Deepest Part Of You

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Last First Kiss?

Seth's eyes were darkened, his hand was still on her chin as his thumb stroked her skin.

“... Please don’t do that..” Seth said gently, trying to be in control.

Violet was barely breathing as her eyes widened.

“D-do what..?” she confused since Seth was the one who touched her, making her slightly shiver.

“Looking at me, that way...” he said, staring at her lips. “-Or whatever mind-power you put on me... It's messing with my head,” He said huskily. Makes me wanting you all the time. Dreaming about you, wanting to make you mine. He thought inside before he felt about to lose control. “I'm warning you, princess,” Seth said as he came closer to her.

“I...d-don’t - -have--” Violet slightly held back, staring searchingly into his eyes. “--such power—Seth.”

The moment she said his name, Seth just lose control. He’d been wanting to kiss her from the first time he met her, and the fact that he would not get the chance to taste her lips at all, made him surrendered to his needs.

Seth was kissing her and taking every tender moment of pleasure from her lips. Soon they both lulled in their kisses as if the clock’s stopped and everything’s around them became blurry.

The pleasure was too much to bear and they could feel their veins were rushing as their blood boiled with pleasure. Seth was pulling her close as they stood up without breaking the kiss. His hand was on her waist as Violet's hands were on his chest.

Their gentle kiss was turning into more demanding ones. Violet's body was starting to glow with her strength colors glow, while her wings started to grow back.

When Seth's eyes slightly opened, noticing her glows and her wings, he was stunned, breaking their kiss.

“M-my wings...” Violet whispered as she sensed her wings and she knew exactly what that’s mean. She fell in love with the prince, her Alpha-mate, her true love. Otherwise, her wings wouldn't be revived.

Violet was stunned too. Her cheeks turned red, wondering whether Seth knew the reason how she could grow back her wings, and if he knew, what was he was thinking.

Violet was staring searchingly into Seth's empty eyes as she noticed that Seth was taking a step back. Seeing that, Violet opened her mouth to try to explain something but Seth just grabbed her wrist and took her out of the kitchen.

“You have to go, now! I have to get you out from here!” He said as he walked in huge steps and in hurry, making Violet had to run a little to keep up with his steps.

“I’ll take you to Navy right now, and you have to leave with them, immediately!” He said with a tense voice, he’s not even looked back too.

“B-but I—” Violet stammered, not sure she wanted to leave Seth and his kingdom without any plan regarding their desperate situation.

He suddenly turned his back.

“Listen! In every second you stay here, the more chances for you to be in danger!” He looked down for a second and looked deep into her eyes, “And I can’t take that risk now.”

Violet just stared at him with her round eyes. This is definitely not the right time to tell him how I feel, right? Or how if she wants to see him again. Or what about him?

“I-I understand...” Violet replied shortly.

“Wait,- -“ She pulled his hand when Seth’s about to take her through the kitchen’s door. “Back there- - when Tanek took me, and when I was inside the tent- - I saw this mark, a tattoo of black fire at the back of his hand. The guards in the tent who attacked me have it too... I think you should know that.”

Seth's eyes were widened, his jaw clenched. Somethings turned out to make sense.

“It’s the mark of the dark sorcerer.” Tanek must’ve kept it secrets in these past few years. “I will find him. After I make sure you leave this kingdom safe and sound.”

Seth looked down while moving his hand from her wrist to reach her palm. He held her hand and their fingers interlocked. Violet looked down at their hand as if she was cherishing every moment they had left.

“I... maybe I can stay and help," Violet said gently.

"You can help me by being safe," Seth said sturdily.

"... I wish we have more time..." She whispered while looking into Seth's eyes.

Seth gave her a light kiss on her lips for one last time, before he continued to get her out of his palace. Little that they knew, the moment they opened the door they found one familiar face that they'd been searching for.

“FINALLY!” Bianca said. “I’ve been trying EVERYTHING—to take over this kingdom! I guess my patience is paying off and about to do me well after all!”

Bianca looked mad, she stood behind three councils who are trapped in a silver chain. The chain wrapped their neck, threatened their lives since they were her hostages.

“Bianca?! What are you doing?!” Seth said.

“What do I looked like I’m doing? I’m taking your kingdom! With her strength, my father will be the greatest wizard in the universe! Now, give her to me! Or you can say your goodbye to some of your councils.” Bianca tightened the chain on the hostage’s neck, making them groaned in pain.

Seth pulled Violet's hand behind his back, protecting her with his body. Giving her up? Over my dead body! Who is her father anyway? King Winston never visits the Gryffin Kingdom. Unless...

“Tanek is your father," Seth said without needing their confirmation since her looks had said it all. "Don’t do this, Bianca,”

“Oh, I’m doing it! Now, stop stalling, and give me the fairy!” she raised her voice.

“I can’t do that,” He said with a clenched jaw. Violet reached Seth’s arm, she realized that they didn’t have much choice.

“Seth--” Violet whispered. She was willing to go with Bianca and Tanek but Seth’s hand blocked her, refusing to let her walk or to give her up. He looked at her from his shoulder.

“DON’T!” Seth cut in before she said another word, he already knew her intentions.

“Isn’t this SWEET?” Suddenly, Tanek appeared with Phillip and Elena as hostages, their hands were chained and they both surrounded by flying daggers, pointing at them.

“I told you, her wings can grow back... You did a very good job in helping us out, Prince Seth!” Tanek and Bianca looked at each other, with smug smiles.

Seth clenched his fists, apart from his uprising rage, his eyes were widened watching at Phillip and Elena who were in danger. How can I alert the guards? Tanek and Bianca must have killed the guards inside the castle.

“Be careful Sire,” Tanek said, threatening him when he noticed Seth’s about to take a step forward. A few of the dagger's tips were pointing at Elena’s baby bump. “Now... The fairy please..” Tanek just loved being arrogant.

“Please...! No one needs to get hurt,” Violet said. “I’ll go with you... Just...don’t hurt them, I need your word on it.”

Seth startled and looking at her, spontaneously.

Tanek was scoffing. “Aren't you so naive?! Fools! Soon, none of it gonna matter anymore, after we extracted you! But sure, I won’t hurt them...for now.”

Well, at least that’s enough for now, I hope Seth could find a way to get everyone safe. Violet said inside as she tried to brave herself.

Violet slowly took a step, passing beside Seth when Seth grabbed her arm—still refusing to give her up. His looks were broken, furious, and desperate, his jaw tightened so hard as his fists too until Violet could see her knuckle turned white.

She looked at him softly, staring deep into his eyes. “Everything is going to be alright...” her voice was very gentle, along with her touched on Seth's cheek. Even though deep down, Violet was struggling with her fears and doubts since she found it was very hard to be steady when it comes to the people she loved.

Violet's eyes turned glassy a bit, “They can’t have my soul... Seth, I believe in you,” she whispered in his ear before giving him a kiss on his lips. Violet didn’t say I love you so it won’t affect his willingness to let her go,—even though she wanted to.

Seth’s eyes got a little bit softened up when he opened his eyes after kissing her. His eyes were still telling her to not going with them. They had to find a better way. He had to. Damn it! that kiss better not be a goodbye kiss! Seth swore inside.

Seth was still holding Violet’s arm while staring at Phillip and Elena. He tried to search for every other way that could free them but deep down he knew there was no other way. Never in his life, he felt that desperate.

"Seth..." Violet called his name when Seth didn't seem to free her. "you have to let me go..." Violet said softly.

As he realized that he had to lose first at the moment, his grip on her arm finally loosened up.

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