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Peace Maker

Seth and his army had already reached the outside wall of Alpsky Kingdom. They’re still hiding in the shadows of the tree, waiting for their Prince to command them. Seth was with his best sorcerer-army, though he made it clear that this aggression was to bring the fairy princess back—not to slaughter the whole Kingdom.

They’re gonna do it fast, as silent and as effective as they could. The night sky was dark, and with their teleporting skill, they were practically ahead in that aggression. Seth was very aware of the fact that inside the fortress there would be many civilians, for he had been there to Alpsky Kingdom. He might be full of rage at the time, and sometimes— he often behaved in cold-blooded heart, but he’s not a sadistic killer who could kill for fun.

Now, it’s time to start the aggression and get his princess back. He thought


Violet was already feeling hopeless, she didn’t have any strength left at all. She felt weak until she couldn’t force her body to do anything but surrender. Her body was still trembling, and with her eyes closed, she turned her face away from Hunter while crying a silent tear.

Even when her body surrendered, Hunter had not lost his grip, he was keeping his guard on her.

Just when Violet was about to lose hope completely, suddenly, Hunter's body was thrown out to the wall, so hard until he tossed through the wall. He was thrown out from the room, hitting another wall, before he fell down to the ground floor near the stairs where some of Hunter’s guards were already seized and tied under Seth’s army.

Violet opened her eyes when she sensed that no one strained her anymore.

“Seth?” She whispered in disbelieve when she found Seth in the room.

Seth knew what happened. Hunter’s pack gave them all the information they needed, under threat. They said that their king would get an incomparable breed if he inseminates pure heir fairy, which they found out was in Seth’s possession. Not to mention by marrying the princess, Alpsky Kingdom would get united with Athopia.

Yeah, right! Over his dead body! He thought.

Seth took Violet’s hand, helping her to stand—even though her knees were failed to support her to stand. Violet had to lean on Seth since she was still shaken up, and shocked after what she’s going through.

“Are you hurt?!” asked Seth in a heavy voice, his hand was on Violet waist, supporting her stand. Seth noticed her trembling body and her skins were cold.

“No…” Violet whispered while weakly shook her head, leaning her head on Seth's shoulder she felt both numb and safe. Even though her mind kept telling her, should she feel safe with him?

Looking at how Violet was in a huge breakdown as he saw it, Seth was furious even more. He was even almost snapped in rage. “I’m going to KILL him.” He said.

Violet could feel how Seth's body was tightened, every muscle on his body as hard as stone. She lifted her left hand and put it on Seth’s chest.

“Seth- - please.. - - Can we just...go...?" She whispered. "Let's not sheds any more blood..." Her eyes turned glassy. "There would be no war...”

For a second Seth was just staring at the fairy in his arm, not saying anything at all. He wasn't sure if he’s able to ease his rage at all. Moreover to think about the things Hunter had done to her or might've done.

I almost lost her... I was dead too! And did that darn werewolf put his hand on her?! kissed her? Seth was conflicted inside.

As if she knew what’s going on in Seth’s mind, Violet slowly told him. “I-I'm okay... You saved me... I’m so glad that- -someone heard my prayer... and saved me in time,” Violet said as she looked into his eyes in her dim eyes. She felt like she was blabbering but for Seth, her words made him relieved to know that Hunter hadn’t got the chance to do her harm.

“Just please- - get me out of here...? Please, Seth...?” Violet said.

Seth was about to take her when she delayed him.

“I know that maybe, you're still angry... but you should know... He gave me the chance to heal you...” She stammered a bit.

Even in her breakdown-moment, she’s still thinking about someone else. Seth slightly thought. Sometimes the way she thought about everyone’s well-being made him jealous, though at the same time admire her too.

Seth carried Violet to his arm and took her out of the room. Fine, let's just go right away, before I change my mind and kill the Alpsky king!

Hunter squirmed in pain when his body hit the floor, he took a chance to look around the hall just to find his pack were already detained. He realised he’d already lost the fight, knowing there’s nothing he could do anymore without his pack. Not to mention he was outnumbered too.

When Seth appeared in front of Hunter with Violet in his arm, Seth took a chance to look at Hunter—in one cold-blooded look.

A life, for a life.” Seth turned his back and walked away. “You better wish you never meet me again, Alpsky Prince!”

Seth’s army retreated gradually, following their Prince while still protecting him in case the werewolf tried to fight back. Tanek hesitated for a while, startled with the fact that his Prince had given them mercy, the ones who attacked and killed him. But Tanek was in silence because he knew he’d lose face if he challenged Seth’s decision at the moment.

Outside the Alpsky castle, Gryffin carriage was already there with their winter clothes for the royal blood. Seth, Violet, Phillip, and Tanek were getting inside the carriage before the carriage set it course.

Inside the carriage, Violet was leaning her head to the window, closing her eyes as she tried to calm herself more. She was not sleepy, she just needed some time to get herself back together— since she knew she was still someone's prisoner and deep down she felt hopeless to face what might come ahead of her.

Tanek took the seat across from her, Seth’s sitting beside her, and Phillip’s seat was in front of Seth.

“You shouldn’t be so merciful at him Sire, he tried to kill you.. We should take their kingdom back there! Under Gryffin dominion, expanding our empire.” Tanek said in cynical. “I don’t know what’s so special about her--” he added while giving her a disgusted look.

Hearing what Tanek has said, Violet instantly looked at Tanek with her dim eyes.

“You’re right.. I’m not special. So why don’t you let me go so I can go back home?!” She didn’t know what’s gotten into her or why she got the nerve to say such things, she just felt she had nothing to lose anymore.

“You dare--!” Tanek instantly furious but Phillip held him out. “Tanek, control yourself.” Phillip’s starting to doubt about a lot of things that happened in their world, and beginning to take sides with his brother—obviously.

Seth was about to confront Tanek when Phillip handled him first. Since the voice inside his head was slightly saying, she’s special to me.

Seth was thinking too about the fact that he's so eager to extract her power alone just made her special. Doesn’t it make Tanek inconsistent? Why does everything about Violet, looked so personal for Tanek?

“Phillip, can you go back ahead- with Tanek?” said Seth, Phillip could read between the line that Seth needed to speak alone with the fairy and Seth wanted to keep Tanek away from her too.

Transported without ‘carrying’ some objects was faster and easier than the other way around.

“Yes of course.”

Phillip and Tanek transported ahead as their Prince’s order.

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