Because I Was Kissed by a Hunter! (Book 2)

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Chapter 4

Kendra had gone looking for her sister, Kimberly, at her job and found she had the day off. So here she was pulling into Kimmy’s driveway and hoping she was home since she couldn’t seem to reach her on the phone. Making her way out of her car, she strode quickly up the sidewalk as she glanced around. It looked to be a nice quiet neighborhood.

The door opened. “Kendra!”

Kendra turned to look at the beauty that was her stepsister. With a grin, she held out her arms and answered, “Kimmy!”

Kimmy stepped into Kendra’s hug as they laughed at each other.

“Oh, wow. I wasn’t expecting you to be standing on the other side of my door when I answered,” Kimmy gushed when she pulled back.

“Disappointed?” Kendra asked as she was pulled inside the house.

“No, silly, I’m not. Just surprised,” Kimmy stated. “Now, what brings you to our neck of the woods?”

As they sat down, Kendra debated on what to tell her. She knew what she did for a living bothered Kimmy, but it was a fact that wasn’t changing anytime soon.

“I know that look,” Kimmy hummed with a narrow-eyed look. “You’re here hunting a vampire, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Kendra admitted. “It’s a rogue vampire that has killed eight people here and more in another town. He’s seriously bad news and needs to be destroyed. They want them stopped and they consider me to be one of the best so… here I am. Let’s not talk about that though. Let’s talk about you and how things are between you and that hunky vampire man of yours.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

Kimmy laughed.

“Are the two of you still all goo-goo over each other? Expecting any little ones yet?” Kendra felt her face heat as a thought crossed her mind. Can vampires get a woman pregnant?

Feeling slightly ignorant, since she hunted vampires for a living and apparently knew nothing about them, she asked, “Can he even get you pregnant since you’re human? I mean, I know I hunt them, but I truly don’t know much about them. Well, except how to kill them…”

“Yes, we are still very much “goo-goo” over each other. No, we aren’t expecting, though not from lack of trying on Falco’s part because trust me, he’s trying!” Now it was Kimmy’s turn to blush. She cleared her throat. “Anyway, yes he can give me babies since I’m his soulmate. I think if I were human, he couldn’t though.”

“So… will your babies be human or vampire?”

“We won’t know actually know until birth. Both his parents are vampires, although his dad’s mom was human, so we’re thinking there is a fifty/fifty chance either way. Only time will tell I suppose. Speaking of my sexy husband, while you are here, I want you to meet his brother, Tobias.”

Kendra groaned. “Please Kimmy, don’t start on that! I’m not…”

“Hey! Don’t, okay? I know things were tense at the wedding, but I honestly think you and him would hit it off, as friends.”

“Just friends, right?”

“Yes. I was just thinking that it might break some of the ice if more than one of them liked you, and Falco does like you,” Kimmy said as she took her sister’s hand and looked at her earnestly. “Just meet Tobias okay, I haven’t secretly arranged for the two of you to get married or anything.”

Giving a low giggle, Kendra finally gave in because of the irony of what her sister had said. “Yeah, mom’s already done that for ya!”

“As if that moron will ever be man enough for you,” Kimmy said as she rolled her eyes. “Seriously though, just meet Tobias, it can’t hurt anything.”

“Okay, fine, I’ll meet the man. If he hates me though, I’m never letting you set me up on a blind date again.” Kendra warned her, shaking a finger.

“It isn’t a date!” Kimmy exclaimed even as she laughed.

“Whatever you want to call it,” Kendra huffed. “Have it here though, okay, not somewhere public.”


“Because if things go south between us, I don’t want it on display for the public to view.”

“Oh, now, Kendra, he’s a great guy,” Kimmy scoffed. “He’s also a noticeably quiet guy most of the time, so I can’t see him causing a scene. Besides, he said he wanted to meet you, remember?”

“Honey, he’s a man. No matter what they say, they change their minds as often as we do. So, he might not feel the same about meeting me now, as he did then,” Kendra said. “Regardless, I’d still feel better about meeting him here. If we get along, fine, later we can try a public place. Although…”

“Although what?”

Kendra sighed and lay her head back on the couch, closing her eyes.

“What?” Kimmy asked in a demanding tone.

Kendra rolled her head over and opened her eyes to look at her sister. “Kimmy, I’m a hunter and he’s a vampire. He’s a born vampire no less, not a created one. If one of my colleges were to find out it might not be a good thing, for him or his family. Not all of them abide by the new rules of ‘if they don’t kill, leave them be’. I don’t want to see any of them hurt on account of me.”

“But… but you came to my wedding!” Kimmy exclaimed. She then sighed heavily as she brushed her hair over her shoulder. “You didn’t tell them I was marrying a vampire, did you?”

Kendra snorted. “Of course, I didn’t tell them. It could cost me my job, even if our family has been hunters for hundreds of years. Although sometimes I wonder why I do it, I always have. After meeting Falco though, well, it’s become an even harder job for me to do. I know there are some bad ones out there, like the guy I’m after now, but I also know that some of the hunters don’t care if a vamp is good or not. They have the same attitude as Mom does, kill them all.”

Kimmy looked sad. “Mom didn’t even give him a chance.”

“I know Kimmy,” Kendra said as she closed her eyes again. “You know she hasn’t talked to me since the wedding. She wanted me to go and stake them all and when I wouldn’t do it.”

“I thought mom didn’t know about Falco being… I mean, he erased her memory of him and everything.”

“Mom has her ways of finding things out, she always said it was a “mom thing”, remember?”

“I’m sorry Kendra,” Kimmy whispered as she took hold of Kendra’s hand.

“Not your fault,” Kendra murmured. “I think Dad’s about to leave her, he likes Falco and his dad.”

“Falco’s dad is awesome.”

“I met him, and he seemed nice, I’ll agree.” Kendra sighed and added, “He says he’s tired of her always talking trash about Falco.”

“I don’t want them to split over this, Kendra. I feel like it’s partly my fault.”

Sitting up, Kendra pulled Kimmy into her arms. “It isn’t your fault. You found love and that should be Mom’s focus. She’d the one in the wrong here. However, I believe that if it’s meant to be, they’ll be able to find a way to fix this. Now, how about some lunch then we’ll go visit that man of yours and tell him to invite his brother to dinner, yeah?”


So, jumping up, Kimmy went to find her shoes. Then they were off to find lunch.

Kimmy gave Kendra directions to a lovely barbeque place that had ribs to die for. After eating way too much they headed over to the dealership Falco’s family owned.

“So, this is where Falco makes his living,” Kendra said as she stared out the car window waiting for Kimmy to park. Something about the building looked familiar, but she couldn’t quite decide why. As she climbed out, she glanced up at the huge sign that read, ‘VOGEL AUTOMOTIVE’.

“Yep, this is it,” Kimmy agreed. She led the way into the building. “Hey, Jerome, where can I find that man of mine?”

The big guy standing just inside the door looked at her and smiled. “In his office, of course. Now, who is the lovely lady with you?”

Kendra gave him her best flirty smile like she did all the men she came in contact with. It was a facade she’d manufactured long ago to throw the enemy off. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but it was a habit. “I’m Kendra and you sure are cute!”

Kimmy huffed as she grabbed Kendra’s hand to practically drag her down a hallway. “He’s married, leave him alone!”

“Hey, he flirted first!” Kendra defended herself even as she laughed.

Just for fun, she winked at the man over her shoulder. He laughed and he gave her a salute.

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