Deepest Part Of You

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Seth, his troops, and Navy’s team appeared in the middle of the woods filled with hundred years trees. They were looking around, trying to get a clue or a vision that could lead them to Violet but they couldn’t spot or heard anything.

“Where are we?” asked Navy in a harsh tone.

Seth wasn’t answering. Since he was still trying to sense her whereabouts, he was so uptight, looking for a sound or a sign of Violet too.

Did I take them to the right place? He could barely control his thought and he’s starting to doubt himself.

Suddenly, a painful scream was heard, not far from them. That must be her, he thought. Seth wasn’t sure whether her scream was a good or bad sign.

They’re moving closer in silence to where the voice was heard, trying to blend in the dark under the shadows of the trees.

At the edge of the tree border, they were stopping. Gazing to the open space where they could see clearly what’s happening.

Seth and Navy are looking at the view of Violet being extracted—tortured in a way they would never forget. Seth was shivering in rage, shock, and overwhelmed in despair too all at the same time. But before they’re gonna reveal themselves Seth and Navy quickly set a plan to attack.

After they were settled with that brief plan, Seth gave the cue to his troops to charge instantly before teleporting with his sword in his hand. He was not planning to wait even a little bit longer, since he was furious.

Seth’s men working with Navy’s team and teleported them near Tanek and Bianca, charging them at once. It was the plan that Seth had arranged to attack both Tanek and Bianca with fairy’s telepathic strength since, from the last experience, fairy’s telepathic strength had effective enough to paralyze the sorcerer for some time.

Navy and his team—as in the other four fairies, were in formation to attack with telepathic strength. But when they initiated their attack, nothing seemed to happen. It turned out that Bianca and Tanek were impenetrable by it since they’ve already extracted the strength of two fairies from Navy’s team before.

Bianca was the first to spotted Seth and the rest of their enemy. She initiated her attack first, throwing rocks and sharp roots with her power at whoever she saw in front of her. Protecting his father-Tanek who’s still in the middle of the extracting-ritual.

Seth managed to dodge her attack by countered all the thrown objects, he managed to protect Navy and his team at the same time too.

He quickly noticed that the telepathic attack didn’t work. It was a good thing that he was prepared for the fact that Tanek's and Bianca's power was increasing because they already extracted the fairies' strength and life before.

“Tell everybody to hold on! Give me some time!” Seth said at Navy, followed by his nod.

Seth was intended to free Violet first, he tried to crush the thorny roots around Violet’s body that were trapping her but the roots seem unaltered by his power.

Dammit! These vines must be spelled! He had to find another way.

Seth came closer to Tanek—who seemed to be in a very focused place of mind.

Meanwhile, Navy, his team, and Seth's men were fighting Bianca with maximum effort. Some of them were already wounded, but still back to fight, trying to win the battle for what they believed in.

Seth lifted his both hands, bring down some of the big branches of trees, attacking Tanek. Tanek was forced to face him and he was countering Seth’s attack. When Tanek was not focusing his power on the extracting ritual, the process got delayed for a while.

“Coming to die, Prince?!” Tanek attacked Seth. “You do realize that you’re no match for me now, right?! How did you get here anyway!?” Tanek was curious. He was confident enough to not bringing any guards in Gryffin whose loyalty was on him, even though most of all it was because Violet had refused to heal them too.

Tanek made the trees crushed in half while throwing a thorn log at Seth. Seth was not ready but he managed to counter the log with his sword, which got partly stuck in the log. His back was pressed to the tree since he still restraining the log to come on him.

“I came to end you!” said Seth while gripping his swords tightly, maintaining his strength, because the log and the other side of his sword kept pushing toward his chest.

Seth then decided to teleported from getting cornered, leaving his sword stuck between the thorn log and the tree. Then Seth initiated another attack at Tanek as soon as he appeared from teleporting by using invisible force to knock him down, but Tanek managed to counter his power easily.

At the same time, Tanek was using his power to move some of the thorn roots from the ground to swiftly trapped both of Seth’s wrists in a different direction. Seth was trying to free his hands by pulling the roots, before Tanek starting to attack again.

Looking at Seth had been cornered, Navy immediately back him up. Navy threw his blades at the thorn roots, freeing Seth’s hands. They both immediately collaborated to attack Tanek at the same time.

Tanek was hardly losing. Fortunately, one time, Seth and Navy managed to attempt a direct hit that made Tanek fell to the ground and his shoulder was grazed by Navy’s blade.

Tanek stood up angrily.

“ENOUGH!!” Tanek said madly. Enough playing! Nobody can come between me and my power! He would kill anyone who’s slowing him down.

Using his both hands and power, Tanek threw globes of fire to each of Seth and Navy. Their body was thrown and crashed to the ground with a few blast from the fire.

They were groaning on the ground, some parts of their body started to bleed. Both of them were in pain as they were lying woundedly.

Navy’s coughing from the sensation he felt as the burned smoke remained in his lungs.

Seth wiped his blood from on his lips, looking down for a while. How can they save her? He doesn’t care if he must die, as long as she is safe. He slightly thought.

I will save her! Seth stood up. He clenched his fist, calling out his sword whose pulled out severely from the log and tree, back to his hand.

With the rest of her conscience, Violet was still able to notice that Seth was having a hard time in that battle. The battle that he came willingly to save her. She couldn't help the need to do something—to fight more, but a slight move of her body brought her more pain to feel. She weakly groaned while watching anxiously at Seth and Navy who were in imminent danger.

The rest of Seth’s troops and Navy’s team were not in great shape too. They hardly survived the battle.

Seth was looking at Violet for a second before initiating his fierce aggression at Tanek, followed by Navy who was backing him up.

Meanwhile, Violet realized that most part of her glows had left her body. She could clearly feel that it’s going to be the time soon, for her extraction to be completed. As her tears fell down on her cheek, she was wishing inside. Please...strength, I really need you now, more than ever. Just help Seth and everyone I love.

Alas, not long after that, Tanek suddenly pierced a thorn root through Seth’s shoulder—pinned him to the ground. He groaned in pain, but still trying to get his way out of it. Navy was pinned too, the thorn roots pierced his wings, and if he forced himself to get up his wings going to be torn apart.

“—NO!” Violet gasped and weakly screamed. While at the same time, she couldn’t help herself to lose her consciousness, especially when all her strength had been fully extracted. Her strength floats in the air, glowing in one ball shape, completely apart from her body.

Her eyes were closed, there was no sign of her—being alive.

Seth's eyes widened in fear as he looked at her. He was afraid to lose her once and for all, he watched helplessly at her strength which was floating toward Tanek.

“YES!! AT LAST, THE POWER IS MINE!!” Said Tanek, drunk with infinite power he yet to possess.

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