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Puzzle Pieces

It was mid-afternoon when Prince Seth asked Tanek to see him in his workroom. Seth needed to know about Tanek’s intention related to his previous act. Seth wanted to find that out before he interrogated Violet’s people, he intended to remind Tanek too, to not provoking any hostile behavior in the interrogation.

Seth intended to anticipate all possibilities that could make the interrogation went wrong which could lead to an end where they need to torture Violet in the process.

“Do you know something that I don’t...Tanek?”, he said when Tanek appeared.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what are you referring to, Sire..” he slightly bowed.

“You just intentionally brought her to my room... When I clearly said that I don’t need her help... I did recall you're telling me that I shouldn’t have feelings for her, yet your acts told me otherwise, - - Is this have something to do with her fittest form?”

“.. The thing is, Sire... I happened to know how to reach her fittest form... ways for her to grow her wings back.”


“.. She must... find her true love, Sire...”

Seth was scoffing. “That’s ridiculous.” Seth knew where this conversation was leading to, or why Tanek had sent her to his room for that matter. “Is this information even credible?”

“I can assure you the information is accurate, Sire.”

“How can you know all about this...?” Seth asked while his mind wandered to all alternatives related to her finding her true love, or being in love with someone. What now? Before killing her I have to manipulate her emotions too..? Seduce her to fall in love with me? Or let her find her chosen mate and let her be closer to his male fairy, while I watch and observe to find was he the one for her?...—HELL NO!

Tanek hesitated for a second before answer, “I have my own resources, Sire... the same way I knew the fairy princess was going to be in the woods that day...”

“Your source is the outcast fairy?” Seth said in doubtful. Tanek’s nodded. Seth had never met this outcast fairy but based on the previous tip from that fairy, he/she seemed to give legitimate information.

He ruffled his hair feeling tensed with his mind. How can this outcast fairy know so much? considering he/she’s an outcast, there must be someone’s inside—something wrong inside Athopia too. Wait, he worried about her kingdom now?

“I’m going to interrogate the prisoned fairies first, now..-- Alone,” said Seth with a settled tone.

“.. but as your advisor, Sire, I th—”

“I will give you the update after.” Seth cut in, decided to do the interrogation without Tanek’s presence.

“As you wish, Sire..” Tanek bowed before bouncing off.

“Bring me the Princess, and order the guard to bring the captain fairy too!”

Tanek bowed and teleported soon after, bring Violet to Seth’s workroom straight away.

When Violet appeared in the room, they’re looking at each other instantly. Seth was not wearing his crown made her attention went directly on his spiky hair, and then to the way his body leaning by the table with his sword beside him. What a perfect view—wait I should focus on important things—like why does he put his weapon beside him? Tried to intimidate or being cautious? Intend to attack Navy, or her..?

His sword looked heavy, its handle has a gold thread, red sapphire-rock in the middle of its cross-guard, and its quillon just perfecting its looks even more.

“He’s gonna be here in a minute.” He said still leaning on the table, folding hands. “You need to come closer.” He ordered her.

Closer where—Closer to him? Violet heading toward him without knowing why she should obey him, but she did it anyway. Of course, she kept maintaining her distance by not standing too close to him.

In no time, Navy appeared on his knees, being transported by two guards who leave the room straight away. Navy was tied in a big-heavy chain, he’s got nothing on his mouth but his mouth closed tight as if something from inside, prevented him to speak.

“Navy!”. Violet turned her back, taking a step to Navy when—Seth pulled her from behind with his right hand.

Seth’s right palm was on her flat belly, pulling Violet toward him. It’s her back against his body. Violet hesitated, whether to let him hold her like that or pulling away. She then decided to let him, so she doesn’t have to make a scene. Or maybe she just loves the way he holds her...Does he like me..? Want me..?

“You speak..from here,” Seth said in her earlobe, his lips were intensely close makes Violet gasped and turned her face -halfway- at him in reflex. Because of her sudden movement, the tip of Seth’s nose gently swept Violet’s cheek.

Violet looked at his eyes for a while before looked down, a part of her is feeling gloomy. Knowing the reason he holds her is out of attraction. I guess he just doesn’t trust me that much.

Seth’s jaw is clenched for feeling too much sensation from holding her, but at the same time enjoying his own moment of possession. There’s no way I’m gonna let you near him or let him touch you. Seth’s hand is still on her belly, his left-hand swinging, releasing Navy’s freedom to speak followed by grabbing his sword at once.

“Stay away from her you low acts prince!! I know what you’re about to do! You’re not getting anything from me.” Navy burst out after able to speak, he looked furious.

“You sure about that?” Seth’s pointing his sword with his head emphasized the fact that Violet is under his power, even though he’s actually bluffing.

Before things get out of control, Violet decided to cut in.

“Navy.. please.. I need to know..”

Even the way she said his name bothered me. Seth noticed but also aware that he is too needs all the information he can get.

“We’re all in a difficult situation Navy, we have to do something.. I.. really need to know - …. --everything!” said Violet sounded intense and desperate by her lack of knowledge.

The room got quiet for a while before Navy finally gave up. “What do you want to know..?”

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