Deepest Part Of You

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As soon as Seth had let her go, Violet slowly walked toward Tanek and Bianca. All the hostages began to walk closer to where Seth was standing along with the daggers which threaten everyone including Seth and Violet.

The room was intensely tense at the moment of exchange since one mistake could end everyone’s life.

When Violet reached the other side as Tanek and Bianca grabbed her arms, they swiftly took her from the place. Taking her by teleporting in a flash. Each of the daggers started to fly to Seth's side, threatening their lives.

Fortunately, Seth was more than ready to counter the daggers' attack. Phillip and Elena were backing him up too, trying to keep everyone there safe. They had shield themselves and the councils from the daggers, so the daggers fell down to the floor.

They took her away! Seth was stunned with an empty look in his eyes, he was in great despair. How could this happen? This is all my fault! If only I have freed her in time, I will not lose her!

“Seth! We have to help her!” said Elena while freeing the councils from their chain. Elena called him again to wake him from his thought.

After Seth pulled himself together, refusing to give up, he responded.

“I will find her. I promise. Even if I have to give my own life.” He said. “But I forbid you to go with me, Elena... Or you, Phillip, you have to stay here and be ready to be the successor of our kingdom,”

“But—” both Phillip and Elena talked at the same time, but Seth refused and cut in.

“My decision is final. You both have to stay here and take care of Gryffin... While I’m gone..” He said sturdily before his voice softened at the end.

Every sorcerer in the room knew what that's mean. If something happened to the first prince, Phillip had to be ready to take the crown and rule—since their King was still missing too.

“Seth... be careful, okay?” said Phillip in his worried tone of voice.

Seth nodded. He immediately teleported to gather his guards and headed to the dungeon in order to release Navy and his team so they could take her princess back home after he took her back. Seth was not aiming to win the battle, he just wished for a chance to safe Violet from Tanek and Bianca. He had to make things right.

“What do you want?!” Navy said when he saw the prince from inside the bar. His hands were leaning at the bar, hitting them rudely. “Planning to take one of us and kill my people again?!” He raised his voice.

The rest of his team came near him. Seth stood in shock for a while, noticing that Navy’s team was short by two people.

“Who came here before me?” asked Seth, making sure that it was Tanek’s doing.

“Huh! You’re gonna play it that way? Pretending you don’t know?!”

Definitely Tanek then. This is not good. Seth started to lose his calmness because if Tanek had extracted the strength of the fairies—even not the chosen one, they would still hard to overtake.

“Listen! I don't expect you to understand, but right now, your Princess is in danger!”

“Why would you surprised if that’s all because of you?!”

Seth’s frigidly tightened his fists. He didn’t need to be reminded of his wrongs, especially from Navy.

“Are you gonna help me save her, or do you rather stay here and blame me for the rest of your life?” said Seth coldly.

Navy looked at the prince, knowing that he didn't have a choice. And Violet's life was in danger, he would do anything to safe her.

“What do you waiting for then? Open the door!” Said Navy. “You better wish no harm will come to our Princess, or I'll swear, I’m gonna kill you myself!”

I deserve that.—Seth thought inside while using his power to open the bar’s door.

“What happened to her?” asked Navy.

“I’ll explain later on...the road. We have to reach her as soon as we can.”

Seth had to be extremely focusing on his ability to teleport—to the unknown place where Tanek and Bianca took her. Not to mention he had to take a quite large group at the same time. He once made it to find her at the tent, teleported with no trails or clue at all. Even though to be honest to himself, the tent was close, unlike the one that he had to do at the moment, and if he failed he'd lose her.

He can do this, right? He HAD to, even if he had to die trying! He slightly thought.

Meanwhile, somewhere far enough from the Gryffin Kingdom, Tanek and Bianca took Violet to some ritual place. It’s an open space with dark soil, a few big rocks lying around, covered with thorny roots. The place was one oval-shaped field surrounded by hundred years old big trees. It was so dark and the moon was the only light that light the place but its light was insignificant that night.

“Why did you do this? Aren't you supposed to unite with the Gryffin Kingdom?" Violet tried to make a conversation while searching for an escaping plan, even though her hands were chained again since Tanek and Bianca got her back inside the castle.

“Pff... Why would I do that when I can own every kingdom?” said Tanek while pushing Violet’s back.

“What about the ancient creatures from your kingdom's book?" Violet said.

"Honey, with the power you'll give me, I will worry about nothing!" Tanek evilly scoffed.

"So, I guess you're just thinking about your own obsession with power, huh? Trying to rule every world...” Violet said flatly. "You won't win, Tanek,"

“Oh, did I just burst your bubbles of harmony..? Ugh—you’re so annoyingly naïve! In case you haven't noticed, I already win!” said Tanek. "Now, less talking and move!"

“Yeah, just shut up and walk faster!” Bianca added.

“So what, you’re gonna split my power?” asked Violet, trying to divide them against each other.

“Of course not, she already knows her place—unlike yourself!” Tanek sarcasm showed in his voice. “She’s my daughter, and we stand for our kingdom’s course to rule the universe.”

Tanek pushed her back a little bit more, pushing her to take a step inside the rectangle rock with a symbol in the middle of it.

Violet couldn’t see the symbol clearly because most parts of it covered in dried leaf and thorn roots. She kept walking toward the middle since Tanek and Bianca pushed her to step on the horizontal stone.

Then Violet tried to see clearly for the symbol. Suddenly, the wind blew all the leaves, making Violet saw the symbol more clearly. This is a fairy wing engraving on that big stone with some cracked-gap in the middle of the wings... I...know this...

Violet turned her back. “This won’t work...You said it yourself, I'm not special...”

“We’ll see!” Tanek said. “The fact that you’re standing there just affirming my success already... Your people are too naïve to realize that you have a traitor inside your kingdom! And your prince? Can’t save you here... No one knows you here! Even if they search for you, it would be too late! Now, let’s start our party, shall we?” Tanek lifted his hands.

The stone-ground under Violet’s foot starts to rumble. Violet tried to fly away but as she guessed already, Bianca pulled her chain, trapping her back to the ground.

The thorn roots were moving forward up to her body from her leg as if a snake’s slithering its prey. Violet started to groan in pain because the thorn roots grazed her skin. It's trapping her more, the roots. Encircling her waist, arms and wrist. Her wings started to crushed again and were torn apart by the thorn roots. The more she tried to move the more she got hurt.

“Don’t be too comfy there princess! We’re just still in the beginning. Ready to give up your power..?” another evil sarcasm from Tanek.

“...N-NE- VER!” She was painting and grunted in pain. I will never give my power to an evil soul like you!—Her words were echoing inside her head.

Her purple blood started to drip off from every grazed she had, her tears dropped too since she couldn't hold all the pain. Her body started to glow but not in the usual way it glows. That time, her glow slowly out, leaving outside her body as if it’s vaporizing from her body, and she could feel herself getting weaker.

On any other day, she would just accept the fact that she was powerless or she was nothing special, but at the moment Violet just wished that her soul and whatever “strength” she had, would not betray her this once. Only this once!

Even when her flesh would be dying and she would only be a memory for the ones she loved.

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