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The celebration was about to begin. Even though it’s still late in the afternoon, but the castle was already filled with Gryffin people. They were ready to celebrate their Prince’s birthday and engagement day considering that King Owens and his royal family were adored and beloved by their people.

Violet was sitting by the window, looking down at the ground hall floor. Every sorcerer seemed to enjoy the moment and since they’re the kingdom with magic, the hall was vigorously decorated with magical decorations too which floating around passing by her window. The stage was stunningly elegant, there was a five-layered engagement cake too on the stage.

How Violet wished that she could attend that kind of celebration under different circumstances. She was always admiring the Kingdom of magic even before things went wrong.

If none of this suspiciousness happened between their kingdom, would Prince Seth see her differently? She thought.

Violet was in her own thought when the hall filled up with clapping noise, saluting Prince Phillip & Elena who walked up to the stage. After the clapping gradually disappear, Phillip started to give the opening speech for the events.

“The Gryffin Kingdom is always blessed to have the people like you all in this room. Despite of our fear of the unknown ahead.. Let’s not forget to cherish the present moment! I hope you’re all having a good time, a great feast, and a great night. Let’s give it up to the birthday Prince—and the groom-and-bride-to-be!!”

Seth and Bianca appeared in the middle of the stage, looking perfectly perfect for each other. Violet didn’t realise that she held her breath for a while as she looked at them before exhaling and sighing again after.

Her eyes turned glassy, not that she meant to cry. She looked away trying to focus at the guest, who knew if their enjoyment would make her forget about the happy couple. Yeah, right. Her conflicting mind disturbed her.

Phillip was just about to lead the guests to start enjoying the feast, when Bianca took a slice of cake and brought it to Seth’s mouth. Then the audience was clinking their champagne glass as a sign for them to kiss each other.

Violet was still focusing her attention to things that interests her and made her less sad—when she noticed the clinking noise. She looked at the stage and caught Seth and Bianca were kissing.

The noise inside the hall was going crazy, along with the magic fireworks that burst out flower petals, the clapping sound, and the joyous shouting from the people.

But as for Violet, she heard nothing. Nothing as if everything has faded away, her ear ringing with a single annoying tone even though her head didn't bump into anything. She took one step back from the window, regretting herself for being too late to look away. It felt odd for her that their kiss impacting her that much and even without blinking, her tears were dropping slowly on her cheek.

Seth had to play along in front of his people, even though he felt annoyed by Bianca’s act. Darn it! Why is this woman have to be that aggressive? Seth took a glance at the window where he last saw Violet’s standing. He was relieved for not seeing her there, that would mean she didn’t see him kissing with Bianca. Or did she?

Seth was still in his own mind, when he saw a few waiters with food trays at her door. That’s normal right? Somebody must have given the order to bring the food for her.

“Seth! Where’s your mind at..? Let’s mingle with the guests!” said Bianca, shaking his arm.

“You go first, I’ll catch up. I have to check on something.”

“But—” Bianca wasn’t finished talking when Seth left her already.

When two males in waiter outfit came into the room, Violet was standing by the outside-view window, standing and just empty-stared there. She turned her back, meant to politely reject the meals when suddenly they both changed into werewolves.

One of them tackled the windows to make a way out, making the root-bars that Seth’s put earlier shattered, and the shards flew all over the place. Violet ducked to the floor in reflex, she could feel a few pieces of glass fell on her hair.

The other werewolf grabbed her arms, lifting her, and carry her on his shoulder. Violet's stomach was on his shoulder and her head faced down. They had abducted her, making their way out of the castle, jumping from trees to trees. Violet didn’t get a chance even to scream—even though screaming would be insignificant because of all the noises from the celebration.

When Seth got into the room and found out that Violet had been taken, his blood boiled in rage instantly. He was just about aiming his hand to attack the werewolf whose shadows were almost gone from his sight. But he held back, worrying his attack will harm Violet in process.

Phillip and Elena saw the broken window from the opened door when Seth checked into the room, they both came toward Seth and quickly noticed the situation.

“Seth! Don’t do it! You can’t go after them by yourself!” Phillip said. He knew his brother too well to know his intention.

Seth took a glance at his brother for a second before leaving into the trees, following the werewolf who took Violet.

His brother’s action didn’t surprised Phillip, because he knew from his brother’s face that his intentions were unshakeable.

“I’m going to alert the guards to go after him. You have to tell Bianca, makes sure she doesn’t make a scene.” Said Phillip to Elena.

Violet was still struggling on the werewolf shoulder. She constantly punching the back of the werewolf but nothing seemed working. Her stomach was in pain for every clash between the werewolf’s shoulder and her stomach.

“Let me go!! Where are you taking me?!” She yelled. She didn’t know anymore where she was. She felt the werewolf took her far away from Gryffin Kingdom since every leap that he took was quite a distance.

Meanwhile, Seth didn’t care if the whole army of werewolves would be there to attack him.

He’s gonna get Violet back, period. He did this for his kingdom or because she cannot lose her? His thoughts were hard on him.

Seth had focusing all his ability to track down the werewolf—since he had to teleport to chase them. A sorcerer could easily teleport to a place they knew well, but if the destination was unknown it would be harder— even almost impossible for a few apprentices. But if the sorcerer's ability was excellent, it was possible as if to search the exact waves-teleport from the destination.

Seth could feel that he’s getting closer when he heard a familiar voice from afar. At the same time, the werewolves were stopping for a while, sniffing. The other werewolf suddenly jumped into the trees.

“Please!! Set me free! You must be mistaken! I’m not a sorceress! I’m a fairy and I have to go home!”

The werewolf who held Violet took her off from his shoulder. He changed to his human shape while still holding Violet’s body locked inside his big arm.

“Shh—keep quiet princess! I know who you are...” He said.

“Help me to go home! The king will reward y—”

He shut her mouth with his other hand, making Violet mumbling.

Suddenly, there’s a loud thud on the ground. It was the werewolf's friend who jumped into the trees earlier, passing out. After that Seth showed up.

“LET...HER...GO!” Seth said between his clenched jaw. He was standing fiercely and furiously with his sword in his hand in front of Violet and the werewolf.

Violet was feeling both relieved and scared to see Seth there. In fact, she was slightly adoring how Seth was a knight in shining armour for her and how much she fell for him. He’s like every maiden's prince charming and a knight in shining armour. Her thought was spoken in reflex. Made her think for a second there, there’s must be something wrong with her head, to be able to think any of that in that kind of situation.

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