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Ever After (Closure)

It’s a beautiful morning in Athopia.

King Grey was enjoying his time, reading an old book when suddenly he lost the book in his hand by someone’s magic.

“Oh-ho-ho, somebody’s looking for trouble!” said King Grey, followed by two giggles from his grandchildren--- who seemed to hide somewhere in the room.

“Kids... let’s not tease your grandpa this early in the morning..” said Violet with warm smiles as she’s entered the room. She kissed his father on the forehead.

“It’s okay, I love to cuddle with them,” Said her father, standing up from the couch and play along. “Hmm, let me see.. where would they be hiding...?”.

The youngest couldn’t keep bursting out with giggles, which makes his grandpa easily found them by their voice. The room was filled with the kids' laughter when they got tickled attack from his grandpa. As for his sister, she just ran in her mom’s hug looking for protection.

Seth and Violet had been living in Athopia and lead a wonderful life since they were married. That day was the seventh year of their wedding anniversary. They had two adorable kids, named Hope Owens and Grey Owens who’s possess both magic and fairy strength.

“Are you trying to leaving your brother in need, young princess..?” Seth said when he came into the room, he was holding Violet from behind.

“I can’t help it, I don’t like to be tickled!” said Hope smiling, before deciding to help her brother. “Don't worry G.O!! I'll help you!”

Violet and Seth were smiling, watching them cuddling.

“Hey, do you think you can help me... with something...? In our room..?” He whispered in her earlobe. “You know since it’s our anniversary, today...”

“Seth!—” Violet instantly blushing, even in all those years Seth still able to make her blushed, and breathless. “Your family will be here for lunch, besides," She lowered her voice. "We just made love twice, last night,” She slowly said, not wanting to let her kids or her father listened to that kind of conversation.

Seth started to kiss her lips.

“For the record, that’s counted for yesterday... I demand today’s schedules, immediately!” Said Seth while still kissing her.

“How many more—are we talking about? Because it seems like you’ve never had enough...” She looked into his eyes, realizing his one hand moving sensually on her back.

“That’s true... So, I guess, you just have to submit my needs.” He rained her with kisses again.

“You guys realized that we’re still in the room... Right?” King Grey suddenly said, followed by the children’s saying –EEWWW!! Before King Grey covered their eyes with his hand.

Seth cleared his throat and smiled. “Yeah, I better take this queen someplace else right away then!” He said. He gave his kids the gesture of kidnapping their mom.

“Say your goodbye to your Queen!” Seth then took Violet and teleported to their room.

The kids were panicking in laughter, “No! MOM!” as they were running in a circle around their grandpa.

“Ah... Don’t you guys worry about your mom... Let’s eat some breakfast in the kitchen and play outside after that,” Said King Grey.

The moment they appeared in their room, Seth dropped Violet’s body on the bed as he went on top of her and kissed her lips.

“Seth, you’re being serious?” Violet stopped him for a while between her reddened cheek, she still thought that Seth was kidding—considering they had so many things to prepared, yet they just stole the time to make love.

“Oh, I’m very serious... I seriously want you every...single...time.”

In the middle of the pleasure he’s giving her, she got a chance to realize that she’s very happy and grateful for everything that she had in her life.

She got her happy ending and live happily ever after with her loved ones. Well not saying there's no trouble at all, but she didn’t mind cherishing all the ups and downs every day, I don’t mind at all, she thought.

__________The End________

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