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Navy slowly walking toward Seth and Violet with a shocked look on his face. He couldn't believe his own eyes and that Athopia had lost their princess.

They had won the battle with a great cost.

Seth was about to break his kiss, gave up, and took her away from the place when he realized and could feel that the glows from his body, starting to draw out from himself.

As he opened his eyes he could see that his flame was gradually back into Violet’s body. Surprised with what was happened, Seth spontaneously straightened his back.

His eyes were widened and filled with hope, he was watching thoroughly, waiting in anxious too.

When all of his glows had transferred to Violet’s body completely, every wound on her body started to recover.

Seth was looking at his hand, checking at his body that turned not-glowing, as in normal. He quickly looked at Violet, and he was hoping to see her eyes opened or her body’s move. But after a while Violet was still not moving, she was just still closing her eyes like sleeping.

Seth put his fingers on her neck, checking her pulse, and he relieved when he could feel a pulse.

“Violet?” He tried to wake her up, he shook her body a little.

“What happened? Is she back?” Navy approached them on his knee.

“I’m not sure, but I can feel her pulse.”

Violet was still unconscious even though she started to show her breathing, and that’s enough for Seth at the time.

“We should take her home, right now.” Said Seth while carried her to his arms.

“Yes, I will take her--back to Athopia, her real HOME!” Navy said, he was prepared to take her from his arm.

Seth looked at Navy, feeling upset. “The fastest way to go back is by teleporting... with me.” His jaw clench, his eyes narrowed in anger. “Do you even know where you're at, right now? Or how far you are from Athopia?”

Seth was right. The faster they could bring Violet back and examine her, the better chances for her to be alive.

“Fine! But as soon as we reach Gryffin, I’m going to take her home!” Navy said.

Seth forced himself not to speak his mind of disagreements, because he cared about Violet's life more and didn’t intend to suspend any more time arguing with Navy.

They gathered as soon as Seth gave the order, and they were all teleported back to Gryffin Kingdom.

The sun was already rising, in Gryffin Kingdom. Phillip, Elena, and a few of the councils were waiting anxiously when suddenly one of the guards came to them. They were hoping the guards will bring good news about Seth’s homecoming—for instance.

“Prince Phillip, King Mark has come back with some of his guards, and with King Athopia too.”

Phillip and Elena looked at each other, stunned with the news they’d heard. They both rushed into the entrance hall, and found King Mark injured—walking unsteadily with King Grey’s support.

“Dad..?!” Phillip came to his father, he sustained him replacing King Grey. “What happened? We’ve been looking for you!”

Phillip lied his father down on the couch near them, he asked Elena to bring in the medic team immediately.

King Mark was trying to catch his breath for a while, before speaking, “Tell the council to arrest Tanek and his follower here, immediately! Where is Seth? Tell me he hasn’t married the Princess from Winston Kingdom, has he?!”

“No, Dad.. a lot is going on here, as well... What happened to you..?”

“I was prisoned at the Winston Kingdom this whole time. Luckily for me, Grey found me there.” Said him while the medic sorcerer starting to examine their king.

“How did you end up there?” asked Elena.

“After my meeting with Grey, I decided to go there, I was intended to tell them about the dark sorcerers and a possibility of a traitor inside their kingdom too. I've never met their king too, Bianca never bring him here.” He took a deep inhaled- exhaled for a while. “It took me by surprised when I found Tanek there! He ambushed my calvary and held me prisoned there.”

"So, Tanek was easily initiating his plan to bring the conflict between Athopia and Gyrffin, and there was never an issue about ancient dark creatures from the book...?" Phillip asked.

"Is that what Tanek told you about? That snake!" King Mark said upset. "The reason why King Grey and I had a meeting is about the dark sorcerers that kept hunting fairies power,"

“King Grey, we’re forever grateful and in your debt..” Phillip took a moment to give his courtesy on King Grey Eos. “Is everything all right with you..? Do you need anything..?”

“I’m okay, thank you.. I should perhaps go back home now. My daughter must be worried sick about me too.” said King Grey.

“About that... There’s something I must tell you both, about what’s been happening here..” said Phillip.

Everyone in the room widened their eyes, wondering about what Phillip was trying to tell them. Some part of them were wondering in cautiousness about the outcome after King Grey Eos heard the news about her daughter.

“Tanek has been playing us—inside Gryffin Kingdom. Somehow, he got helped-- by what he called an outcast fairy who have been giving him information about fairy. We’ve got our own moles in both insides of our kingdom.” Phillip explained. “One day I was ambushed, and I learned that Tanek made sure to make it looked like I was ambushed by fairy troops. He must’ve been got the fairy weapon’s part from the outcast fairy.”

“That is highly impossible!” Said King Grey. “An outcast fairy wouldn’t so freely come and goes to Athopia. That fairy must be someone inside my kingdom.” He humbly accepted that fact, for it all made sense, of how his people could secretly go missing.

“We thought so too, Sir..” Phillip looked down for a second. “I regrettably have to inform you too, that—”

Just when Phillip was about to tell King Grey that they had captivated his daughter the whole time, Seth had arrived inside the entrance hall. Seth was still carrying Violet, and Navy with the rest of their troops appeared inside the entrance hall near the place where Phillip and the others were at.

Everybody was surprised by each other presence, especially when Seth looked at his father there. And King Grey looked at Navy—furthermore to see his daughter unconsciously there, in front of him.

King Grey instantly heading toward Violet, “What's happened to her? How did this happen?!” His eyes were widened in shocked. Particularly to see her daughter without wings.

“Can somebody please explain?! Navy?” He looked at Navy who’s still stunned by the presence of his King.

“Sir, --King Grey, ..This is all my faults... “

Seth approached a little to King Grey. “I would willingly accept the consequences you’d give me, and I will explain everything to you. But right now, my first priority is to bring her back... safe and sound,”

“My king.. We have to take her home as soon as possible,” Navy added, agreeing Seth’s priority. “Her strength was extracted before--”

“WHAT?!” King Grey raised his voice in disbelief. He thought Violet would be save in Athopia, yet seeing her daughter here told him otherwise.

“With all due respect, King Grey, I will tell you everything... but now I...” Seth said, being a little bit pushy. “I can feel her pulse.. I know she’s alive, and I thought it’s better for her to be taken care at Athopia—as soon as possible...”

Seth looked at her for a second, before looking back at King Grey.

“King Grey—Sir, I can take you to Athopia, faster than you travel there--That if... you'd let me... I just want her to be taken care of immediately. I want her to recover,” Seth’s voice cracked a little, and he’s pretty sure everybody heard the vague begging-tone in his voice. Not that he cared about what people think.

As long as she comes back—that’s all he cares about. He thought.

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