Deepest Part Of You

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The celebration night at Athopia made all the fairy people in festive joy. Their main ballroom was very huge and since Athopian people were all about elements of trees, roots, and many else more, the ballroom was like a big enchanted forest with colorful trees, flowers, big aesthetic branches. Not to mention they managed to make the ballroom without a roof so the people could enjoy the night with the dark sky, bright moon, and stars as its natural view.

Even though Seth was from the kingdom of magic, he was still amazed by the wonder and beauty of Athopia Kingdom, and its people. Moreover to see the colorful glow anywhere from the fairies, floating with their wings, and even the fireflies made the party merrier with its glows too which made it as if the stars were falling from the skies, flying around to party with them.

But the one beauty that he actually noticed was Violet, who stood far away from him. She was wearing a princess-ball-gown that made her looked all elegant, beautiful, stunning, and ravishing but also sexy in a way. Even when she was different from the other fairies because of her winglessness, she still stands out.

The thing that Seth didn’t like was Navy who seemed to be close to her at all times. Seth knew Navy would not letting Violet go, it's obvious that he's in love with her.

Seth couldn't help to feel desperate since he can't find a way to make Violet remember him. The fact that Navy interrupted his conversation with Violet back there was not helping his fighting spirit to win over Violet too. How could he fight when he's just a stranger for Violet? He thought

Seth tightened his jaw instantly when he watched Navy took Violet to the dance floor. Holding her waist, chatting with her, making her smiled.

Darn it! He really didn’t know if he could take it anymore. Standing there just to watch her in someone betrothed to her, containing all jealousy and his love that he had for her.

“Seth," Elena, who's finally there, calling him. "Are you sure if I talk to her, she won't remember me..?” Asked Elena.

“Yeah, I guess so...” said Seth listlessly, while looked away from Violet and Navy.

“Um— Excuse me, Prince Gryffin..” One of the yellow fairies spoke at him. “My friends and I were wondering.. would you care for some dance..?”

Seth was hesitating for a second as he was confused, maybe he heard it wrong that the yellow fairy referred to her and her friends, but when Seth looked behind her back and found a line of a few fairies, he didn't need to search for another explanation. Even though the yellow fairy did explain further, apparently, some lady-fairies had been idolized the Prince from The Gryffin Kingdom, and since he was there they took the chance to dance with their idol.

“U-uh, Sure.” He agreed out of his courtesy. Seth took a glance at Violet for a second--the one fairy he actually wanted to dance with.

Violet was noticing Seth’s every move from afar, she has done it with extra-careful since everybody knew that she was supposed to be Navy's fiancee. And when she saw how Seth reacted when he looked at the waiting line of fairies who waited to dance with him, Violet giggled in silence.

Deep down she got jealous too since the line was actually pretty long, and if it kept adding up she wouldn’t get a chance to dance with him.

How can I not remember him? That vision of him there—wearing his crown, in his white tux with a little purple list on it—did he put it on purposed, wearing that color? She thought. she just couldn’t get him out of her head.

“Violet,--” Navy spoke her name, and he just took Violet by her waist, bringing them to a higher level. His actions made everyone’s eyes and attention went to both of them. Including Seth’s attention.

Seth already knew what would happen next. This is not... happening-- He thought inside.

“—I have been waiting for your answer to be my mate quite long... And I think now is the perfect time to ask you again, in front of all these people, and this ring on my hand... Violet Eos, would you marry me, and be the queen of my world..?” said Navy, showing the ring with his one hand.

The room was silent in waiting, while Seth stunned in shock. He felt as if his world was falling apart. He spontaneously took a step back from his dance partner, made the fairy asked him if he’s alright.

“E-Excuse me for a second.” He replied briefly. No, I can’t take it anymore. Not this one—. He thought.

Seth left the ballroom at once, his family noticed him and the reason behind it. He ran down the gate stairs and he’s about to teleport home before he snapped, lost his mind, and do something crazy, like starting a war by kidnapping her again and just forced her to be my prisoner forever!

Seth was still walking away frustratedly when he heard footsteps behind him.

“P-prince Seth! WAIT!” Violet chased him between her extra effort since her gown was not for-running-purpose, not to mentioned the heels she wore.

Seth was too torn apart to hear anything or even to hope a little, maybe she was just being polite trying to make him stays.

“W-wait! Please!” Violet was on the bottom of the stairs. Between her panting, she was slightly surprised that she managed to run down the stairs without stumbling at her dress.

Little that she knew the next step she took made her stumble. She was about to fall as she stepped on her own gown, knowing that she would fall she closed her eyes.

But Violet never hit the ground, Seth had held her fall with his power before her body touched the ground. Then Seth slowly put her to the ground and teleported to beside her as she was sitting in the middle of her inflated gown.

Seth took a knee in front of her, checking her thoroughly just to make sure she was okay.

“Where are you going...?” asked Violet without hesitating.

Seth vaguely ruffled his hair, avoiding her eyes for a while, before speaking.

“I can’t... - -stay, ” His voice was cold. "I'm sorry... I really wish you well, princess," Seth slowly looked into Violet's eyes.

As their eyes were locked on each other, Violet's eyes started to get glassy. The fact that she couldn't remember him or how she felt confused just made her desperate too.

“I’m... sorry - -that I can’t remember anything," She said. "Let alone to identify my feelings toward you...but I need to let you know, -- “ Violet said, her voice cracked a little, and her lips slightly trembled too. “All I know every time I looked at you or when I’m with you...I feel safe, and...I feel like I know you.”

Violet put her hand on Seth’s cheek, while one tear dropped on her cheek. “It doesn’t make any sense.. as if my soul remembers you, but my mind and body isn’t—”

Seth ended her words by kissing her lips right away. He didn’t care anymore even if he’s going to accept the consequences of his action there.

The moment Seth kissed her, Violet’s head was struck by the flashback from all of her lost memories. It was all coming back to her. As if every part of her had synchronized perfectly, she’d found her missing piece.

Her body was glowing, and her wings regrew again by the second true love’s kiss from Seth.

Violet cried and chuckled at the same time within their kiss. Happy tears ran down her cheeks as she felt the joy inside. She was whispered “I knew it... I knew that you’re gonna make everything alright,”

Seth was looking searchingly into her eyes in disbelief as he watched her wings.

“You remember?” asked Seth, followed by Violet’s nod and smiles.

Seth kissed her again, then he wiped her tears from her cheek and say, “You’re the one who made me through it,” Seth chuckled a bit. “I can't believe I almost lost you... I don’t care if I have to kidnap you again, Vi... You are mine, and you’re not gonna marry someone else except me,” He promised.

“I didn’t take his proposal, you know... How could I, when I’m thinking about this...stranger Prince?” she teased him, followed by his kisses again.

“Let’s get back inside then.--” Said Violet with a smile. “—and tell everybody that I'm back,”

Seth helped her to get up, and they’re walking together, holding hands.

“So,.. I'm not trying to put you under a pressure here... but since you made my wings grow and... you know..." Violet said, shyly. Seth gave his gesture of knowing.

"Are you ready to ask my father’s blessing...?” Violet said with her teasing looks.

“I’m ready for anything, as long as you're mine,” He said, smiling. even though on the inside he was starting to get cold feet. How could he not? That night could be the most important night in his life.

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