Deepest Part Of You

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Inside The Lion's Den

It took a lot of effort for Seth to control himself rather than just surrendered to his will and grabbed her as his thoughts were running wild, imagining taking pleasure in her body on his bed.

Darn it! He scoffed and ruffled his wet hair, trying to shake his dirty mind away.

“I’m fine.” He said while walking toward his wardrobe.

“You’re still bleeding,” Violet said briefly, her eyes were still swollen because crying too much. “I’m here anyway.” She added. It bothered her to be pushed around to go there and for nothing. Although she couldn't lie that she was worried when she heard that Seth was wounded, and willingly to heal Seth.

Well, she asked for it. Seth changed his direction from his closet and heading toward Violet.

“I-I can .. wait .. if you ..want to put some clothes on, ..first..” all of her bravery suddenly just vanished under his steps and his sharp blue eyes.

“Nah-- I’m good.” He said only feet away from Violet.

Violet slowly took a step closer, intending to open the bandage on his left arm. For a second, she hesitated to touch his arm but then started it anyway.

She was unintentionally-blushed when she opened his bandage with blood on it—still under his sharp look. Should they be this close? Why should I opened his bandage, considering that I can heal him right away—with his bandage still on? She thought inside.

She noticed that Seth's after bath scent had made her hard to thinking straight. Or was it because his deep wound and blood that I saw with my own eyes—I cannot tell. All of that made her head spun too until she had to steady her stand.

“You okay?” Seth asked when he noticed. They looked at each other eyes before Seth looked away first.

“.. Yes, I’m fine..” she replied gently.

As the bandage was fully opened, her fingers were just slightly met his skin when suddenly Seth held his breath and grabbed her fingers at the same time. He surprised her and made her stunned.

“I-I’m sorry, is it hurt?” She thought she had hurt him, she look concerned too.

Seth shook his head his face looked down while letting go of her hand real slow. As if he still wanted to take the pleasure of touching her—it does feels like home—but he also needs to be in control of himself.

He wasn’t groaned because of the wound, he groaned because he realized the slightest touch from her just made his defenses fell into pieces.

Violet was in her own dilemma too, wondering what was on his mind at the moment. She just didn’t want to get ahead of herself and hoped for something that’s not real.

They both looked down.

“.. I’m … sorry.. for everything that happened..” said Violet.

“Yeah. So do I. “ replied Seth, his frustration was showed from his sad voice, mixed with his ice-cold behaviour.

She paused for a while-- wondered, and finally decided to speak her mind, “Seth— I mean Prince Seth,--” she corrected.

Suddenly Seth could feel every inch of his body’s tensed by the way she called his name. He clenched his jaw.

“I was thinking— since.. I’ve promised to give you anything I know that relate with King Gryffin—but I don’t have something to give at all, let alone of how I ended up here..--” She almost didn’t breath while speaking those words. “..I need to talk with my people you prisoned.”

Clouded by his jealousy, Seth grabbed Violet’s left arm made her stumble to his bare chest. Her right palm fell on his wounded arm trying to get a grip in reflex.

“Why...? Can’t wait to meet him so soon...?!” he said in harsh voice. Did he just said that? Obviously showed his jealousy. “Why should I let you see them, when you should reach your father instead??” –Nice recovery.

They were way too close.

“N-no i-it’s not that-” said Violet nervously, licking her lips and hesitated. “M-my father- - is not in Athopia.. that’s why I declined to reach him. I- I think you should.. know that.” She looked at him and shivered a little bit, waiting for him to respond.

Seth examined her face while deciding what to do, should I trust her? He tempted to kiss her right away for being intensely too close, but at the other hand he was still aware of the fact that if he kissed her, he’s SO gonna loose it.—His self-control-crap, and there’s no way she could leave his room—Ever!

“He... left... the day before I..— end up in the woods..” She explained. “I-i don’t know where, or why he left! He didn’t say anything, didn’t tell me what to do—or what happened. He just left! He should know better—!! He,—I don– I really don’t know what to do!” her voice raised, overwhelmed with desperation, and her eyes motioned in search-around. She’s cracking.

Seth softened his grip and releasing her arm at the end. He’s thinking about soothing her, but in the end, he’s holding back.

Violet gradually back off, creating a little space between them. Getting herself back together. She fluttered her eyes causing a tear dropped from her glassy eyes, “I’m sorry.” She apologized – for snapping! Fools! She blamed herself inside.

She gulped, and since there was still no word came out from Seth, she decided to heal Seth’s wound right away. She put her palm upon the wound, she’s glowing for a while and Seth’s wound was no more. Can he at least, say something?

“I’ll let you see him.” He suddenly said. He’d better not showing any affection on you, and vice versa—or else. “Even though maybe I could just... force them to talk.” He added, still blinded with his jealousy to let them see each other.

Violet’s eyes turned devastated, made him regretting his last words.

“Well I guess - - if you preferred it that way.. what choice do I have? And they won’t break easily.” Violet knew that he was referring to the way of torturing-their-princess-to-get-them-talk too, her heart was aching a little bit assuming she’s nothing for Seth.

“I’m sure they don’t.” Knowing their fierce Princess.

Now he agree with me? Violet squinted a little. Their eyes locked on each other for a while, they’re standing in silence again.

“I’ll take you back to your room.” He broke the silence and teleported for a second, before appeared with full clothes in front of Violet. He’s holding her arm and teleported with her, taking her back to her room.

Seth’s noticing the uneaten breakfast on the nightstand, he anticipated the possible of her lack of interest in eating for being under pressured. “You should eat.”,he said. Violet took a glance at the breakfast with no enthusiasm.

“It’s important you know—to be prepared for what’s ahead of us.. you need all the strength you can have, started with try to eat.”, he added.

“Okay, I will,” Violet said briefly, she felt as if she could got carried away by his attention to her.

“I’ll arrange the meeting with your- -“ boyfriend? He refused say those word. “selected people. I will let you know.”

He turned his back, walking toward the occasionally-entrance-wall, suddenly he’s stopping for a while and say;

“Uh—Thank you for healing my wound.” Before instantly vanished from her room.

Violet sat on her bed thinking, sighing. Oh boy... am I so in trouble..

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