Deepest Part Of You

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Deepest Part Of You

Seth was refusing to give up, even though his body was in great pain. He was exerting his power, giving his all, and managed to escape from the thorn roots that pinned him to the ground.

Drops of blood were dripping out from Seth’s right shoulder, and because of that injury, he couldn’t use his right hand. His shirt was tattered and got damp with his blood.

“You don’t deserve her strength...! And I’m going to kill you for what you’ve done!”. Seth was trying to distract Tanek.

Tanek was still embracing Violet’s strength, floating closer and closer to him, as he was scoffing and mocked Seth, “Oh, please, hah! You’re barely standing straight there! I’m gonna be the one who kills you and YOUR FAMILY!”

Seth lifted his left hand and exerting his force—everything he got left, attacking Tanek. He just kept fighting, ignoring every sting he felt from his pain. He just couldn't let Tanek has Violet's strength, at least not when he still standing there, Seth thought.

Tanek fought back with his power of fire, their force collided in the middle.

“Come on, Prince! In what world do you think you can defeat me?!” Tanek was swiftly checking his surroundings, all of his opponents are cornered. And now his force started to overcome Seth’s power.

Seth fell on his one knee while still in defense, maintaining his force against Tanek. But his force starting to lose out until all he could do was to use his force as a shield.

Right before Violet's strength reached Tanek chest, Tanek increasing his force through Seth’s force shield. Seth took a direct hit for a second time and that hit made him lurched on the ground. Between his pain, Seth just stared at the night sky feeling hopeless, before glanced at Violet's body.

Then, Seth put his fist on the ground, pushing his body to go back up— he tried to overcome himself to never give up and put on a fight, for as long as he’s alive.

But Seth noticed too that Violet’s fireball of strength starting to go through Tanek’s chest.

Tanek tried to perceive the power he’s got, waiting for its ‘magic’ to boost his power to invincible. Everybody there was stunned for a while, waiting in shock since it could be the last fight for their lives and kingdoms. Tanek and Bianca would become the most powerful wizard in the universe, and the dark kingdom of sorcerer would take control.

“Father!” Bianca called Tanek, who’s apparently didn’t notice that Violet’s strength was only passed through him, it was not attaching with its master.

Tanek tried to connect with the power, he was trying to bring it inside his chest a couple of times because he’s very familiar with how the extracting works—since he’s been doing it to gain his dark power.

"It's impossible!!" Tanek looked shocked and furious.

“Maybe I should try! Maybe it will work on me!” offered Bianca, she approached Tanek.

Meanwhile, looking at what happened, Seth used the chance to immediately grabbed his swords--using whatever strength he had before he initiated attacks at Tanek again. Tanek tried to counter it by using his black staff as a defense against Seth’s aggression.

In the middle of their fight, Tanek let Bianca take the shot for absorbing the fireball of strength. Without any hesitation, Bianca brought that glowing globe into her body and it didn’t take a long time to know that Violet’s strength wasn’t attaching inside her too.

As if it refused to be part of both of them.

Seth noticed what’s just happened. There’s still hope! He slightly felt hopeful and his spirit raised again. Maybe they still couldn’t win the battle against Tanek and Bianca, but the fact that Violet’s strengths rejecting to be part of the dark sorcerers were beyond what he had hope for.

Even after being extracted, Violet still gave him and his kingdom, hope. He didn’t know how, but She has saved them all.

Seth fought Tanek fiercely—even with his injuries. Seth managed to corner Tanek on the ground and pinned Tanek’s neck with his own staff for a while, but then Bianca was charging Seth from behind to help Tanek.

Seth’s body was thrown to the back --passing near Violet’s strength as he was in the air. Seth's body was heading toward the tree. Little that he knew, Violet’s globe of strength swiftly followed him—flying toward Seth.

The moment Seth’s back hit the tree, Violet’s globe of strength went through inside his chest and just integrate within.

Soon after, Seth's body glowed with great gleams. He was slowly standing up on his feet, watching his hands glowed. His whole body was glowing as if he was flaming with power. Not only that, he just cured at once, every wound he had was closed.

Seth knew what this means or the reason why her power refused to attach to someone else. Her power chose me. She gave her life,—her strength, and soul, to me! Seth could sense his power overflows inside of him between his overwhelmed feelings. He was still thinking about Violet at the time, he was broken, devastated, all that he was thinking is how to bring her back. Not to mention that a part of Violet remained in him. The deepest part of her.

But now, first thing first, he thought. Seth was intending to put an end to all wickedness of the dark sorcerer, he would not let her strength be in vain.

Seth quickly jumped through the air, heading toward Tanek. He managed to release Navy and his people that were pinned down before. After they were free, they helped each other right away.

When Seth put down his feet on the ground, he swiftly trapped Tanek and Bianca with the thorny roots, the same way it wraps Violet’s body. They both groaned in pain.

“I-It.. c-can’t.. b-be!” said Tanek in disbelief as he was in pain.

“S-Seth..p-please! Spare us! T-take u-us p-prisoners.” Bianca begged for their lives.

Seth looked at them with his cold-blooded look all over his face. The fact that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill everybody there if they got a chance, furthermore, they had already murdered fairies and his kin in the process didn’t make him pity them at all.

The dark soul kin has to be terminated. – Said Seth inside. And then it hit him, he suddenly remembered about the outcast fairy who wanted Violet off the crown.

“Tell me who’s the outcast fairy!” said Seth to Tanek.

Tanek squirmed in pain before answer, “... I don’t know her name!” He added quickly when he noticed that Seth is about to terminate them. “B-but she's a red fairy.”

Without speaking any words, Seth raised his hands and immediately put them inside a giant globe of fire force—The blast inside the globe terminated both of them straight away to black ashes.

Seth went to Violet instantly after that, he tried again to crushed the thorny roots. He succeeded. He caught Violet’s body into his arms and lied her body on the ground with her head on his lap before searching for any signs of life from her.

“Violet," He tried to deny his bad thought. "H-hey... We won... Vi... O-open your eyes,” He shivered when he realized how she got hurt so badly. Not to mention her cold and pale skin.

He was barely breathing, not ready to accept the fact that she was gone.

“Vi... please...—” His voice started to break. He ruffled his hair, looking to the sky feeling desperate, moreover when he noticed nothing of her pulse or breath.

He just kept holding her in his arm, didn't know what to do. His mind was vaguely playing it all again from the very beginning until the present moment he's in. This can't be it, not this way. He thought before suddenly it's hit him.

“T-take it back!” He whispered in her ear, “Take your power back... please... I don’t want it,”

“I don’t need...—this--infinite power. Come on! Wake up, and take it back from me!” He just started to loose it. He never dropped a tear since he was a teenage, even when Phillip and he lost their mother—he turned his griefs into something else that time. Even so, his tears fell out now.

“Come back to me... Violet...” He desperately said. "I give your power back to you..." He whispered once again before kissing her lips, trying to retain the last warmth from her lips.

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