Deepest Part Of You

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Wizard Knight

I don’t remember how my bed could be this hard, cold, and uncomfortable. Or how my body felt as if I was hit by a carriage. What is that noise anyway? A growl.. or a whispers..

I opened my eyes, and quickly sat down in shock.

I’m not in my bedroom. I’m in the middle of i-don’t-know-where-i-am-somewhere-deep-in-the-jungle.

Am I still inside Athopia’s Shield? Pretty sure it’s morning, or daylight, but it’s dark. I can’t see any sunlight because these trees are very big and shady. The fog’s thickness made it almost impossible to see what’s in front of you.

I stand up when I hear a cracking-twig that I heard clearly as if it’s not far from me. Even though I’m still trying to find my balance as I was putting my hand on the tree behind me. I just have to get out from here. Now!

Just as I stretched my wings and took a little leap, a sharp twig pierced through my right wing to the tree. It’s Mogh’s poisonous bugs! I was starting to panic. I cannot fly away, nor step my feet to the ground. My right shoulder’s bleeding too, apparently mogh’s bug grazed my skin first, before it went through piercing my wing.

I can sense the mogh’s getting closer. My right wing’s starting to rip apart caused by my efforts to get away. Can I fly with only one wing?—I don’t know but at least I’d try. I reach my wing with my right hand, and without looking back I’m trying to reach and pull the bugs out from the tree too. I’ll do anything that works. But my limited angle of movement makes it impossible to pull the bugs out from the tree for it to run through deep.

Just about when my wing’s got fully ripped apart and I’m going to be stuck-free, another mogh’s bug pierced through my palm. I gasped in horror. My screaming restrained as I watch the bug that pierced in my palm spread its twig into the roots wrapping my wrist.

It meant to tie me to the tree. In a blink of an eye, another mogh’s bug pierced the tree near my left hand, and spread another twig-roots. This happened within seconds, though I’d witnessed as if it went slowly frame by frame.

The next thing I know, both my wrists and waist are wrapped with the roots.

“OH NO!” I whimpered as I watched my wings crushed by the roots. Destroyed, fall into pieces—into glitter dusts. I knew that the poison from the bugs ran inside my veins.

I’m trembling for the fact that I definitely cannot escape from this. I’m going to die! Alone. Pretty sure my adrenaline was kicking in to the maximum level, because I haven’t felt the pain from my wounds anymore, or maybe the roots strangled me too hard. My vision’s beginning to fail and blurry.

This is it.- - This is the end.

In my blurry vision I still can see the Mogh’s black shadow approaching at my level of height.

I was about to pass out and my eyes were getting dimmer, but I caught a painful growl from the mogh in my ear, even though it sounded far. My eyes were determined to know what’s happened, and so at that time, I’d found the tip of a sword comes out from the moghs chest.

After that, everything goes blackout.

Prince Seth Owens. He was moving his hand lightly from the ground—only the gesture of his hand to pull up his sword from the mogh’s chest, summoning back his sword to his hand. The mogh’s body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Seth was stunned for a while, as he was still being cautious. He’s looking at the unconscious fairy, who’s lost her wings and wounded pretty bad.

If only I was here in time, this princess would still be safe and sound.

Wait, did I just care about her? He clenched his jaw. Not liking the way he was thinking about the princess in all of a sudden. Seth raised his right hand and clenched his fist, all the roots that had covered and tied the princess begin crushed into pieces.

As the roots crumbled, Seth held up Violet’s body with his magic-power so she would not fall to the ground.

Violet’s wounded body was floating slowly to Seth’s arm. He’s barely put any effort to carry the princess.

For a while, Seth’s watching the fairy princess in his arms, for he’s almost never met one. Her lavender hair was highlighted with the shades of light-gold in between and the bottom.

Her eyes are still closed, making him wonder the colour of her eyes, considering that the blood coming out from her shoulder is purple—not red. Her lips are red-ish though. He can’t help to think inside as he sees her lips. If I kiss her, will she wake up? Okay...great thoughts Seth! He mocked himself.

He’s looking behind his shoulder, his royal-councelor and a few Gryffin guards had arrived.

Gryffin Kingdom is the Kingdom of the Wizards. Both Kingdoms; Gryffin and Athopia used to live in peace for King Mark Owens (Seth’s Father) and King Grey Eos are in good relation. But the circumstances are heating up for both kingdoms, especially because King Mark has gone for weeks.

There’s a dark ancient rumor about an awakening leader of a wicked creature, that was so undefeatable and will destroy all kingdoms. King Mark hasn’t returned and the last words about his cavalry are related with the fairy’s army. From that moment, Athopia had used their shield and deliberately off grid from other kingdoms.

There’s another word that comes up. Words from the ancient book of Gryffin. This information can be a way out from the Creature leader’s grasp, a safe solution for Gryffin Kingdom. It’s said that a wizard can absorb and possess great power from true blood fairies, the true heir, and the chosen one. If one has succeeded it will bring infinite power to defeat the dark leader.

That’s the reason why he saved the princess. He’ll prisoned the princess in his castle. He’ll interrogate her, intimidate her, break her if necessary. Whatever needed to find his father, King Mark too.

Though deep down he realised that maybe he’s not capable of doing such things. Seeing the princess had wounded badly, has made him almost lose his mind, even when he seemed cool outside.

“I need a medic team, now! And bring me the carriage!” Seth carrying the princess toward his guards were standing. One of the guards immediately teleported back to the Gryffin castle preparing his requests.

“You got here so fast, your majesty.”, Tanek Abaddon, the royal counsellor implying, bowing.

“Not fast enough.”

Tanek took a mild gasp after looking at Violet, “It lost its wings!”.

Seth glared at Tanek, “You mean, She? And yes, I can see that she’s wingless.” He said coldly as he was upset for being reminded that he should’ve helped her sooner.

“If we’re going to extract her, we must bring her fittest form.. Your highness. Or it won’t work.” Tanek emphasized.

“We’ll figure it out, later!” Seth said while heading toward the carriage that suddenly appeared soon after.

Tanek and a few of his guards are teleporting back. Seth— who’s still carrying Violet, gets into the carriage where the medic-wizard was in the middle of getting ready to medicate the wounded fairy.

“Treat her! Carefully.” Seth said.

Even though it doesn’t take much time for the carriage and everything in it to teleport back to the Castle, Seth still wants her wounds to get immediately taken care of. Especially the blood from her palms that was still dripping out.

Seth decided to clean Violet’s wound on her palm with clean-warm water fabric, and put Gryffin’s traditional medication to stop the bleeding. He gently wrapped her palm with the bandage, and let his health expert handle the rest of the wounds. Now that the bleeding had stopped and the poison that once ran in her blood is no longer taking effect, Seth felt relieved at once.

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