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What's Mine

“Seth, are you okay? Wake up... I need you.”

Is this a dream again? Seth opened his eyes and looked at Violet who’s sitting beside him. They’re in the woods and it’s daytime too. Seth was sitting down while putting his hand on Violet’s cheek.

“I’m sorry..” said Seth.

Violet took a few leaves from Seth’s hair with a warm smile. “What for..?” She said.

Seth opened his mouth but then realized that someone had been calling his name from afar.


Seth opened his eyes slowly, he looked around while still laying down. He found Phillip and Tanek beside him, and his personal guards nearby.

He’s definitely dreamed about her again. He slightly thought.

He’s sitting down while checking his chest. No wounds. Those packs dared to kill him—if it’s not because of Violet, he’d be dead already. I’m so gonna kill them all.

“What happened?!” Phillip asked in a tense voice, noticing that his brother was okay and there was no wound on his body even though his shirt covered with blood.

“The werewolves, they’re the ones who took her,” Seth said while tightening his jaw in reflex, he remembered everything that happened. “I’m going to get her back! I need my troops Tanek, alert them now!” he said. Tanek accomplished his command right away.

“Why would they took her?”

“I don’t know...But I know where they took her. Dad brought me once to Alpsky Kingdom.” explained Seth.

“So what are we gonna do..?” asked Phillip, realizing the fact that they will come there—with their army to get the fairy princess back. It was definitely would be a fight that could create prolonged wars.

“We’re going to get her back!” Seth said strongly at the same time when Tanek showed up with his troops, who were ready in the spirit to fight with their Prince.


Violet was still freezing under Hunter’s furry arms, her cheeks turned red, she felt super-sleepy, and her lips trembled in cold. She took a glance at what’s in front of her when Hunter and his pack stop leaping. They were just arrived at some kind of high-wall fortress, somewhere in the middle of the snow mountain.

“Welcome to Alpsky Kingdom, Princess,” Hunter said in a whisper.

The gate of Alpsky’s kingdom slowly opened, accepting their king. It’s late-night but on the way to his castle, his people were still welcoming his arrival—apparently her arrival too. The town inside the wall covered in snow, and decorated with dim yellow and white lights, Alpsky ornaments, and flowers--even though some of it looked frozen.

It looks like they were in celebration of something.

As soon as Hunter reached his castle, he put Violet down and ordered his servants to take Violet to his room.

“Bring her to my room, prepare her too! I’ll be there right away.”

Prepare me for what?! Violet was considering making a run for it, but his servants cornered her and grab her on both sides of her arms, taking her to their king’s room.

The king’s room was warm, big and lacking in light even though there’s a fireplace inside. His wide-bed was covered with a grey-thick-fur blanket.

After the lady maids cleaned her blood from her neck-wound, the servant ladies starting to take off her clothes.

“Hey! Don’t!” Violet declined.

“We’re just helping you get changed, princess.. Please don’t make this hard for us..”

“Changing my clothes for what?” Violet said.

The servants looked at each other, hesitating to let Violet know. They were putting on a white-asymmetric gown, the gown has a low-cut neckline exposing her shoulder and cleavage.

When I’m alone, I’m definitely gonna grab some blanket to covered my body. Violet thought

Not long after that, the servants put a white-robe-styled coat with white furs at the bottom of its sleeves and coat. As much as she didn’t like ‘her gown’, the coat made her warm. The servants styled her hair with a flower wreath as a crown.

“Can you answer me, please? Help me?” Violet said desperately.

“Don’t you worry about anything, Princes.. you’ll be safe in our king’s hand.” The servants left her alone after that.

Violet sat on the bed listlessly. Her eyes were starting to get glassy.

Am I ever going to go home to Athopia? How is Athopia doing right now...? And does her council got everything covered in Athopia right now?

Her eyes were still swollen but she’s already crying again. She felt heartbroken, moreover to think about Seth, and to realize how she had fallen deeply in love with him without knowing why. Not to mention when she had so many reasons to not falling in love with him.

Her thought was wandered, still trying to connect every information she’s got. Her mind filled with so many make-sense answers that she’d looking for. The fairies that went missing, his father's truce, and everything according to what Navy said.

That’s why Seth prisoned me, but why me—why my strength or in my case...lack strength?

The door room suddenly opened, making Violet slightly startled, and stood up from the bed.

“I can see that you’re ready...”

Hunter came into the room, with his unbuttoned royal-shirt. He’s gazing all over her body, satisfied with the view.

Violet spontaneously held herself, tightened her coat to covered some part of her body in shivers.

“R-ready for what?”

“..I’m not like those sorcerers, Princess... I'm not gonna hurt you... I’m Hunter, the King of Alpsky,”

“If you have nothing to do with me, set me free then...” Violet said.

He scoffed, “Im going to give you a favor.. you’ll be safe with me, here... As my bride.”

Violet eyes widened. “H-how—? I can’t see how that can be a favor for me... I didn't ask to be your bride!”

“You do realize...that Prince Seth was going to extract your strength from your body and your soul, right?! It will get you killed in the process. I’m saving you from him! Consider that as a favor,” He said.

“You're just the same, you just want to take advantage of me! Why did you force me to be your bride again...?” Violet said sarcastically since she was upset with the fact that this king’s thought she could easily being lied to.

It took her by surprised—a lot by surprised, when Hunter suddenly tackled her body to the bed. He was on top of her, straining her wrist, dominating her in anger.

“I don’t like to be challenged for my words, princess! You should obedient to me...considering I recall that you said you’ll do anything,” He said while observing Violet’s lips and started to kiss her neck.

Violet was struggling to get off from his body as her body started to tremble in fear.

“P-please d-don’t--” Violet tried to push him away, but nothing seemed working, his body’s not moving at all. In fact, he had just tightened his grips on her wrist, making her possibilities to escape turns to zero possibility,

“You know what? I think I’m going to skip all about the wedding ceremony...and just cut through to the honeymoon.”

"NO!! Let me go!!" Violet yelped. She started to cry between her struggles. She was refusing to give up.

Hunter’s starting to crave for more of her, unconsciously ripping some part of her dress. He managed to use his one hand to grip her wrists, restraining her hand and body at the same time. What a feisty little princess I have!- He thought.

“Come on now princess... Work with me.” He tried to persuade her while still rubbing-down all over her body, in his major arousal. “Soon or later you’ll be carrying my heir inside you.”

“PLEASE STOP!!” Violet was desperately helpless. She could feel her strength was gradually weakened for being in a constant fight. What would happen if she couldn't fight anymore? And all of her muscles had gone tired, lose its strength and she couldn't fight for her purity anymore?

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