Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 23

Kendra stood, stunned at the accusation in Falco’s voice. He had never been anything but nice to her. Now he looked as if he wanted to tear her apart and watch her slowly bleed to death.

“I-I but…? What did I do?” Kendra asked Falco pleadingly.

Falco just snarled at her and turned to Jude. “I think you’ve done enough damage here, so please leave.”

Jude nodded and without a word, he left.

Kendra, seeing Falco wasn’t going to give her any answers, turned to her sister. “Kimmy?”

Kimmy sighed, and taking Kendra by the arm, she led her to the couch. Once they were seated, Kimmy said, “Kendra, you basically just rejected Tobias.”

Kendra gasp and shook her head in denial. “No, I didn’t! All I did was tell him I needed to stay for the information.”

Kimmy shook her head. She then explained in a soft voice, “Tobias was upset and angry Kendra. He needed his beloved to go with him. He needed you to comfort him, help him calm down…”

“Give him the blood he needed!” Falco snarled from the window where he stood. “But nein, you had to…”

“Falco, please,” Kimmy pleaded as she gave him a look.

Falco left the room.

Kimmy gently cupped Kendra’s cheek in her hand and turned her to look at her. “You are a vampire hunter. I thought you knew all about their kind.”

Kendra sniffed and shook her head slightly. “Yeah, well, I thought so too. I’m finding out that I know nothing.”

“Okay. Let me try and explain it to you. When a vampire gets emotional, he gets more… clingy, more possessive. Because of the high emotions it also causes them to need more blood,” Kimmy said. “You are Tobias’s beloved, so he was probably craving yours and since there was a hunter in the room, he wished to take you somewhere private. If Jude hadn’t been here, he would probably… maybe, have bitten you here.”

“In front of you and Falco?” Kendra questioned, surprised at this. Tobias was a very private person. She couldn’t see him doing that, especially with his problem with biting. Of course, no one knew about that.

“Well, yeah,” Kimmy said nodding. “To a vampire, a bite can be almost like a kiss and they feel no shame in it. Oh, Kendra, he needed you, physically and emotionally and you basically said, ‘screw you’, or at least in his mind that’s what you did.”

Kendra realized how badly she had hurt her angel in her hunt for the truth. It was a truth that could have waited until Tobias was alright, but she had been selfish. Now he was hurting over her stupidity. She began to cry as she whispered, “I didn’t know. I just wanted information from Jude, and I thought Tobias was just mad. I figured in a few minutes he would cool off and everything would be okay. I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

“Vampires cool off differently than humans do Kendra,” Kimmy explained. “So, now you need to find him before he does something really stupid that will put him on the hunter’s radar. Right now, he thinks he has lost his beloved and has no wish to live.”

Kendra jumped up off the couch, wiping her face as she asked, “Where would he go?”

“The shop if he wants to work off his anger and if you’re lucky,” Falco said from behind her.

Kendra turned sharply to stare at him. He looked human again, although still angry. She nodded and said, “Thanks, Falco. I’ll look there, but I want to make sure he isn’t at his house first.”

Then she quickly headed for the door and home.

Kendra didn’t find Tobias at home. So, getting in her car, she headed to the shop she knew the brothers owned together. Pulling up outside, she saw the door was open and loud music was playing. She had to smile, human or vampire, you gotta have music to work by.

Walking inside, she saw another man. She thought his name was James and he ran the shop when the brothers were busy at the dealership. She needed to get rid of him if she wanted to talk to Tobias.

“Hey, James, um, is Tobias here?”

He pointed.

Kendra nodded as she opened her mouth to say something.

James just shook his head and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

She walked over to where Tobias’s legs were sticking out from under the car. “I didn’t mean to… I’m so sorry Toby! I love you and I would never reject you. You are everything to me. Please, please, don’t hate me.”

She felt tears flowing down her face because he never moved or showed any sign of coming out. She heard clanking from under the car and she knew he was trying to ignore her.

“Toby, if you don’t come out, I’m gonna come under,” she threatened, deciding to use another tactic.

He still ignored her.

So, she got down on her knees and straddled his legs. Slowly, she inched her body up until her face was even with his. Her body was now laying flush on his, and just the feel of their bodies touching was enough to make her moan lightly. It was ridiculous how just the feel of this man’s body against hers had her wanting to make love to him. Even right here under this nasty, filthy car.

He was looking up, his arms up, as he fiddled with something.

She knew he was still incredibly angry with her. She could almost feel it coming off him in waves. She knew then that all the words in the world weren’t going to change things.

He had wanted her to comfort him. Well, now she would do exactly that in a way she knew they both would enjoy. After all, didn’t actions speak louder than words?

So, very carefully, she pushed up onto her knees just enough that she could run her hands up under his shirt. She pushed it up, baring his chest to her eyes. She pushed it up far enough to expose where the makeshift stake had gone through his shoulder.

She winced at the jagged scaring that was still pink but in the process of healing. Leaning down, she gently kissed it. She felt him tense, yet she got no other response from him.

“I’m sorry, angel, this is all my fault, but I’m going to make it up to you,” she whispered as she continued to kiss her way across his chest.

Her hands continued to roam across his body, feeling his slightly cool skin. His skin was so smooth, and he smelled so good.

“You feel and smell so good, angel, and no one could ever be you,” she whispered to him. “No one could ever take your place in my heart, believe that.”

Then she kissed across his chest once more. His chest hair tickled her nose a bit as she nuzzled through it to find his nipple. Once she found it, she rolled her tongue around it before sucking it into her mouth and nipping. She knew he loved the feel of her teeth on him, almost as much as she loved feeling his.

His body jerked, and she heard a clank from above her. She smiled at his reaction to what she’d done. Then she moved over to his other nipple and did the same thing to it as she’d done to the first one. Next, she ran her nails down his side, lightly scraping at his skin.

“Oh, angel, you make me so aroused just by touching you. You make me want things I never thought I would want. I didn’t like my life, but I was content with it because it was what I knew. You make me want to explore the unknown, but only if I can explore it with you.”

Sliding down his body, leaving kisses as she went, she unfastened his jeans. After freeing his manhood, which was slowly enlarging as his arousal grew, she rubbed it gently.

“I love you, Tobias Vogel, don’t you ever forget that,” she whispered.

Then she proceeded to show him just how much she loved him.

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