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Even though Violet didn’t know where to start, she decided to ask him the questions by priorities.

“Could you tell me what you know about my father’s leave? Moreover, if it's related to the last convention with King Gryffin... You were there, did you...?” Violet said, referring to the last convention that Navy and her father attended.

“King Gryffin hasn’t come back from the convention.. that was two weeks ago. And here? I happened to find proves of Athopian’s attack.” Violet added with a sad voice.

For a second Seth is surprised by Violet’s act for not putting her own needs above all else. For example, she could ask about how she got in the woods for a starter. Princesses should be spoiled, self-centered and all that, aren’t they? Because he knows Bianca is! But Violet-- of course he noticed every act of her goodness, kind-hearted and pure soul, even at those who treat her wrong—like him.

“Athopian’s weapon as in attacking Gryffin?” Navy said in a confused tone. Violet nodded.

“That’s impossible... Athopia’s army is always under King Eos's commandment. No troops would dare attack, not without his consent.” Navy added.

“You mean no rogue-attack, like the one your team did this morning?” Seth’s being sarcastic.

“It was under my command! My own! Besides, you kidnapped our princess!! MY betrothed!! What else do you think we’re gonna do? Just sit there and do nothing?! If King Athopia would do the same!”

Listening to Navy's word of betrothed had brought the worst jealousy in Seth's heart out of nowhere. His hands turned to fists as he clenched his jaw.

In reflex of soothing both men, Violet’s left hand raised at Navy, in a gesture of asking him to calm down, while her right hand slightly held the back of Seth’s hand-that still on her belly in reflex. Made Seth surprised and took his hand right away gently.

So, how?—Who would do such rogue aggressions? Could it be rogue Athopians soldiers? Violet was thinking hard inside. Something was not right

“At the convention, Navy, what happened..?” Violet’s trying to gather more information.

“We were at the Advait Woods, King Athopia and King Gryffin arranged their private meeting there... Only the Kings and their trusted soldiers like my father and me. King Owens was with his General Oliver—”

Seth listened carefully, concurring what Navy had told them.

“They were talking about the threat from an ancient wicked creature but wasn’t really sure about its existence. What more important is, King Gryffin suspected a dark sorcerer’s works and its mole-operative inside Gryffin’s Kingdom.” Navy continued. “King Owens was the one who suggested King Eos, to hide Athopia for a while, at least until they both know more about what happened.”

“So my father was the one who suggests King Eos, to get off the grid?” Seth said in disbelief.

“That’s the truth,” Navy said briefly.

“Did King Owens mentioned you or my father, where he was gonna go?“ asked Violet

“No, we go our separate way.”

That’s it? Seth started to upset. “I got plenty of Athopians weapons from my armies who’s got ambushed a few times. My BROTHER almost died because of one of those attacks! And you want me to believe that they’re actually protecting each other’s kingdom?!”

“King Owen and King Eos are in great companion, even though maybe it’s hard for you to believe that! – What else can be said?! King Eos is still holding on to his truce even though his people were missing one by one! Don't pretend that you didn't hear about a word saying that it was dark sorcerers doing—or maybe just a sorcerer from Gryffin’s doing!!” said Navy in a harsh voice.

“Watch your words!” Seth looked very upset.

“At least your father is doing what’s best for keeping the peace to all kingdoms! Tell me, Wizard Prince! What have you done aside from only for your own and your Kingdom’s gain?!”

“Shut up!” Seth’s grip on his sword tightened until his knuckles turned white.

Seth’s face turned cold-blooded, making Violet stunned in fear.

“Why don’t you tell my princess here, the real—”


Before Navy finished talking, Seth’s made him unable to speak again with his power.

Seth was calling the guards outside his door to bring Navy back to the dungeon. While Violet was still in shock, digesting all the information, and the last words from Navy.

Violet was still stunned if what Navy’s says were all true that means there are moles in Athopia too, or she would not end up at the woods—since the one who took her there must be passed the shield, blends in under strict security of Athopia. And her people were missing one by one? Why?

Her mind was filled with so many thoughts, let alone of how’d he knew she ended up in the forest, and why Seth prisoned her here.

“S-So... How did you know I was gonna end up in the forest..? Did you... knew? About my people missing..?” asked Violet gently—almost in whispers. “Is this has to do with the reason why I’m prisoned here..? A-am I your assurance—in case you’re in a war with Athopia..?” Her eyes started to glassy.

Seth leaned on with his both hand at the table, facing down. He’s not ready to tell her the truth. Not ready to be hated by her. He’s not even able to look at her in the eye.

“This conversation is over,” He said in a frigid voice, he’s in great despair.

Violet was about to say something to Seth, who’s now busy with his paper works or some kind of books on his table when suddenly Tanek’s appeared.

“Your Highness, Princess Bianca is here to discuss your engagement day tomorrow night.”

“Yes, I’ll see her right away. Please bring this Princess back to her room.”

Right, his fiancée... Violet held back, she took one step back. Her heart aching. ’This’ princess? He’s not even looking at me too. Violet turned her back, looked down, and follow Tanek.

Seth was still focusing his head on his book, his Father’s journal. He ruffled his hair, trying to get whatever hints his father might give him. How can I tell her about the real reason she’s here? How can I ‘use’ her at all? Should he trust everything that Navy’s said?

Seth’s found his father’s handwriting about what his father’s found according to the missing fairies from Athopia. A few evidences showed a similar works of dark sorcerer procession on extracted a fairy’s power, these evidences were confirmed with a few body-remains from the missing fairies.

Which one of these are true? Should he keep extracted Violet, gain his own power to be infinite, so the future of his kingdom will be safe?--Considering the unknown ‘friend or enemy’ propositions related to Athopia Kingdom. What would his father do?

He was still in his own thoughts when Bianca appeared in the room.

“Baby! I was waiting downstairs! What are you up to?”

“Just some stuffs.” He said listlessly.

Bianca embraced him from behind, “I was thinking.. about tomorrow night, --since everything is ready, what do you think about skipping the engagement stuffs and get married instead!”

“Yeah I can’t, I won’t get married without my father’s here.” He sure doesn’t take a long time to answer and turned her down.

“But it’s gonna be special if we do it—you know, its your birthday and our wedding day.” Bianca tried to persuade him.

I’ll pass! In the matter of fact he was thinking to pass the whole engagement, if it’s not gonna make Bianca furious, or for their kingdoms allegiance. Seth always thought it was more of her advantage, compares to him.

“That’s an idea, but I still can’t. Now, is there anything else..? I’m in the middle of something very important.. I’m sorry.”

She frowned at Seth but then decided to give him space before she has to take another rejections. “Okay honey, see you tomorrow night! I might be have a birthday present you’ll love!” She stole a kiss from Seth’s lips before vanishing from the room.

Present I love..? for a second his mind wandered to the present he’ll sure-definitely love.

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