Deepest Part Of You

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My Knight

Right after he left Violet with the carriage at the gate to went inside the castle, Seth went to his room intended to explain about the night to Bianca just to found her not there. Seth suddenly asked the guard on duty inside the castle about her but no one seemed to see her.

After he ordered the guard to assemble the council, Seth intended to check on Violet in the guest room, but she was nowhere to be found too. Violet is not in any guest rooms. It was as if he’s having a heart attack when he couldn’t find Violet and instantly, his instinct told him that something’s not right.

Seth went to Phillip’s room, trying to find out if Elena knew where Violet was.

“Seth, what happened? Phillip is still in the shower..” She said after she opened her bedroom door with her wondering-look on her face.

“Did you see her anywhere..? Have you see her, or do you know where she is?”

“See who? Bianca?”

“No, Violet,” He said briefly.

“Isn’t she supposed to be with you?”

“Yes! I mean, she was with me! But—I- where is everyone?” Is he panicking? Just because he can’t find her?

“Seth! Focus!.. Tell me what happened! I haven’t seen her since the last time.” Elena said impatiently.

“I-I was..- - She was supposed to be - - Where would she--” Okay, why can’t I think clearly? He tried to get himself a grip when he saw Elena’s mad eyes since he’s still not giving her the right updates about Violet. He calmed himself down.

“Okay, I can’t find Violet anywhere. I was going to prepare a meeting with the council to let them know that I will free her from us, and I asked for her to be placed in the guest rooms but—I’ve already checked all of our guest rooms and she’s not there!” Now he said all of those words without breathing at all. “I asked Tanek to—” Suddenly it hit him. How could I be so stupid?! Idiots!

“So, she was last seen with Tanek?” asked Elena.

Seth nodded. “I have to sound all the guards to find her!”

“No there’s no time! You can go to her, I'm sure of this!”

“What, by teleporting? I don’t even know where she is! You do realize this is different from tracking her with the werewolf, right? I was still on their tails at that time!”

“Yes, you can!” Elena took a breath for a second, “Look, Seth, I know there's something’s going on between you two... I can feel it! I saw it with my own eyes that you care for her and the same way goes with her too.”

Seth was speechless for a while with his mouth opened as if he’s about to say something but, nothing. Because she was right.

“Just close your eyes, and-- try to feel her when you teleport.” Said Elena, supporting him. Meanwhile, Phillip just got out of the bathroom. Elena told him to put some clothes on right away.

“We’ll go with you. You can do this.” She added. Seth then teleported with them both.

When Seth, Phillip, and Elena appeared inside the tent, it was the perfect time for Violet. Seth managed to catch her body that had been pushed to the ground near the exit before he showed up.

With her in his arm, Seth looked at the four guards in front of him with clenched jaw and fist. What were they doing? And why did Tanek took her here?

It didn’t take him much longer to ask the guards what happened. He made each of the guards trapped and tied to the soil by tent sheets and parts. He alerted his personal guards too, to handle the rest.

“Vi... Are you okay?” He asked her gently between his rage.

“.. Y-yes I guess so..” She almost touched her wounds near her temple as she felt its sting from the pain when Seth held her wrist, stopping her.

“That needs to be treated,” said Elena.

“Elena, could you take her inside? Phillip and I will look for Tanek.” His voice seemed calm but for those who knew him, they'd know that he was furious from his cold voice.

“Yes, of course. We’ll be in the kitchen," Elena said lightly before explaining more. "--I’m starving.” Elena was on purpose in letting him know where Violet would be since she already seen with her own eyes how Seth had lost his mind back then when he looked for her.

As they got into the kitchen, Elena prepared the first ait kid, some hot-honey-teas, and desserts. Prepared—as in magically appeared on the island kitchen. She pulled out a chair and leads Violet to sit down.

“Come, take a seat here... I will take care of your wounds and you can eat the desserts while I treat you..” She smiled. “I’m sorry about all of these desserts.. the baby is hungry—all the time!”

Violet smiled back, she realized that Elena probably said that just to make her feel comfortable to eat. “Well.. can’t blame the baby.. these all looked delicious.” They both chuckled.

Elena started to open the first aid box, she took a few parts out for her to use. She then took a warm bowl of water, and bring it to the island kitchen. When she saw Violet who’s still doing nothing, rather than eating her dessert, Elena pulled another chair and sit with Violet.

She took one vanilla-butter cupcake and gave it to Violet. “You eat, I treated you... Remember?”

“How about we eat together first? You said you’re hungry... I’m fine, barely feel the pain,” Violet persuaded her and took one cupcake for her too. “I just- -need to stop thinking about what happened for a while... It’s been a very challenging night for me,”

“I know...” said Elena, understand what she felt. Elena lifted her chin high up, staring at Violet warmly before eating her cupcake right away, in a gesture to lift her spirit up.

Not long after they had finished their cupcakes and hot honey-tea, Seth and Phillip appeared in the kitchen.

“Did you find him?” asked Elena.

Phillip shook his head. “We told the guards to run the perimeter around the castle. They will let us know when he showed up.”

They’re all silent for a moment, thinking about the same thoughts. What’s the reason or connection behind all of this?

“Phillip, can you update the council?” said Seth, followed by a nod from Phillip. Elena suddenly stood up from her chair, “Oh, I will go with you Phillip!” said her briefly while took two more cupcakes.

“Oh, Phillip, Elena, keep your eyes open, okay? Just- - be on your guard..” said Seth gently.

Violet nervously stood up from the chair when Seth approached her, Seth took her wrist and gently lead her to sit back on her chair.

“Is this still hurt?” asked Seth, while moving Violet’s wavy hair on her temple, referring to her wound.

“Um... No--I guess.” She said unsure because she hadn’t touched the wound at all. Seth observed her wound thoroughly, making their faces so close together.

Violet took a quiet gasp as she felt intensely nervous. She looked away trying to hide her anxieties for being too close to him.

Seth watered the cotton inside the hot water bowl and pressed it a little, making it damp enough before bringing it to Violet’s wound near the temple to clean some of the dried blood.

“Ouchy—” Violet startled by its pain when Seth touched the wound.

He held back for a second. “I’m sorry...”

“No, It’s fine I just- - didn’t see it coming..uh, the sting- -I mean,” she said nervously.

Seth touched her chin with his left hand so that he could get a better angle to clean the wound with extra tenderness. He licked his lips and cleared his throat when he realized how closed her lips in front of him. Seth then poured some medicine on new cotton.

“This might hurt a little...” He said

Seth swept the cotton on her clean-wound, very gently. Violet prepared herself at the moment, trying to be all cool about it. But she felt the aching on her wound was pretty hurt, she could only bit her bottom lip, holding herself from groaning in pain again.

Seth noticed what she did with her lips—He noticed everything about her. Her eyes, lips, a little bruise on her cheek. He’s still longing for her. The next thing he knew, his palm was already on her cheek and he was taking his moment for a while.

Violet's eyes were widened when she realized his hand was gently swept her cheek and down to her chin.

Their eyes were locked at each other.

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