Deepest Part Of You

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The carriage’s door suddenly opened, along with the bright outside light that dazzled their eyes. They both startled and moved away from each other.

Seth cleared his throat, “Thank you.” He swiftly responded before guiding her out of the carriage.

“Sire, Princess Bianca has been waiting for you in your room... She wants a word with you, immediately.” Tanek notified him.

“Yes, thanks.” He said briefly. Yeah, great timing counsellor! Seth glanced at Violet for a second before looking at Tanek. “Gather the council, I need to talk with them as soon as possible. And please take Princess Vi to the guest room.”

Noticing that Seth's eyes were on her, Violet tried to keep her face emotionless just until she knew no body’s looking. And when Seth turned his back to went inside, she then exhaled.

Wake up, Violet! What just happened back there?! You almost kiss somebody’s fiancée. She just couldn’t believe herself for letting her guard down, and—obviously, she kept forgetting that he’s engaged.

Just forget whatever delusion-happened in the carriage! You saw him yourself--! He can’t wait to see her and just left me to be with his fiancée. She exhaled with her weak smile when she faced down.

Violet was about to take a step inside when Tanek suddenly grabbed her arm, harshly, and took her teleporting.

His hatred was shown all over his face. Ask for a meeting with the council, and take her to a guest room? He’s going to let this swine princess go! What a weak Prince! Time for plan B! Tanek said inside

They appeared in a place near the castle since Violet still could see the castle from where she stood. It was some kind of an open field filled with tents, a base camp area for their troops.

“Why did you take me here?” asked Violet with a racing heartbeat.

“This morning, our troops who were sent to search for King Mark, just got back,” He explained—Lying actually, while dragging her across the field, towards the tents. “Many of them are wounded, so you’re gonna help us by healing every one of them!”

“I refuse to do it! Not without your Prince’s approval!” Violet tried to escape from his grip, releasing his grip by opening his finger with her hand, but Tanek rudely shook her body and continued to drag her, forcing her to follow his step.

Violet happened to notice a tattoo on the back of his hand that grabbed her. A black fire tattoo.

“Oh, you think the Prince will take sides with you?! You're nobody to him! I am the royal counsellor and I command you to do it! You will do what I say! You useless fairy!” Tanek said angrily.

Violet dropped to the soil with both hands when Tanek pushed her inside the tent. Inside the tent, there were eight wounded guards, lying on each of their bed.

“You! Make sure she heals my prior-troops! As many as she can!” He yelled at one of his subordinates, Violet noticed the wizard has the same tattoos as Tanek.

Is that their kingdom’s trademark tattoos? She thought inside, since she didn't recall Seth having one.

The wizard who guarded her, starting to do what his superiors told him. He dragged her to the closest bed with the wounded wizard on it.

Violet knew, that she had to stall as long as she could, or at least until Seth realized she’s not in the guest room, and looked for me? She thought doubtfully, assuming that he would check on her.

Before starting to heal the wizard on the bed, Violet took a chance to look at his hand, searching whether he got the same tattoos as Tanek or not. And if this wizard had it, she’s gonna stall a little bit more.

“..I-I think I need to recharge my strength.. if I could have a bite to eat, or something to drink—that would be lovely... I-I just got back too, from being captured by the werewolf.” She noticed the same tattoo and tried to buy herself some time.

There’s definitely something wrong about Tanek, and I’m not going to help him by putting his troops back-in-a-good-shapes together. Her instinct told her so.

“No! Do your job now!” The wizard who guarded her gave her a little push.

“Please.. I’m starving, my power won’t work well, I’m drained out.”

The wizard guard decided to turn his back, heading toward a wooden bedside table with a loaf of bread and some food on its plate. He took a piece of bread and meant to give it to Violet, but when he turned his back again, Violet was already gone.

She quickly snuck outside the tent, she was thinking about running through the field to go back to the castle but she had to abort her plan. She heard the guard swearing for losing her which meant that she didn't have much time.

She barged into one tent, a tent without lights inside—assuming it’s an empty tent. She’s hoping that with all those tents there, the guard who’s looking for her won’t find her easily. And maybe find a wizard guards without the same tattoos to help her?

She tried not to make a sound at all in the storage-tent she’s hiding. Even though it’s guard-free, she got to keep moving. She got a chance to change the tent for hiding, when suddenly inside the tent went bright.

Four guards—all four have the same tattoos, came inside the tent. Two guards stand by the front, and the other two came from her behind. One of them was the appointed guard who was looking for her.

“Well.. well, what do we have here!!” said the biggest guard, he seemed pleased.

“Don’t do anything stupid! She’s THE fairy, she supposed to heal our men.”

“Yeah? Where are her wings? Besides, I do need to be healed! It’s been a while since we’ve got ourselves a lady, right guys?”

What’s the matter with this night?! Tonight must be the jerk’s night because I just keep meeting one!

Violet searched around the tent for things she could use for defending herself. Logs, armours,-- her eyes finally caught a small pile of blades, she grabbed it instantly.

The big guards chuckled—underestimating her since they could easily overcome her with their magic power. All of them slowly approached her, cornered her, and surrounded her.

They were all trying to take the blade from her hand or caught her, but she fiercely swung her blade, protecting herself. The big guard almost reached her back when she cut his forearm.

He’s instantly mad. “You bitch--!!”

Violet didn’t get a chance to avoid it when a log flew into the air, hitting her head. She fell on the ground, her head was spinning and she could feel her eyebrow’s-edge near her temple was hurt. She was in pain and the same pain she felt on her left cheek too.

She was trying to recover for a while when the big guard grabbed her arm and pulled her, forcing her to stand. “Somebody has to teach you a lesson.” He said while locked her body in his arm.

“RELEASE ME!!” Violet struggled hard, when she’s got a chance she stepped on his foot and elbowing his solar plexus with all the strength she’s got.

The big guard spontaneously in a great pain, and pushed her away—harshly, before squirming in pain on the soil. Violet was now in another guard’s locked, who pushed her body to his friend beside him, his friend pushed her too and so on as if she were a giant ball to play with. Violet was already feeling sick even before the mocking-push around.

She felt one big pushed from the guard, before losing counts of how many rounds she had been pushed around. Maybe she’ll puke, or die for too much dizziness, or just faint, she doesn’t know anymore, she thought. She was just about to give up when suddenly a sturdy chest and arm, had caught her body steadily but gently enough too.

Her head-spinning was not yet gone and her eyes were still metaphorically-rolling, her vision got a little bit blurry but she knew exactly who’s holding her.

She felt secured right away.

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