Deepest Part Of You

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A Confession

“No, it’s fine...” Violet softly chuckled, taking the box from Seth's hand. “How lovely of her to...remember...this," She said unsure since she couldn't remember Elena and the cakes for that matter. "Thank you...” Violet put the box on the table, before turning her back and inhaled.

“I, uh, to be honest... I was hoping that you can help me with some questions—well a lot, actually..” Violet asked nervously, feeling shy a bit too.

“Of course, if that is...what you want...” I’ll give you anything, Princess.

“It is...” Violet looked down for a while, “The thing is – I can’t help myself to find this...strange feeling... as if I was missing something...o-or some piece of me since I woke up," Violet said. "Maybe, if I can remember...something, everything will make sense again.”

Violet held back for not telling him the whole truth about what she’s been feeling,--longing for someone she didn’t know, the one shadow from her sleep whose the voice she heard. But one thing she sure of was, she felt comfortable and safe to be near Prince Seth.

“Only if you're sure... and if you are then I’m at your service, Princess.” Said Seth in a very charming way, for her.

This Prince of the wizard kingdom.— She thought inside. Violet kept thinking about how she should react toward the prince because from what Navy’d told her, the prince had been pretty rude, selfish, reckless, and unfriendly in handling all problems between their kingdoms. Yet he kept showing her, his warmth and humbleness.

Is it because he has done so many wrongs to me? How bad is it anyway?

Violet started to ask the chronology from the beginning after the last thing she remembered and Seth explained every question she asked, especially the part where she was unconscious in the woods until she captivated by him. Seth answered each of her questions patiently too.

They were casually bonding without their knowledge. Violet was eating the cakes too while they were talking and found that the cake was indeed becoming her favorites cake, as she declared it inside.

Violet couldn't lie that she felt as if they've been knowing each other for a long time. Sometimes, they even laughed together on something that seemed to be a very desperate situation back then at the moment, but oddly they found it hilarious now after it had passed.

“Wait... I’ve been wondering,--” Violet stopped her laugh. “When you said that my wings were grown, that means I'd fallen in love with someone, and he - -must’ve loved me back too—you know – since one fairy might regrowth their wings- - if they’ve found - -their true love,” Violet explained awkwardly. Seth was saying the same interpretation as a gesture to support Violet so she didn't feel too awkward about it.

“Uh,--yeah,” Seth looked down to the floor, trying not to recall the good in kissing her. “You did fall in love... and the man is loving you back...” Seth said, staring straight into her eyes.

"I, uh, know that you're betrothed to Navy, and...maybe you're hoping that it was him, considering that he was there too in my place," Seth slightly paused, toughing up himself from his heartache inside. "But, that man me,"

Violet stunned with her widened eyes between her silent gasps, she knew what that means. That’s the reason why he said that he wants her to remember some part of it. Violet's cheeks turned red spontaneously.

“Prince Seth, I--”

Violet was about to explain that she needed more time to process everything, to remember bit by bit. Not to mention she was still unsure and overwhelmed herself by it.

“It’s okay," Seth gently cut in as he looked down for a while. "The last thing that I want to do is rushing you to remember..." He said in a guilty tone. "I, uh, actually kind of relief to know that you can't remember all the bad things I've done to you,"

"I can promise you, princess... I won't force your feelings toward me or making you do something you don't want to do...regardless of what I feel about you..” He said weakly smiling, a sad smile. “I’d done that when you’re captivated in Gryffin... I won’t do it again,” Even if I have to die dealing with this broken heart inside.

Violet was just staring at him, blinking once within her stunned. She wasn’t expecting those words from Seth. When she realized that she had been quiet for quite some time, she quickly responded.

“I, um... Thank you, Prince Seth, that means a lot for me...” She looked down. "I, um, sure that whatever you'd done to me...was a desperate call for you... I hope to know that I'm okay now, will bring you freedom from your guilt," She kindly said.

Deep down, Violet felt that a part of her wanted to run into his arms all at once but she was afraid that she might be misguided by her thoughts. She couldn’t recklessly decide something very important. All she knew the prince was a stranger for her.

“I really don’t deserve your thank you, Princess Violet--” said Seth while looked down too. The moment that Seth said her name, she instantly felt a weird sensation inside her heart.

“After everything that I did, in fact, the reason you're wingless now was because of me... I deeply apologize, I was too late to realize everything, and you should know if I could turn back the time I would--”

“Hey, just stop there,” Violet sat beside Seth without really aware that she was touching his hand, trying to soothe him. When she noticed her own hand, she took it right away before continuing her words.

“I really don’t know how all of this can happened to me... especially to me... I’m the only fairy in Athopia with no power, yet all the stories I’ve heard were so exceptional... It makes me wondering myself... As if it wasn’t even me they're talking about,” She burst out. “Anyway... - - what I’m trying to say is.. -- What’d happened back there, is a past... And since I can't remember anything I'd say all the bad in the past didn’t bring me much effect,”

Except for this missing piece, I need to know. Violet thought inside.

“Well, it's you... It's all you... You should see yourself, you’re so amazing,” Seth smiled before continuing to speak.

“You saved my life, Princess, twice..." Seth said strongly without losing his coolness. "In fact, not only my life, you’ve saved almost every kingdoms from the dark sorcerers, and you've managed to keep the peace all along..." He explained.

"Then again, I knew that you’ve always been hard on yourself, you never realize that you have the most kind, gentle, and purest heart among the fairies... Which I think the greatest power of all... Your father will be very proud of you,”

Violet stunned in the way he looked at her, the way he read her like an open book and breakthrough her soul. How was that even possible especially when she was still trying to find herself? She thought.

Seth was having a hard time not to beg for her to remember her just a bit. Not to mention, seating that close with her while he still remembered clearly the taste of her lips was just excruciating. Seth looked away before running his hair with his fingers, he licked his lips between clearing his throat.

“Uh... any more questions you want to ask?” He finally spoke, directing his mind to anything else that helps at all.

Violet was hesitating for a while before surrendering to her needs of asking, “Do you still love me?” Violet herself surprised that she said it out loud, but she couldn't take her words back.

Seth looked into her eyes warmly, with his darkened blue eyes. She must be kidding him with the question. If only she knows how much I'm willing to show her.

"Yes, I still do..." He said.

A second after Seth replied, Navy flew in, barging in to be exact. He was extremely jealous to know that Violet had been spending time with Seth, but he couldn’t disobey King Grey’s will.

“You need to get ready, now.” Navy’s said in a harsh tone.

Seth kept looking at Violet’s face, trying to decide Violet's feelings toward Navy from her looks just to find her round eyes staring at him back before taking away from Seth’s eyes and answered to Navy.

“I-I still got plenty of time to get ready..." Violet said.

"It's fine, Princess, I don't want to hold you up," Seth said politely.

"Let me take you to join my father then..." Violet said. She got the feeling that Navy would give Seth a hard time.

"I can--"

"No, that's okay...I'll take him," Violet cut in when Navy talked, leaving him no choice than to let her. "Could you follow me, Prince Seth...?" Violet said kindly. It's funny, she thought, deep down she just wished that Prince Seth was the man in her dream.

“Of course," Seth said as he followed Violet's footsteps.

Navy was still standing, feeling furious because he realized even without her memory of Seth, she was still cares more of Seth. Not to mention he did noticed that Seth loves her.

Is it possible that they are soulmate, and he only stands in their way? He thought. But Navy knew Violet his whole life and he refused to let her go. Navy looked at the floor as he was planning on something to win Violet back. He should shows everyone that Violet was his mate, tonight at the celebration, he thought

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