Deepest Part Of You

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A Farewell?

“Ahh, Prince Seth..” The werewolf grinned, tempting Seth’s patience. “Watch your power carefully Seth... You don’t want my claws to hurt her,” he said while putting his claws, threatening her upper neck made Violet had to lift up her chin.

For a second Violet's lips were trembling before Seth’s eyes met hers, Seth clenched his jaw in reflex.

“I’m gonna ripped your heart out, I don’t even have to use my power!” Said Seth, promising. His face looked intensely frigid between his cold and furious eyes. Every time his dark side showed up, he always made Violet shivering in fear, but this time she was more concerned about his well-being.

“You shouldn’t chase us, and stay at your own party... This princess doesn’t belong to you.” The werewolf scoffed.

“I don’t belong to anyone—” Violet cut in after hearing the annoying words from the werewolf, followed by a single shook on her body from the werewolf, in a gesture of telling her to shut up.

Seth’s furious at the view in front of him, but on the other hand, he had to be cautious and not reckless.

Seth noticed that the werewolf was stalling, waiting for his pack to come, and gave their leader a backup. Seth recognized that werewolf-leader, his name was Hunter--the King of Alpsky Kingdom. He had the same age as Seth, but he had to take the throne when his father died. The only question left was why Hunter took her.

“She’s definitely not yours,” Seth said. “And if you were meant to kill her, you’d have done it already back at my place.” Seth took a step forward.

“Well, well don’t be so sure!” Hunter quickly pressed his claws deeper, making Violet squinted in pain and made Seth stopped instantly.

“Hmm... I can’t help but notice... You chased after us..Alone,” said the werewolf.

Violet knew what that means, she was trembling for thinking how the situation would turn out to be.

Seth was looking behind from his shoulder, noticing the arrival of Hunter’s pack—another four werewolves before looking at Hunter sharply.

“Perhaps you don't realize that I don’t need backup,” said Seth, frigidly, while raising his swords and made his first move by intended to trap Hunter’s pack with roots from the trees to the ground. Unfortunately, two of them managed to refrain from Seth’s attack.

Three down, three more to go.

One of the packs who escaped Seth’s attack, charging him right away—tackled him. Both of them rolling on the ground. Seth’s managed to stand up first, he was intending to end his rival's life with his sword, when he heard Violet groaned.

“—NO” Violet suddenly groaned in reflex, she’s panting. The claws on her neck had hurt her, a little drop of purple blood drawn out.

Seth’s noticing the blood, conflicted with the possibility that Hunter wasn’t bluffing and will hurt Violet. He’s not going to put the chance to the test, not with her safety on the line. Seth lowered his sword, his arm, and a part of his abs were wounded by his attacker’s claws.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk... Now, prince Seth. Don’t hurt my men, will you? I don’t want to hurt this princess, but I will if I had to.” said Hunter feeling ahead of his opponent.

Violet knew the situation for Seth was not good, especially when his abductor used her to threatened Seth’s move.

“NO! Let me go!” Violet was still trying to struggle even though the more she struggled, the more those claws hurt her. Hunter made his grip on her body sturdier so his claws would not accidentally hurt her more.

For a second Seth looked at Violet – an emotionless look--, before slowly, releasing his sword from his hand and raising his both hands as a sign of surrender. Preparing himself for what came after him.

“You know... I’m pretty sure if you die here, no one will know- - who’s responsible for your death... –And since nobody saw us back there in your castle,--” said Hunter with a smug grin. “-- I think I can kill you now without provoking any war.” He added as if giving his pack a clue.

Hunter’s pack was already surrounding Seth. One of them was grabbing Seth’s sword and pointing it at Seth’s chest.

Violet was constantly struggling to escape, hoping to get a slight chance for both of them to get away from the thread.

“... Just let her go,” said Seth.

Hunter scoffed in sarcasm. “And what? Give her back to you..? So you ...can kill her?”

For a moment the atmosphere was intensely silent. Or was that what Violet’s feeling inside? She was too shocked to hear Hunter's words.

“Oh, I know about your kingdom’s dirty secret... Extracting fairy’s power to gain your own power,” said Hunter with disgust.

Violet no longer struggled after hearing the truth, she just froze there— staring at Seth in shock. The truth that she had never expected. And to think that the Prince has ever cared for me—that’s a very big mistake, he’s only wished for my strength. Violet shivered a little, containing her need to cry.

The truth had come out, Seth couldn’t do anything rather than just standing there with his clenched jaw, his fists, and his frigid-guilty look on his face as he gazed into Violet’s eyes.

“Sorcerers are such hypocrites!” As soon as Hunter said that, one of his pack who had holding Seth’s sword suddenly stabbed the sword into Seth’s chest.

Violet felt as if all of her blood rushed into her brain and her heart had stopped beating and she couldn’t breathe too at the same time.

Looking at Seth’s body fell on the ground just like that. Everything’s happened so fast but as if all was moving in slow motion. She could feel that Hunter started to pull her away, taking her away, leaving Seth to death.

“NO!! LET ME GO!” Violet screamed and struggled with everything she had, she made loose but not enough to get away from Hunter's grip. Hunter was tightening his grip, straining her more.

“PLEASE!! DON’T LET HIM DIE!” her cheeks were wet with tears. As much as she’d hurt inside, she still can’t let Seth die, not because of her, not this way—and not on his birthday too. She slightly thought.

“He was going to kill you, princess! Why are you still fighting for him?”

“—PLEASE!! I-I c-can heal him! He can't die!! J-JUST let me heal him!” she said in her cries. “Y-you’re a leader, right? You kn-know what it takes t-to keep t-the peace—please— Someone will know!”. She stammered. “Please! I can heal him and w-we’re g-gonna be l-long gone anyway wh-when he’s a-awake.” She trembled.

“I’ll take my chances.” He said while dragging her.

“NO PLEASE! I-If you let m-me heal him I’ll d-do what y-you want!” her voice was weakened at the end, tired of the facts that every Princes that she met were ending up taking advantage of her.

This could be the beginning for worlds of the kingdom in wars, especially when there's a lot of new conflicts that happened including if Seth died. Even though for Violet at the time, what was matter most was to save Seth’s life.

Hunter finally decided to release Violet from his hand. Violet ran to Seth as fast as she could, Seth was already unconscious, his shirt’s covered by a lot of fresh blood.

Please don’t die... Violet was still shivering and cried, but she healed him right away.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Hunter said when she was still in the process of healing—in the middle of her glowing. Hunter suddenly grabbed her and took her away from Seth.

“NO!! Wait—” She yelped.

Hunter grabbed her again, changing shape, and took a far leap with his pack, leaving the place.

She could feel her eyes swollen as an outcome of crying too much. She was wondering if her interrupted-healing power had saved Seth or not. Violet was still in her own mind when she realized the road, the trees, that they were passing through had turned to a snowy track.

In no time she began to shiver in cold.

How can everything turn out like this..? Why would the werewolves people took her too..?

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