles showed her curves, but they also showed how tone she was. There wasn’t any extra ounce of weight anywhere on her that he could see.

As if fate were laughing at him, the wind direction changed again as she stepped closer to him.

“Vampire,” she whispered so low he wouldn’t have heard if he wasn’t a vampire.

“You smell so very good, like gardenias,” he murmured, ignoring her comment. His eyelids then dropped slightly as he breathed deeply of the sweet scent.

“Why are you here, vampire?” She asked. “If you’re out causing trouble like your ex-friend was over there was, you and I are going to have problems.”

“Ex-friend?” Tobias questioned as he stared at her. “Nein, he was no friend of mine.”

“Hm… then why are you out here?” She asked as she put her weapons away and stepped closer.

“I work here and was just locking up to leave.”

It was as if there was an invisible string pulling her toward him, the closer she got, the closer Tobias wanted her. He knew she was a danger to him; he’d seen her in action and knew she could stake him before he could move if he let her get to close. Yet he couldn’t find it in him to move away. Her smell wrapped around him like a warm blanket on a cold night and it enticed him.

Tobias moved closer to her as he asked, “What are you doing to me, hunter? Why am I so drawn to you when I should be running? And why do you smell so good?”

“I don’t know,” she answered in a whisper even as she stepped right in front of him. “Maybe I should ask you the same thing, vampire. While we’re asking questions, why do you not smell like a vampire?”

“If I don’t smell like one, who is to say I am one,” he snarked back, trying desperately to distance himself from her and the strange feeling she gave him.

“Because your eyes are red,” she informed him as she pointed to her own. “As far as I know humans don’t have red eyes.”

She was now right in front of him and he could see her eyes well. They were a beautiful green and framed by long curved lashes. Her features were almost pixie-like despite her height which he had been right about.

He was six feet, two inches, and she was the perfect height for him. If she would step just a bit closer, their bodies would mold together in just the right places. Now his brain was almost foggy with her so close to him. He was aching with the need to kiss her, to bite down on that full lower lip, and suck until she moaned his name.

Even more than her kiss though, he wanted a taste of her blood. This feeling had him fighting to keep his teeth from descending, which could bring him his death instantly if she thought him dangerous. Both thoughts had his cock twitching and him biting back a moan.

“You have bewitched me! I have not felt so…” Tobias began, only to be interrupted as she grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

The kiss was no soft meeting of lips, no she ravaged his lips like a woman starved for a man.

Tobias once more found himself moaning as he tilted his head to get a better taste.

The hunter sucked his lip into her mouth and gently bit down before pulling back. Standing there, her green eyes met his as she panted for air. Then smiling at him, she whispered, “Until we meet again, vampire!”

Then she was gone, running off into the darkness.

Tobias continued to stand there staring off into the darkness she’d disappeared into. He was stunned by what had just happened and it was as if his body had turned to stone.

Over and over, her words whispered through his mind. The velvety sound of her voice even in his mind had a way of turning him into a hormonal male. He tried to shake it off because he was no longer a callow youth to be led around by lust. No, he’d managed long ago to repress the lustful urges he felt towards human women. Now was not the time to have them start up again.

Sadly, he’d found out the hard way that having sex for him meant needing to bite, so, mixing the two for him was dangerous. That’s why he’d learned to steer clear of the fairer sex, not only for the sake of his sanity but also to keep himself off the hunter’s radar.

Now here was a hunter tempting him and his mind was throwing out warning signals. He needed to stay away from the lovely hunter, but unfortunately, his highly aroused body was telling a different tale. His body told him he needed to find her again, to kiss her, to bite her, to just… be with her.

How could this be? How could a human, a hunter none the less, make me feel this way? He groaned in his frustration as he turned toward his car deciding he needed a very cold shower.

Pulling his car out on the road his mind continued to twist and turn about what had happened. There was one main fact though, and it continued to loop through his mind like a movie reel.

It was the fact that he, Tobias Vogel, a vampire, had been kissed by a hunter!

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