Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 3

Kendra Daily ran back to her motel room. She didn’t know if she was running from the vampire, or from the way he made her feel. She groaned as she let herself into her room and locked the door behind her. Flopping down on her bed she groaned again, as her thoughts continued to swirl around the vampire man.

That kiss…oh that kiss! She could still feel his dry lips on hers and his hard chest against her soft curves.

She hadn’t touched it, but she just knew that under that starched white dress shirt his chest was what commercials would dub ‘abs of steel’ and she wanted to touch them. Oh, how she wanted to touch them. Touch them, kiss them, lick her way all over them. She wanted to taste that flavor that only he would have.

She moaned as her lusty thoughts had her body tingling, yet she couldn’t have stopped her thoughts about him if she tried.

Then she began to wonder about his hands.

She had noted his fingers were long and slender, common for a man of his height. She thought he must be at least six feet two inches. Her mind continued to ramble with thoughts about whether his hands would be soft or rough. His clothes spoke of a desk job, meaning soft hands. Yet somehow when she thought of his hands moving over her, she could almost feel their slight roughness, a roughness that caused her skin to tingle and shivers to move up her spine.

When another moan broke free, she abruptly stood and headed for the shower.

“Stop it, Kendra, you’re only here for a couple of days. Besides, the odds of you ever seeing him again are slim to none. Which is a good thing considering your job,” she muttered under her breath to herself.

She stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, noting her swollen lips and desire darkened eyes. Narrowing her eyes at herself, she snapped, “Plus, he’s a vamp, Kendra, get it together!”

Heaving a sigh of determination to forget him, she turned and stepped into the shower.

The next morning, Kendra had a meeting with the head of the hunters in this district, Thomas Ripple. He had called her here to scope out the problem they had been having with, what they thought to be, a single vampire killing humans.

Over a span of a week, eight bodies had been found, sucked dry of blood. Thankfully, they had been found by the hunters and not local law enforcement. Finding the body’s drained of blood all over the city would have started something close to a riot most likely!

Mr. Ripple felt she was one of the district’s best hunters, so he’d called her in to help. He also knew she had a sister here and had told her over the phone, “kill two birds with one stone. See family and help us out”.

That’s what he’d told her. Of course, he didn’t know her sister had married the “enemy” yet. She worried about how that would go over if he ever did?

Mr. Ripple had given her time off for the wedding and she knew he thought she would take part in it, being the bride’s only sister, but she hadn’t. The hunter blood in her veins made the Vogel family nervous. She’d wanted it to be a happy day for her sister and Falco because she found she liked him.

No, she’d stood at the edge of the crowd feeling…well, out of place really, like she didn’t belong there.

Falco’s family had given her nervous looks when she walked in.

The mother had hissed, not knowing who she was at first.

The other brothers hadn’t been able to look her in the eye.

So, yeah, she hadn’t felt the love that day even if it was a wedding.

Kimberly had told her to give them time and Falco had been friendly enough to give her a light hug.

It didn’t matter, she’d still felt awkward around them all. She knew they were good people, she did, but the fact that she was a hunter their kind…? Yeah, if she’d been in their shoes, she wouldn’t have wanted her there either.

Anyway, Kimberly had talked about her meeting Falco’s brother Tobias, but he hadn’t shown up, and she knew her sister was upset about it.

Kendra tried to tell her it was for the best and to just let it go. It would have been weird all around for a hunter and a vamp became an item if they had ended up liking each other romantically, anyway!

She gave a long sigh as she stepped from her car and walked into the building where she was meeting Mr. Ripple.

“Good morning, may I help you?” The receptionist called out.

“Yes,” Kendra said with a smile as she walked over to the woman’s desk. “I’m Kendra Daily and I have a meeting with Mr. Ripple.”

“Oh yes, go right in, he’s expecting you, Ms. Daily,” the receptionist said with a smile.

Making her way to the door on the right side of the receptionist’s desk, she walked in. An older looking gentleman, with graying hair, looked up as she entered.

“Good morning Kendra,” Mr. Ripple said as he stood. Reaching over his desk he shook her hand and waved her to a seat.

They both sat.

“I have good news. We think we have a lead on who the rogue vampire is,” Mr. Ripple said as he handed her a folder from off his desk. “His name is Martin Valdez, and it seems he just came to town a couple of weeks ago. Before here, he was out in Los Angeles stirring up problems there. They were close to catching him, but he’d then just up and vanished. Not long after that our problems started.”

“Family, acquaintances, anyone who might be helping him?” She asked as she looked over the file in her hand.

“Not that we know of, why?”

“I came across a vamp last night, right before he drained a woman of all her blood. She was barely coherent when I found her, but I managed to call 911 before taking off after him. I caught him, and he is no more, but it was not this guy,” she told him as she tapped the picture with her forefinger. “I’m just wondering if perhaps he has a following.”

Looking up from the picture, she sat back in her seat.

Mr. Ripple had his hands steepled in front of him, his thumb rubbing across his mustache and a thoughtful look on his face. Finally, he sighed as he stood up and began to pace behind his desk.

“I hope not. For the sake of this city, and others, I truly hope not. One is bad enough, but if he has gotten others on his bandwagon this could go bad.” Mr. Ripple said, “According to Los Angeles, he’s brutal in his killings, more than one killing a night and usually across town from each other. It seems he was there roughly three weeks and they found almost thirty bodies,” he said, shaking his head sadly. “As you know, we have found eight bodies, but I have to wonder if we’ve missed some. Do you need me to call in a couple more hunters to help you?”

“No, not yet, not until we see if there does seem to be more than one. For now, I’ve got it covered, although, it may take me a more than the couple of days I first planned on,” she told him.

“That’s fine, but we need to catch this guy before the body count goes up more. It might be a good thing to spend some time with your sister though. I know this seems harsh, but our business is rough. You never know when it will be the last time you see family,” he told her as he watched her stand to leave.

Kendra didn’t say anything, just gave him a slight nod. She then made her way out of the office and back to her car.

Mr. Ripple was right. So maybe it was time to go visit her sister.

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