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Heart To Heart

Seth changed his seat to the seat across Violet-- who apparently refused to look him in the eye, though Violet could sense him in front of her anyway.

“So, I guess now I know the reason why my people went missing,” said Violet with a hint of upset tone. “Or the reason why you’re keeping me there for that matter... Go ahead...take my strength—or my life for all I care... Just don’t hurt my people anymore.” Her voice was broken between her silent cry, she was glancing outside the window the whole time.

Seth took her cold hand, trying to soothe her or made her looked at him since what he about to say was a lot of important things to her. And seeing her broken like that was torturing him.

“.. Listen… I’m - sorry,” Okay, that’s solid.-He’s mocking himself inside since he never really apologize to someone.

Violet was looking back at Seth with her confused eyes. She didn’t expect those words from Seth.

“... I...don’t understand.. Sorry for what?” said her with a teardrop remain on her cheek before she wiped it. Her voice still shaking a little.

Seth looked down for a second, finding out how hilarious it was for him that the conversation from his dream before, had become a reality.

“I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through from the beginning.” Said Seth. Violet could see his sincerity, and she’s still stunned because of it.

“..Why..?” her voice was very gentle. “I-I meant... Why all of a sudden..? And why did you have to extract our strength?”

Seth looked down before answering.

“For the record—I just found out about your people went missing... and the first time I heard about it, it was from your- -“ boyfriend. Really, brain? “- -friend, Navy... and I’ve found similar reports from my father’s journal that I need to find more about its truth.”

Violet listened carefully to his words. Though deep down her mind was distracted by Seth’s handsomeness. His lips, his eyes, his hands, his everything! Is this even really the right time, Violet?! She said inside. She noticed that she hadn’t really been that close with the prince.

“My kingdom has this ancient book that has been passing down for generations... It’s said, that soon a leader of this ancient dark creature will somehow-- arise... And when that happens, it would be the end of my kingdom or who knew—our world. This dark creature’s power is undefeatable, even with all the strength of my army joined together.” He explained. “Hundred years ago, our kingdoms fought together and this creature has defeated, but my council said according to that book it will return.”

“So why don’t we fight together..? Instead of..—” be like this? To this point. She couldn’t find the right words to describe their kingdom’s relation, she just lifted her hand in gesture.

“That’s the thing.. By fought together I meant- -“, He hesitated for a while, not sure where to start. “Do you ever heard about Queen Everest of Athopia?”

“Yes.. of course, she’s my great-great—I’m her descendant. She was a white fairy,—a war hero... I just.. don’t realize she fought in the same war you mentioned, until now..”

“She sacrificed herself. She gave her color strength to King Dex the ruler of my kingdom at that time... Her strength doubled King Dex’s power so he could overcome the creature. They kept the record about it in Gryffin’s ancient book..”

Violet’s eyes are widened in disbelief, Seth looked down again for a second before saying, “With the ongoing suspicious-situations between our kingdom, and what I thought was the best for my kingdom- - are all the reasons why I agreed to extract your strength..”

Violet was stunned for a while. “How..—” How can I didn’t know about this sides of history? Am I the only fairy in Athopia who didn’t know, or..? Everything started to make sense. –Like why her father decided to hide Athopia.

“.. I- - don’t..”--think I’m the right fairy to be extracted for its power? If I said that, wouldn’t that means that I suggest him to search for another victim-fairy? Why am I suddenly having a hard time finding words?!

“Aside own opinion, that I’m might not the right fairy to be extracted for—How did you know that I was gonna be there in the woods?” Violet’s referring to the first time Seth had found her.

“About that.. my counselor claimed to have his own informant, an outcast fairy—he said. But I’ve got this theory because an outcast fairy surely can’t go inside-outside through Athopia’s shields—undetected. I think, how you got there was an inside job..” Seth looked at her eyes. “It must be someone who has the most gain without your presence in Athopia.”

He’s right, that’s must be the answer—including with the moghs incident, who’s happened to get inside the shield undetected.

“So what should we do, now?—I meant, what can I do to help..?” said Violet with her widened eyes.

For a second Seth was stunned in great admiration of her. Her spirit, her kindness, her compassion-- her everything! She has the right to blame him for everything, yet she offered to help.

“You’re going to rest tonight, in my place—castle.” Seth corrected his word, worried for the word ‘place’ to be meant by his room. “As a guest, too. Tomorrow morning, I’ll take you to Navy and his team, so you can go back home to Athopia.”

Violet hesitated for a second.

“.. Thank you… But.. what are you gonna do..-?”Without a fairy that can be extracted..? Be very careful now, Violet, what can you offer him? What should you offer? “I mean, maybe we should find our fathers...?”

“I... thought so too... But for now, just rest, princess... We’ll figure everything out... later--eventually...”

They looked at each other for a while before she looked down first. Violet’s mind was in doubt to ask about his change of heart, mind, and decision. Should I ask him?

“When I was dying back there... I- I just got these thoughts.. of how I would do much-things differently..” He’s a little bit nervous. “And.. because of you.. I’ve got my second chance.. and I’m gonna use that chance to do something right..”

Seth was looking at Violet, wondering what’s on her mind before looked away nervously. He said, “I think that what my father would want me to do too..”

Suddenly another question comes up in her mind.

“Why didn’t you extract my strength when you’ve got the chance? Why wait for days?” She said before immediately regretting what she asked. What do you want him to say? Because he fell in love with me? Oh, Violet you so foolish. She felt both ashamed and prepared herself for the ugly truth inside.

Seth was taking a deep breath and exhaled before answering.

“It’s said- - that a fairy has to be in her fittest form, to be accurately-well extracted...” He said with an unsure voice.

“I see...My wings,” There. Now I know. Wait, does he knows how she grows her wings? But I shouldn’t let him know how...

Seth nodded, weakly, before looked down again. They both were in awkward silence for a while, and the carriage had reached the Gryffin Kingdom.

It’s after midnight, on the way to the castle’s gate Violet could see the people of Gryffin were cleaning out the after-party mess, reminding her about his events.

His birthday and his Engagement day. Engaged—even saying that word still aching her heart inside. Violet looked down, rubbing her fingers nervously, before saying “I, um, want to say Happy Birthday, Prince Seth... and thank you again,” She said awkwardly nervous.

Wow, this must be the greatest feeling he ever felt in all his birthday years. Seth stunned in his darkened eyes, looking at her, wanting her, longing for her, and he found her mesmerizing.

Violet was looking back into his eyes—she looked unsure between her reddened cheeks.

Are they’ve been this close since they first sit across from each other? Seth didn’t realize how-or when his face was leaning toward her face, and does she meet him in the middle?

Their lips were only a few inches away to meet each other.

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