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Deepest Part Of You

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Violet Eos is the Princess of Athopia, Kingdom of the fairies. In time of her Kingdom’s and her own desperation, she woke up one day in the middle of nowhere, far from Athopia’s borders. She was attacked and almost consumed by the lethal creature. Prince Seth Owens from Gryffin Kingdom of the Wizards, has saved the princess’s life from the hideous wicked creature.. Only to kidnap the fairy princess and taking advantages from her existence, for his Kingdom’s future. Because he have to give up everything for his kingdom, or so he thought..

Romance / Fantasy
Merra Gischan
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Athopia~ Kingdom of Fairies.

I just cannot believe that this is happening right now.

My father told me that he has to go right away.

In the middle of the night and bad weather, not to mention the conflicts between worlds of the kingdom. My father is the King of Athopia, Kingdom of fairies.

Even though He’s going to leave with our finest army, leaving me with his kingdom--acting Queen while he’s gone, is really freaking me out. I’m not ready, AT ALL. I am my father’s daughter, the princess, but I feel powerless. Like literally powerless—or so I thought.

In Athopia every fairy has their own elements classified by colours, strength, and common abilities that every fairy have, such as telepathic. The elements and colours are related to the wind, fire, water and all about earth. These abilities can grow stronger and multiplied accordingly to their age and practices.

The power defines each fairy. The point is; every fairy has one! The one fairy who doesn’t seems to have much power is me, Violet Eos. Even the common—basic- telepathic skill, yup! I don’t have it.

This is the reason why I don’t want my father to leave. From the outside appearance, maybe I look normal like every fairy in Athopia. Got my fairy wings, and all of me represents a lot of purple-violet colour strength--as other fairies with their colour strength, but I’m flawed for not having powers. I know what others say or see about me, they doubted me—disappointed even, from the very first time that they knew Princess Vi didn’t have any power. Even though I’m the true heir, the next to the throne.

“Vi.. it’s okay,” my father said.

My voice’s beginning to crack, “No, it’s not! Can’t you see.. I’m still a powerless fairy, father, how could-- I-“.

“Listen to me! you’ll be fine.” He’s giving me that look. The look that there is no other way besides me to be strong and give it all of me. “Just remember Vi, don’t lower our shields, keep our kingdom hidden“ –shields to hide Athopia are thick fog and big-branches-trees—“Speak of good hopes to our people, and…?” my father waited for my answer, while giving me a hug.

I reply, “Never choose wars.. I know.. father. I’ll try my best.” I hug my father with all my heart, while my tears are dropping, for the words good hope is echoing in my mind, but I have none in my heart.

I watched my Father and his guardians flying to the sky, vanishing in the dark cloud. I’m still standing at the door, drowning in my own mind when Navy and Red were calling me.

“Princess Vi!” Navy almost shouted, “Are you okay?”, his hand was on my shoulder, and he looked worried. Navy is my future-fiance-to-be. Every fairy sees a perfect King and Queen-to-be in me and Navy, including my father. I hesitated before answering him, suddenly thinking that I don’t want anyone to know that I was crying.

“… Yes.. I’m fine, what is it..?” I looked at both Navy and Red. Red is my cousin, she’s a powerful fairy for she holds the R-E-D element strength.

In Athopia the strongest fairy from their colour strength got to be called only by their colour’s element name. It’s like their team’s Alpha.. That’s how Navy and Red got their names, and of course, she got the red hair too. Not to mention that I always thought that she’s better than me in every-fairies-way!

“We’ve got a situation,” said Navy

“What kind of situation?” suddenly my heartbeats just increase fast.

“Brody got attacked.” Navy walked down the palace’s stairs—my home— Red and I followed him. Brody is a male fairy from Brown fairies. “Something attacked him out of nowhere, he said that he just passed by somewhere not far from the shields,” Navy explained. “One more thing Vi,” Red said, “He got attacked inside the shield.”

My eyes widened, I stopped my steps. “… How..?” my mind was running fast, searching for every possible answer.

Our kingdom is not on the same level as the ground, our kingdom's nest heights were similar to mountains or cliffs. All the shields from branches, trees, fogs, and rocks, makes our kingdom hidden from others. If something can get through it must be some inside fairy’s job.

“We don’t know yet. But it looks like Mogh’s doing.” said Navy.

Moghs are a dark soulless creature that consumes every other kind that breath, especially fairies. We’re like their most favourite foods. Moghs are very dangerous too, they’re big but uneasy to see, fast, and strong. As if they’re not dangerous enough, every Mogh is equipped with poisonous insects which they use as a bullet, and their aiming is excellent. It took an Alpha fairy to beat Moghs-- with efforts.

“Where is Brody now?” I asked.

“He’s at health care, still unconscious.” Said Red.

“I want to go there.” I flew to the fairy health care unit, only Brody is there. Brody’s body is full of scars, and it is obviously Mogh’s doing, for there are a few crests from Mogh’s bug.

Suddenly Brody is moving, he’s groaning in pain. My heart goes out for Brody.

“Brody.. it’s me, Vi.. can you hear me?” I touch Brody’s arm.

The next thing I know, my body was glowing out a gold-lavender aurora from my whole body and it goes into Brody’s wounds.

I can see clearly that Navy and Red were stunned, I don’t know what’d happened either. I’m looking at both of my glowing hands, and not long after, I just fainted.

When I opened my eyes slowly, I realized that I was already in my bedroom as Navy and Red approached my bed.

“Vi.. are you okay..?” Navy looked worried.

“Yes.. I think,” I slightly touched my head, and still felt dizzy when I tried to sit. “What happened, did I just pass out..?” . Navy and Red looked at each other.

“Yes, you fainted.. But, Brody is healed.”said Red while she was sitting on the edge of my bed.

“We think Brody is healed because of you, Vi.. You were glowing back there, before you passed out. ” Navy added.

I opened my mouth, but was unable to speak. Is this a good thing or not? Should I feel relieved?

“How do you feel now Vi?” asked the Navy.

“I think… I’m okay.. thanks Navy, Red..”

“Are you sure?” He said between his sighs.

“Yes, I’m sure.. Uhm, how about that Moghs? Do you already know why, or how it could get inside?”

“We’re still working on it.” Said Navy.

“We’ll let you know, Vi.. Right now, it’s better for you to rest..” Red cut in, “I brought you dinner, you should eat to restore your strength.” She put the tray on my lap.

I nodded and thanked both of them. I decided to let go for a while, call it a day and rest maybe I’ll figure everything’s out tomorrow. I eat my dinner, and go back lying on my bed. Because suddenly, my head starts to spin again.

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