Deepest Part Of You

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Violet slowly opened her eyes, trying to bring back all her senses, and realized that she’s not dead yet.

Where am I now..? Who brought me here, and why?

She looked at her bandaged hand and shoulder, acknowledging where the aching was from. She couldn’t help but cry a little after spotting her shoulder and not finding her wings.

It wasn’t a dream.. My wings, it’s gone.

She wiped the tears that fell on her cheeks with the back of her hand, rubbing down her hair, before taking a deep breath. I have to put myself together. She said inside, empowering herself.

She sat down on the bed and gazed around the room she’s in at the same time.

This is definitely not a dungeon. But not a royal room either..

The walls were decorated with grey bricks, white ceiling, a few vines dangling from the corner ceiling with little blue flowers. As far as she can see the room is lacking stuff, other than a single bed with its nightstand, a standing lamp near the wall, a few giant coloured-glass windows—without handles, and no door.

How did she get there?

Violet’s heading toward the window, wanting to observe some more, and if possible, finding a way out.

But just when she got nearer to the windows, she felt another presence of someone else.

Violet startled as she turned her back and found Prince Seth was standing in the room, along with his counsellor and a few guards. Their eyes meet each other and locked for a while.

Violet soon felt her stomach’s twirling and her heart beat faster. She encouraged herself inside as she hid her needs of gasping. The prince’s eyes and presence were very intimidating for her. She wondered why.

“Tell me...” The Prince took a step forward. “What’s your power?” said the prince.

Violet opened her mouth to answer but then she hesitated. She wasn’t sure how to react with the question, especially when she has to reveal her weakness. One thing she knows for sure, the sharp eyes the prince was giving her the entire time were giving her cold feet.

Feeling offended by Violet’s silence, his counsellor Tanek, swinging his hand and using his magic power to bind Violet’s wrist with an enchanted chain.

A silver, slim, yet powerful chain. Its surface feels rough on her skin, it makes Violet frown in pain.

“The King is asking you a question! You shall answer!” Tanek’s raised his voice. While the prince witnessing how the chain hurts the fairy princess, Seth’s jaw clenched in reflex.

“I-I don’t - -have power..”, Violet answered.

“You lied! Fairies have powers!”, said Tanek.

Seth took a glance at Tanek in gesture for him to stop, and he complied. Then prince Seth took a few steps closer to Violet, a very sturdy and intimidating step in her opinion.

Instinctively, Violet took one step backward only to find that she was already cornered to the window. She has no choice other than facing the prince.

“I am not lying.” She replied to Tanek while keeping her eyes on Seth. Even though she must gather all of her courage. “Why are you keeping me here?” She asked him.

“You don’t get to ask questions.” Seth said coldly.

Now he’s standing too close to her until he can see clearly the purple fusion in Violet eyes. He could smell her sweet scent too, that makes his body react.

Maybe I shouldn’t stand too close to her. The Prince slightly thought.

Violet tried to not be intimidated by Seth’s sharp blue eyes. She kept staring back while ignoring all the weak-knees and other side effects she’d got from Seth’s existence. She has to look up too, even though she’s standing straight keeping her head up in front of him.

“I’m not gonna ask again, Princess. What’s your power? You should know that - -just in case- - you were decided to give a fight or ambush us.. It won’t work.” His words were more like a promise.

“And I’m telling you again! I don’t have fairies power.” She emphasized, “Even if I have them, I mean no harm. Especially in time like this! Where the word peace between kingdoms is almost history!” Violet was implying that holding her there might not be the best decision, considering.

Seth’s eyes squinted as he responded to her sarcasm. He can’t really decide whether to punish her who’s dared enough to challenge him, or flatter her for her bravery. Deep down he was amazed with her bravery.

“Don’t trust this fairy, Sire..” advised Tanek to the Prince.

Violet glared at the counsellor, as she felt annoyed and angry for the accusation.

For a second while her eyes were not on him, Seth was stealing the moment to observe her beauty, and finding her angry eyes were attractive. Though he soon realised that his conflicting emotions inside were starting to tear his clarity apart.

He focused his mind inside, and decided to believe that the fairy princess doesn’t have power. Since the last time she got attacked, she was defenseless. There’s no single evidence of her struggles or fighting back, she was just trying to run away.

“Why are you keeping me here?” Violet tried to push back. “I have to go back! Let’s not make it worse than it already is..” Violet said.

Seth was about to speak, when he saw his brother’s cavalry arrive at the front gate by the window.

His brother, Prince Phillip, finally back from his convention with other kingdoms, far from Gryffin Kingdom. But his cavalry looked bad, as if they were back from a war, or what’s left of it.

“Guard her!” Seth ordered before he vanished from the room. He’s teleporting to the palace entrance hall. Tanek went with him.

In the entrance hall, a few wounded guards from Phillip’s cavalry walk in. They were propping prince Phillip even though some of them were already limps. Seth stunned in shock for a while, before approaching his brother and lying him on the floor.

At the same time, Phillip’s wife, Princess Elena who’s with child was coming to the hall too. When she heard that her husband had arrived, she was relieved in joy. But the reality she faced at the moment is beyond her sanity.

“What happened?!” Seth asked with a tensed voice.

“It was an ambush my Lord.” One of the guards said between his breath.

Tanek teleported and brought in the medic experts. Every wizard in the room was handling Prince Phillips, or anxiously waiting.

“Phillips, can you hear me?” Elena was trying to bring Phillip’s consciousness back. She gently shook his body while sobbing.

Seth was observing his brother’s wound, looking for a clue of the one who’s responsible behind the attack.

Phillip is groaning in pain unable to speak. He was almost unconscious when Seth had found a fairy’s trademark weapon, that was half pierced inside his brother’s thigh.

Only the tip of the arrow. Seth quickly pulled it by his magic power, followed by painful screams from Phillip. One of the medic wizards immediately handled the wounds.

Seth is looking at the bloody arrow’s tip on his palm. Terrified to accept the reality. He wiped his brother’s blood from the arrow with his thumb and an empty look shown in his eyes.

The arrow’s definitely belong to the fairies army.. for it is carved with fairies engraving.

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