Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 22

Kendra stood next to Tobias. He was growling like an animal as he watched her mom leave. She couldn’t believe it was finally over, no more fake boyfriends.

Her eyebrows furrowed then in a thoughtful frown. How did I not realize Jude was a hunter? Shouldn’t I have seen the signs? Was I so intent on avoiding him that I somehow missed it?

“Jude, how could I have missed you being a hunter?” Kendra finally asked as she looked over at him. “Do you work out of the same office as I do?”

Jude still stood awkwardly close to the front door. At her question, he looked up from where he’d been staring at his feet.

“Um, no. I’m not actually a hunter. I mean, I am, I just…” he huffed out a breath. “I don’t want to be one. So, I have a deal with my boss, that the only time I have a job is when my dad is in town. That is the only time I can’t avoid it. The rest of the time, I’m an accountant.”

“You’re a grown man though, Jude? If you don’t want to be a hunter, how can your father force you to be one?” Kimberly asked.

Kendra snorted. It’s easy to get sucked into if the hunter’s blood wasthere. That’s how I ended up doing the job with no way out.

“Because my uncle runs district eight and Dad is his right-hand man,” Jude answered.

Kendra stared at Jude, feeling like her eyes would pop out of her head with shock.

“Oh,” Kimberly muttered.

“Your uncle is like the main man. How did I not know these things? I feel like such an idiot right now,” Kendra groaned as she shook her head in disbelief at the information. “Okay, so your uncle doesn’t make you hunt unless your dad is around?”

“Yeah. Uncle Moe knows I don’t want to be a hunter,” Jude agreed. “So, he lets it slide except when dad is there, and… yeah.”

“We need to leave now, Geliebte,” Tobias said with a slight hiss.

Kendra turned to look at him and realized his face was completely morphed into that of his vampire. His eyes were now gray, with a hint of red meaning he was still angry, and his fangs were descended.

“Toby,” she began, “I want to…”

He cut her off, as he grabbed her arm and almost yelled, “I said, now!”

“You should go with him, Kendra,” Kimmy said quietly.

Kendra tried to pull her arm from his grip as she told her sister, “No, I need to talk to Jude. This may be my only chance and…”

Tobias once more cut her off to hiss, “So, you would rather be with the hunter than me? Is that what you are telling me?”

“That isn’t what I said,” Kendra began.

Tobias was no longer listening though. Instead, he was walking toward Jude. With a hiss, he asked, “What makes you so special? Why would my geliebte rather be with you than with me?”

“I-I don’t think she…” Jude began to stutter.

“Maybe it’s because she really does like you,” Tobias continued as if Jude had been silent. “Maybe she would rather be with one of her kind.”

Turning, he walked over to the coffee table. He hit it with his fist, causing it to splinter and break. He then finished ripping off one of the pieces of a leg that had a sharp point. He began to roll it around in his hand as he stared at it.

Bruder,” Falco said hesitantly. “You need to calm down now.”

Tobias glanced over at Falco, his eyes now completely gray and a blank expression on his face.

It was a look that scared Kendra.

“I am calm,” Tobias said in a cold voice. “You know, I always knew I was no catch, so this comes as no surprise to me. You and Leo were the ones the girls chased. Me? I was the one with the problem that…” he stopped speaking and took in a deep breath. “None of that matters anyway since my Geliebte doesn’t want me. My life is worthless now.”

Tobias turned back to Jude.

Kendra opened her mouth to speak, yet she couldn’t seem to get any words out. What was he going on about? His life wasn’t worthless, she loved him, and she didn’t want Jude. What even gave him that idea?

“Toby, angel…” Kendra finally managed to get out.

“Catch!” Tobias demanded as he threw the piece of wood at Jude, ignoring Kendra. “Now we will see how worthy a hunter you are. Too bad Mrs. Stone won’t be here to enjoy it!”

“Hey, don’t include me in your little lover’s spat. I want no part of this,” Jude said, even as he caught the piece of wood.

Tobias hissed as he stalked toward Jude once more, saying, “Well, let’s make it personal, shall we? I have had a long morning and have worked up quite a thirst. How about we taste test a hunter’s blood?”

Suddenly, Tobias was right up in Jude’s face. He put his hand in Jude’s hair, using it to pull the man’s head sideways.

“I must say, getting past your sour milk smell will be difficult, but when you stake me it will be worth it,” Tobias muttered. After saying that, he pulled his lips back to bare his teeth. Then he swooped in to bite down on Jude’s jugular.

Just before he could bite Jude, Kendra screamed, “No!”

Jude in that same moment plunged the stake into Tobias’s shoulder.

Tobias pulled back with a pained hiss, but never let Jude go. “Tsk, tsk, hunter. You don’t have particularly good aim. This is unbelievably bad, considering how close I am to you. How do you manage to do your job with such a bad aim? I’ll give you another chance,” Tobias said.

Tobias pulled the stakeout, letting the blood run as he pushed it back into Jude’s hand. He then moved once more toward Jude’s neck.

Another hiss came from the left of Kendra. Falco was suddenly there, grabbing Tobias and pulling him away from Jude.

Tobias hissed and turned angrily on his brother, his eyes now glowing red. “Why?”

“Today is not your day to die, Bruder,” Falco said just as angrily. Pulling the stake from Jude’s hand, he threw it away. “I am not ready to lose you to your foolishness.”

“It could have been my day to die, might as well be,” Tobias informed Falco coldly, grabbing his bleeding shoulder. “I have nothing to live for anymore.”

Kenda whimpered at his words before saying, “You have me.”

“Do I? Do I really?” Tobias asked with a snarl. Not even waiting for her answer, he left the room, then the house, using his vampire speed.

He left her standing there wondering what had just happened.

“Oh, Kendra, what have you done?” Kimmy asked as she stood and move to stand next to her.

Kendra turned to look at her sister, tears in her eyes. “I don’t know.”

“I’ll tell you what you’ve most likely done,” Falco snarled as he turned on Kendra. “You’ve most likely just signed my Bruder’s death warrant!”

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