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The Prince's Day

“Happy Birthday Seth… Are you happy?”

The most beautiful voice whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes, not remembering that my bedroom is this bright. Or is this because of her glows?

Violet is in my arm, with her white sensual dress, just lying beside me so close. Her beautiful face is in front of me, and she’s smiling. Is this a dream? I flip my body over- to be on top of her and just rain her with my lustful kisses, the way I’ve been desiring it for so long. I can feel the blood inside me boiling, and I’m still craving for more. I just have to make her mine!

Seth woke up in the middle of the night as he opened his eyes-- aroused by his dream about the fairy princess, Violet. He ruffled his hair, annoyed by the fact that his dream felt so real, and the way he wanted to be with her-- was unbearable, he almost lost his mind. Seth dropped his body back to the bed before decided to take the cold-water bath, neutralised all the sensation from his dream.

That day was the prince’s birthday and engagement day. Around the castle, the people of the Gryffin kingdom were preparing decorations, tables set, and everything about the prince’s events.

All its people were invited to celebrate tonight without exception. For one day full, Gryffin castle was looking magically beautiful and elegant. Magic floating lights for night time, flowers, ribbons, small and big fountains, everything just looked perfect.

Violet was tortured all night by her thoughts, her curiosity, but most of all by her emotions regarding Prince Seth. The feelings that she couldn’t shake off even though how many times she tried to deny them.

She realised too, that it’s useless to feed up herself with those feelings she felt, for she knew that the prince's feeling toward her was not mutual. Let alone to think about the unanswered mysteries between their kingdoms, and now she couldn’t talk with Navy anymore. She sighed, sitting by the window while looking listlessly at the people who were working on the preparation.

“Hei Vi..” Elena suddenly showed up.

“Hi…” Violet answered weakly as she faintly smiles.

“How are you doing?”

“.. I’m fine… just- - still confused, I guess..” “Thank you for trying to let me escaped, yesterday..” Violet added.

“I think you helped me first, yesterday..So.. thank you too..” Elena said with a warm smile.

“Why are you nice to me..? I mean you still think good of me and kind to me regardless...the situation... Unlike- -“

“Prince Seth?”

“I was gonna say some other sorcerers.” Said Violet, looking down.

“I’m sure Gryffin Kingdom’s intention is to avoiding any potential wars too..” Elena looked down for a second, “Prince Seth is just doing what he thought best for his kingdom—he always is... I’m hoping it’ll be the best way for you too, Vi..”

.. I hope so too..said Violet inside.

“Speaking of Prince Seth, he asked me to transferred you to another room, and to make sure you will eating well..”


“I don’t know exactly why, but… the room is bigger, and have a better view. So let’s go!” Said Elena with optimism while she was recalling Seth's reason.

The whole sorcerers in town will come to this party, from that room I can supervise her more, and it’s further from the crowd.—That was the exact words that Seth told Elena.

Elena as in purposed-- take her to her new room on foot, so Violet could take the chance of looking around the castle to ease up her boredom. Elena took her to a different hall with the last time she almost got escaped with Navy's help.

The hall was bigger, its ceiling was twice higher than their usual height ceiling. The hall got two large white elegant stairs that lead to a stage where people could see clearly from the ground level, and the hall was full of lights and flowers that made Violet missed her home. Bellow the stage-balcony there was a place for the royalty orchestra.

Violet would be placed in the room on the same level as the stage, which was on the side of the stage. Elena and Violet were walking upstairs. Violet was noticing how the room's doors were made from thick glass that looked like a diamond. She was wondering about the reason why she had to stay there.

When they got there and Elena opened the door, it turned out that Seth was in the middle of his final measurement royal tux with Phillip and his tailor. Seth’s royal tux was a white high collar shirt styled, slim styled vest, with a few gold lists on them and the tux which lied on the couch.

For a second there, Violet was just stunned in her round eyes. She was sighing inside before looking away, it was better not to let anyone know that she was into their prince.

“Oh, sorry,--” Elena said.

“It’s okay Elena, we’re done here.” Seth cleared his throat, avoiding eye contact—or looked at Violet.

It was good though— Violet slightly thought, because if Seth did look her in the eye, maybe he would know that she was feeling sad. Violet kept looking sideways to anywhere but him, even though it kills her to know that Seth was going to be someone else's soon.

All three of them walked out of the room, passing by Elena and Violet. Phillip stroke Elena’s hand while passing her by, with the warmest smile that shows his love for her.

As for Seth, he just walked out the door with his clenched jaw and without looking at Violet at all. Not that he doesn’t want to.. After this night, he definitely has to decide what he’s going to do about Violet. Even though he still hadn’t figure out whether to let Violet go, or keep playing it safe for his kingdom.

After they’re gone, Violet was looking around the room, admiring the room, the whole grand hall—that she could see from the room’s windows, especially the stage.

Pretty sure not agreed with what Elena’s said about a better view, because the last thing she wants to see is her Prince Seth being engaged with.. -- Maybe she’ll just look at other windows—as in outside the castle's view windows. She thought.

“I hope you’re not planning on escaping through that window...” Elena said while noticing Violet’s interest in the outside view windows. “Because it’s a long way down…” She said with a smile, teasing Violet.

Violet chuckled a bit, “..Hm, well--If I have my wings, probably I would... But, heh, no... I don’t plan to do other foolish things ahead..”

“What do you mean...? What foolish thing have you done before?”

Like falling in love with the Prince. Violet paused for a while looking for an answer. “.. I don’t know.. a lot I guess.. like not knowing about anything...? And...Don’t know what to do—despite the situations...?”

Before Elena spoke, suddenly Seth came back into the room, and for a moment the room was silent.

“I forgot my tux,” He said, unintentionally his eyes met Violet’s.

Elena and Violet both looked at the tux on the couch, they’re both thinking the same thing. Did he hear their conversation? They were just speaking theoretically, and that was just a joke too.

After grabbing his tux, Seth walked out the door while lifting his hand. He was putting roots-bars from the tree outside the window with his power, prevented her from her-possible-foolish-plan.

Oh yeah, he did hear their conversation. He said inside.

Violet looked down suddenly felt caged even though she’s not even chained with the silver chain anymore. Was he hates me that much...? Blaming me for his father’s missing, and want her responsible for everything too?

Reading the sadness on her face, Elena tried to soothe her. “You know... I’ve never seen Prince Seth that tense and possessive as he’s been with you, Vi.. “

“I think... He’s just doesn’t want me to escape.” Violet said, looking down

Elena replied with her i-know-better-smile, slightly lifted her shoulders. If only Violet knows him the way she knew his brother in law……

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