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Out Of Reach

“I can help you go back to Athopia too..” King Mark suddenly said, supporting his first son. Seth was looking at his father with his grateful look on his face.

The fact that King Mark had been to Athopia more than one time, made them easy to teleport there.

King Grey hesitated for a while, his judgment was clouded with his anxious thoughts, but he knew he could trust his friend, King Mark. They had become a good friend, and they've been supporting each other since they both had lost their wife.

“You barely can walk,” said King Grey to King Mark.

“Well, we're not really going to walk, are we...? Besides, I have bandages now, on my leg... So, I'm good,” Said King Mark with smiles, trying to soothe his friend.

King Grey nodded while smiling back a little, finally calmed himself down and decided to accept his friend's good intention.

They started to assemble in the middle, King Grey and his guards were assisting the sorcerer—one wizard for each fairy to teleport.


It didn’t take a long time at all to reach Athopia, especially when King Mark was the one who’s managing the teleport destination.

When they reached the outside shield of Athopia, King Grey opened up some part of the shield—uncovering Athopia, so they could get through. The big vines, branches and roots that mixed in green and brown colors started to loosen up, after they passed through, it was closing again.

They’re at the bottom of Athopia’s valley. Athopia was known for its beauty in nature and waterfalls. King Grey raised his trident and the waterfall started to divide itself in the middle, opening a way for them.

Since their visit were not for pleasure, King Mark ordered his men to go straight and took a teleport-shortcut inside the castle of Athopia which took place on the top of another cliff valley.

Inside the castle, in the entrance hall, Navy swiftly approached Seth and intended to take Violet from Seth's arm.

“I’ll take her from here.” He insisted.

Seth hesitated for a while, feeling listless to be separated from her. But he knew he couldn't do anything anymore. Deep down he just wished he could talk to Violet or at least tell her that he was sorry and give her a proper farewell.

Navy was noticing Seth's hesitation and decided to take Violet from Seth’s arms—a little bit by force, into his arm.

“Maybe you’re a prince INSIDE your kingdom, but here, you are NOBODY.” He leaned his face to Seth’s ear, “And just for you to know—She’s going to be my MATE, my WIFE, my QUEEN!”

Navy turned his back after saying those words, leaving Seth torn between his rage of jealousy, and despair for not able to do anything about it.

Seth was calming himself up, trying to ignore his emotion at the moment since he had so many things to make right related to Athopia Kingdom—not to mention the things he had done related to Violet’s safety.

He opened his fists, closing his eyes for a while, and took a deep breath. He then headed toward King Grey and his father who seems in the middle of their conversation but spontaneously faced him when he approached.

Seth was starting to tell everything he knew from the very beginning since he found his father was missing, to the day Tanek put the idea into the council’s verdict about the need to extracted fairy’s strength, and the day Seth took Violet in the woods—that brought them to discover the mole inside Athopia kingdom. And this was Seth’s first priority, to inform King Grey about the mole in Athopia.

As long as the mole hasn’t been caught, Violet’s life could be in danger. Seth determined to help them catch this red fairy, before he comes back home to his kingdom.

When King Grey heard about the mole’s profile, he immediately ordered his guards to bring Red to her, using his telepathic strength.

Since Tanek did mention about a red fairy and the only red fairy with free access to go inside and outside Athopia without really being supervised was only red, King Grey was very sure that Red was the mole. Everything made sense too since Red was the next in line for the throne—if there’s no more of Violet.

“King Grey, I will answer to whatever questions you’ve been meaning to ask.. and I’m ready to take responsibility for the wrong choices I’ve made on behalf of Gryffin Kingdom,” said Seth with the miserable looked on his eyes. "I just wish that my action will not affect your friendship with my father,"

King Grey listened thoroughly as he looked into Seth's eyes, he could sense that Seth cared about Violet a lot. Of course King Grey was angry to know that he almost lost his daughter, but he couldn't help to blame himself too for leaving Violet and wasn't aware of the fact that Athopia has a mole, just right under his nose. Not to mention the situation was getting out of hand, not because of Prince Seth alone.

“I can understand the reason behind every choice you’ve made,” Said King Grey. "The fact that you helped and stood by my daughter is enough for me,"

“But I should’ve known it sooner... I could have chosen a better way—the right way... I, really apologize...” Said Seth humbly. King Mark was looking at his son in awe for his bravery in admitting his mistakes, even when what happened was not entirely his fault.

“.. We’re all made mistakes..” King Grey said with a guilty tone, “I appreciate your apologize, and I thank you, for saving my daughter's lives too.”

“She's the one who saved mine, Sir.” Twice! He said inside his mind.

King Grey noticed Seth’s emotion toward Violet, from his voice and his look.

Suddenly, the fairy guards flew into the room. “King Grey, there’s no sign of Red. Some guards at the border told us that they’ve seen her flew away just a few moments after your arrival.”

Seth clenched his jaw, after having a slight heart attack from hearing the news. He was worried about Violet’s safety, moreover when he’s not gonna be around to protect her.

When King Grey noticing that Seth’s just spontaneously tensed, he spoke to Seth.

“Don’t worry... There’s nothing she can do... From now on she will be the outcast fairy, she'll be wandering and fighting for her own life outside Athopia. She’ll be lucky to be alive at all, before we eventually find her,”

King Grey ordered his guards with his telepathic strength, to spread the words about Red being an outcast, and that she would be forbidden to be inside Athopia. The guards fly from the room and followed his order right away.

King Grey put his attention back to Seth and King Mark. Seth was still looking tensed despite King Grey’s statement about Red, but he tried to conceal it under King Grey’s observation.

“I’m sure both of you need some rest. These past few days have been so tough for all of us,” said King Grey showing them him courtesy, offering them to stay for a while.

“We better heading back, right away.” Said, King Mark. “Thanks again, Grey, for everything.” He shook his friend's hand.

“You’d do the same for me.” Replied King Grey.

As much as Seth wanted to stay, he knew that he couldn't stay—or offered to stay, he would make a fool of himself. Seth bowed a little as his courtesy to King Grey, and about to follow his father’s step when King Grey spoke.

“Oh, I will keep you informed about Violet... Hopefully, she will be awake, soon.”

Seth’s eyes were widened for a while before he replied, “Thank you.”

There was nothing else he could do, except to leave Athopia with a broken heart. He really didn't have a clue why he felt that way. Was it because of the unknown possibility that she'd even gonna wake up? Or the fact that she's going to be out of reach?

Well, she's home, she will be safe. He thought.

And when she wakes up, he could see her right away.

But, why did he get the feeling of forever goodbye?

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