Deepest Part Of You

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~ Gryffin Kingdom ~

It was just another day in the Gryffin Kingdom, Seth was being pensive as he was standing by the castle window, looking at the grass with an empty-look.

All the problems inside the Gryffin Kingdom related to the dark sorcerer seemed solved out. The Winston Kingdom and its people were still in progress for King Mark and the council to handle.

It’s been a week since the day he brought Violet home to Athopia. A week! And there’s still nothing about her. Those long days of awaiting made him lose his mind, all he ever think is her. He missed her so much until he wished to dream about her on some nights, but no, he didn’t get to dream about her too.

“Seth? Dad wished to see you..” said Phillip, waking Seth from his gloomy thoughts.

Seth looked at his brother right away. “Yes, okay. I need to ask something to him too.” He said, trying to conceal his chaotic self.

Phillip noticed that Seth had been down the whole week since they got back. He knew that his brother had been thinking about Violet too, not to mention Elena had told him everything that had happened between the two of them.

“Do you want to talk about it..?” asked Phillip.

“Nope,” Said Seth briefly, “but thanks anyway.” He added, with a pat on Phillip’s shoulder. Seth then leaving the room to see his father.

King Mark was in the workroom with a few of his councils when Seth came in.

“You wish to see me?” asked Seth to King Mark. The councils were leaving the room to give their king and prince privacy.

“Yes.” Said, King Mark. “I have received the news from Athopia, about the fairy princess...”

Seth felt as if his heart got kicked for a second, but he tried to hide it and remained as calm as he could.

“I just met Athopia’s messenger, earlier this afternoon... They said that she has awoken...about three days ago.” His father explained.

Seth relieved at the fact that she had awake, even though he’s disappointed too for having the news this late. Three days ago, and he just got the news, now? How long do the fairy people need to have reach Gryffin Kingdom? Seth knew the fact that it took less than a day—a half-day, even!—Especially with their flying skill.

“So I guessed the messenger got delayed..?”

“No... It’s not because they got delayed..” King Mark paused for a while.

“It’s because the Princess doesn’t have any memories about everything that happened here,” King Mark said.

Seth was stunned before trying to say something but he’s speechless. Still, why do they decided to delay telling him? He thought. This is not good.

“B-but she’s okay?—I mean she’s fully recovered and awake, right?” Seth finally said.

Seth’s mind was filled with so many questions, even though the one question that matters to him was whether she remembered him at all. Her feelings to be exact. Does she still love him? –because he’s been wanting her like crazy!

“I supposed so... Actually, the messenger didn’t say much.” King Mark noticed how his son got shaken at the moment, so he tried to explain more.

“He said that the princess has awakened—safe and sound, and... King Grey invited us to visit there because they’re going to throw a celebration for their Princess... So I asked, whether the Princess herself would mind—considering of what happened—if we on behalf of Gryffin Kingdom, accepting the invitation and join the celebration… And then the messenger told me about her memory-loss”

Seth looked down and tried to digest everything for a while. Accepting the possibilities that maybe, he had to let her go, because he couldn’t force her to remember him—or to love him back. Not to mention the last words that Navy said to him.

Now that she wakes up, she definitely remembers Navy... Is she still in love with Navy?

Seth was torn inside with his own mind since he wasn’t sure about Violet’s true feeling toward Navy— which in his case what he can be sure was Violet is betrothed to Navy in the days before Seth met her.

“I think, another reason Grey had invited us is to help her, regaining her memory by meeting you...” King Mark said, “I think we should go,”

Seth was surprised by his father’s encouraging words. His father had been pretty tough on him, especially when it came to the Gryffin Kingdom.

The certain memory loss of the fairy princess—in a way-- was actually a good thing for both Violet, or the Gryffin Kingdom because they wouldn’t need to point out the fact that they were the ones responsible for what happened inside the Gryffin Kingdom anymore. Moreover, since everything had solved, peacefully, and everything’s turned out fine. And for Violet herself, she won’t be needing to deal with certain traumas or forcing herself to forgive. King Mark must have thought about this too, Seth swiftly thought about all of that.

King Mark stared at his son before exhaling. “If I’m not mistaken... I can see that you care about their Princess...?”

“I am... I just don’t see if what I feel can make a difference.” Said Seth.

“Son,--” King Mark said, “You can’t let your fear make you lose hope—especially-- before you go to the war.”

King Mark was referring to the war as a goal he yet to reach and fight in the process. His father just told him to win the Princess’s heart again, despite the situation.

“When is this celebration..?” Seth said.

“Tomorrow night... but King Grey requested that we should be there before lunchtime... Perhaps so we might get some time to get acquainted.”

“Okay then... I will get ready.” Seth nodded. Will he be ready? Because just by the slightest thought about her standing in front of him as if they’re a stranger, already torn him apart. But at least I should try first, right? Deep down Seth just confused about the fact that he was being insecure or scared to lose her at all. When did I get like this? He slightly thought.


Athopia Kingdom. Three Days Earlier.

Violet, come back to me...!

Come back to me...!

The moment right before she got up, Violet was in these vague fragments of nightmares. She was in the dark, tortured by shadows of people, she recalled to be in pain too, but in the end, one shadow with a voice she was very familiar with, saved her.

Violet couldn’t see clearly or recognized any faces, but these voices that kept calling her remains in her head. His voice was guiding her, calling her to hold on and find the safest way from the dark. His voice was calling over and over again.

The moment she opened her eyes, she looked at Navy who’s standing beside her, calling her name.

“Violet! Oh, you’re finally awake!”, Navy stroking her cheek. “Take it easy, now.. How are you feeling..?”. Violet was trying to sit down, but her head wasn’t allowing her to move just yet.

“Just lay down... I’m going to let King Grey know, that you’re already up,” Said Navy.

“M-My father is finally back..?”

“Yes, he was shocked when he knew that you were being extracted,”

“..Extracted..?! - -Navy... W-what are you talking about?” said Violet weakly, before she realized that she's wingless. “W-what happened to my wings?!” She moved a little.

“You... Wait, what’s the last thing you remember?” asked Navy.

“I-I was about to s-sleep, after I fainted for healing Brody...” Violet said, confused.

Navy eyes widened for a while, “Are you sure..?”

Violet slowly nodded as she looked at Navy searchingly.

“You’ve lost your wings... The dark sorcerer wanted to possess your strength, and you’ve been captivated in the Gryffin Kingdom for days... I tried to save you from them... You didn’t remember any of this..?.”

Navy noticed her confused look, Violet failed to recall any of the events that Navy had mentioned, inside her head.

“Well... Don't worry about anything...The most important thing is, you have awake... We’ve been expecting you to rise from your sleep for days. I thought I’ve lost you, Violet... but you came back to me.” Navy slightly kissed the back of her hand.

I –came back—to him, Navy. Is that Navy’s voice who’s calling her to come back? But, it didn't sound like Navy... Violet wasn't sure.

“I’m going to bring you some food and tell the others about this good news... Don’t be worry Vi, we’ll talk about what happened later after you’re feeling much better.. I’ll be right back.” Said Navy before leaving her.

Violet looked at her bedroom ceiling that filled with vines of purple flowers. Her thought was wandering—trying to figure out the missing pieces, especially the way she felt—as if some part was gone, she felt incomplete.

Why can’t I remember anything..? And what are these feelings I longing for—how, why, and for who?

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