Deepest Part Of You

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That night would be the celebration night for all of Athopia’s people. They were celebrating a moment of peace, reawakening, and gratefulness as their Princess had awoken from her sleep.

Violet was standing in front of the mirror, looking at the image of herself—without wings. She still couldn’t remember anything about what happened. Her father and Navy had been updating her about everything, but still, she remembers nothing.

Well, I can’t even...—imagined it.

I can’t believe that Red is the mole inside Athopia.

How could she do such things to me...?

What have I done that makes her hates me so much until she could drug me?

Left me in the woods, handed me to the Gryffin people...

She was lost in her thought for a while as her eyes were glassy. When she heard a knock on the door, she swiftly fluttered her eyes to ease her glassy eyes.

“Princess Vi, your father wish to see you,” One of Violet lady’s-maid informed her.

“Y-yes... I’ll be right there,” She replied before walking toward the door to go see her father right away. Considering without her wings, it would take a while to go anywhere around her castle-home—since walking was not the same as flying, obviously.

Meanwhile, in the castle meeting hall, King Grey immediately welcomed Prince Seth and King Mark, when the two of them have just arrived in Athopia.

“Welcome again, Mark! Where’s Phillip and his wife..?” asked King Grey while shook his friend’s hand.

“Our pleasure, Grey... Oh, they will come here, later... Something about Elena's craving, I supposed,” King Mark replied and slightly chuckled.

“Prince Seth,” King Grey greeted him.

“Sir,” Seth shook his hand, “Thank you for inviting us,”

“My pleasure.” King Grey showed them the way to the couch and asked the fairy-butler to serve them the beverage.

"How is Princess Violet...?" King Mark asked as they were walking.

King Grey was about to answer as he opened his mouth, but Navy came into the room.

It took him by surprise to see Seth standing there.

“King Grey, what is he doing here?” He said as he raised his voice a little.

King Grey calmly looked at Navy. “I invited them. They are my guests, and I wish them to be welcomed and respected,” King Grey obviously told Navy to control his temper, his manners to be exact despite everything.

“King Grey, with all due respect, we haven’t even told the Princess about this...! I’m sure she would mind,” Said Navy, feeling threatened with Seth’s presence. How could he's not, when everything was finally getting better for him and Violet to be together?

Seth secretly clenched his jaw for being reminded about his place related to Violet’s will, but he stayed calm on the outside.

“That would be her decision to make—“replied King Grey, while at the same time, Violet came into the room. She heard and knew what happened inside the room.

Violet was wearing an elegant chiffon lavender gown with lace sleeves, which is making her look stunning. Looking at her, Seth’s body instantly stretched. He’s feeling both intensely attracted and desperate for containing the sudden emotion that struck him inside. Seth was clenching his jaw as he swore inside. If only she remembered how they’re in love with each other, he would be running to her and made her his. No question asked.

After Violet brought her eyes to everyone there and threw a simple-kind smile, she looked into Seth's eyes at the least. She couldn't lie when their eyes locked at each other for a second there, she felt something kicking in. She looked away as she blinked and brought her eyes to her father.

“Sweetheart,—” King Grey tried to explain when Violet cuts in.

“I-it’s fine, father..." She said as she slightly looked down and smiled a little. "I heard what you've said, and you were right... It is my decision to make,” She kindly said. She looked at Navy when affirming his father’s words.

“I thought you deserve to know more too... And with prince Seth's presence here, I hope he can help to recollect your memories...” Said King Grey.

Navy looked furious with only him knew the reason why. “Why would she want to recall her bad memories there?” He said rudely.

“Actually...” Seth cut in, even though he was surprised at his boldness himself. It was vaguely shown from his nervous look. "I'm sorry if I was too bold to come here, Princess..." He said.

“—I, um, I need you to know that the first father and I, particularly, decided to come to personally give my apologies to you... Princess Violet,” Seth looked into her eyes.

Violet tried to be sturdy and not to take a step back, under his eyes. His voice—She said inside her heart. His eyes, and the way he looked at me. Even with the space between their stand, the Prince’s eyes breakthrough and shook her heart.

“I’m not intended to bother you, or makes you uncomfortable in anyways... and If the princess should feel my presence is too confining for her, as soon as I give my apologies, I promise I will leave Athopia right away...” Seth looked down a little, hiding the pain that might be showed in his eyes.

“There’s no need for that,” Violet shook her head, “As my father has welcomed you as his guests, that means both of King and Prince Gryffin are the honourably guests for the Athopia people too—”

“But Violet--” Navy said, taking Violet's arm gently.

“Navy...” Violet tried to soothe Navy, putting her hand on Navy’s hand.

Looking at that view in front of him made Seth jaw's tightened, feeling jealous.

“What matters is, everything has turned out fine... I wish to put everything bad behind us...besides, I don’t even remember anything, so why should we hold on to the bitterness at all..?” she softly said.

Navy.” King Grey called Navy by telepathic force in a firm tone. “Don’t keep that attitude in front of my guests.. You should know your place, or are you trying to provoke another war?”

“No, my King. I just don’t trust him to be near her,” Navy replied.

“Just let my daughter decide. Give her some space.”

Navy exhaled before looking at both King Grey and Violet, “Okay.” Said Navy before flying off the room, feeling upset.

“Well... Forgive him," King Grey said. "I supposed he couldn't help to be overprotective...with my, um, his fiancée,”

Seth was just wishing he didn't hear it right, but alas he wasn't halusinating. He clenched his fists, looking at Violet spontaneously between his devastation, apparently their eyes met again. Seth tried to conceal his reaction by bringing his eyes to King Mark, who was giving the look that says something like 'sorry, son' and 'stay strong' to him.

Even without having a thelepathic power, Violet could see that glimpse of frigid-jealousy looks on the Prince’s face and body language.

Or was it just her imagination? Is there something happened between the prince and herself? And why did her father say something like that? It's very unlikely for his father. Not to mentioned Navy just asked her yesterday, and she haven’t given him an answer. Violet thought.

“So, Mark, shall we start our chess game?” King Grey suddenly said. Giving his friend a clue to leave Seth and Violet alone.

“Oh, of course,” King Mark got the hint. The Kings soon heading toward the door.

“Oh, Violet, can you assist Prince Seth for a while?” asked King Grey to Violet.

“I- um, I—” Violet was nervous out of nowhere. She didn't know that his father was going to leave her alone with the Prince. She was about to make excuses but it seemed like his father won't take a no for an answer since their fathers were already missing from the room.

They looked at each other, feeling awkwardly nervous for a while.

Violet was still standing nervously while Seth was still digesting the word fiancée that had been echoing in his head.

“Uh, you don't need to-- I can just wait here...if you wish to go... I mean, if you have other things to do--other than be with” Seth finally spoke first, stumbling in his words a bit. He was preparing himself to hear, or to be rejected by her. Somehow, he just thought that he had lost her already, so was his fighting-spirit over her. He just didn’t want to force her into doing something that she didn’t want to anymore.

“Um, N-no, it’s not that...” The thing is you make me nervous—wait, what? “I don't mind to...” be with you. “—I mean, I don’t have something else to do...” Oh no, my head is clearly still bumped! Violet mocked herself for being odd.

They were looking at each other again in silence for a second before they both looking away at the same time.

Seth cleared his throat and spoke. “I’ve got something for you... It’s actually from Elena, my sister-in-law... She said you love these desserts, back there...uh, when you were in my kingdom.”

Violet was staring at him with her round eyes before she slowly came closer to Seth.

“I,uh, didn’t mean to bring back the memories—especially the bad ones to you, though...” said Seth with a sad tone in his voice. “Even be honest- - I was...hoping that - - you will remember some part of it,” He said, looking down.

Violet took a silent gasp and vaguely smiled. "You and I both, I guess..." Violet said sof, looking at him searchingly.

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